278: Hold My Heart


Hold My Heart


Hold My Heart

Hold my tender heart

So patient and so true

Returning within

The ocean of you

Far beyond imagination

Beneath the layers of soul

Tucked between tomorrow and today

Intermingled with dreams of whole

And there


Your back pressed against

The garden gate of me

Your hand freed

Dipped into the hearth fire

Where we connect

Touching desire

Of earth angel

Searching ceased

Essence calmed

Surrendered belief

Fingers dancing

Within the threshold


In the light of home


~ Sam Craft December 2012

Photo on 12-15-12 at 8.39 AM

Day 173: My City by the Bay; Pacific Grove, California

My great-grandparents came to the Monterey Bay Area in Northern California in 1906. My Nana worked in the canneries my Nano was an Italian fisherman. They were Sicilian. Photos of some of my relatives can be found at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I consider the town of Monterey and Pacific Grove my home. I was raised here for many of my childhood years and graduated high school in this area. Here are some photos I took of Pacific Grove during my recent trip in July 2012. I was able to see a good friend and two of my aunts during the visit. I had a joyous time. Very healing. Thankful for photos, as I am all talked out, after staying up until about 1:30 am every night of my trip, chatting it up with relatives.





We stayed in this 1915 house that has been converted into a hotel.

Along Lover’s Point

Very friendly and trusting gull

I walked all three days for an hour around the sea.

Sea lions basking in the fog.



I like this photo of the seagull.


Tree outside out hotel. How old, I wonder?

Pacific Grove 2012


me taking a photo of me in the hotel room
Happy Face

And the song I cried to often when I had to leave Pacific Grove and move to the East Coast…..only to return some eight months later…had I only known…