Day 173: My City by the Bay; Pacific Grove, California

My great-grandparents came to the Monterey Bay Area in Northern California in 1906. My Nana worked in the canneries my Nano was an Italian fisherman. They were Sicilian. Photos of some of my relatives can be found at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I consider the town of Monterey and Pacific Grove my home. I was raised here for many of my childhood years and graduated high school in this area. Here are some photos I took of Pacific Grove during my recent trip in July 2012. I was able to see a good friend and two of my aunts during the visit. I had a joyous time. Very healing. Thankful for photos, as I am all talked out, after staying up until about 1:30 am every night of my trip, chatting it up with relatives.





We stayed in this 1915 house that has been converted into a hotel.

Along Lover’s Point

Very friendly and trusting gull

I walked all three days for an hour around the sea.

Sea lions basking in the fog.



I like this photo of the seagull.


Tree outside out hotel. How old, I wonder?

Pacific Grove 2012


me taking a photo of me in the hotel room
Happy Face

And the song I cried to often when I had to leave Pacific Grove and move to the East Coast…..only to return some eight months later…had I only known…

28 thoughts on “Day 173: My City by the Bay; Pacific Grove, California

  1. I’m so happy you got to go back home again.. Your photos captured so many beautiful ingredients of our old stomping grounds. I miss that Bay every day.. But thankfully contrary to popular belief, we CAN go home again! Thank you for taking us with you!! xx

    1. Yes, we can return, can’t we……seeing you was returning home, as well. I like seeing your comments here. Hugs to you pretty, pretty lady…such a natural beauty you have. 🙂 Sam

    1. I have seen a limited part of the east coast, but look forward to flying out there to see a friend this year….maybe a trip to New York. Each state in our USA has something of beauty to offer. We are fortunate. Hope you can make it here someday; I’m sure you’d enjoy. Been on vacation, and intend to catch up on your blog, soon. I’ve limited my blog reading to a few blogs, as I cannot possibly follow 300 blogs….sigh…but try to at least go to bloggers that stop by here. Hugs, Sam

  2. The way you frame your photos is lovely. The fuchsia and purple of the bougainvillea against the purple of the building in the first photo is vibrant and happy, don’t you think? I like that the seagull conquers the boulders too! Top of the World – haha! More Carpenters – darn it! Now, that’s going to get stuck in my head!! Beautiful photos! Rest up. Sometimes, we need a vacation from the vacation. 🙂

    1. awe…thanks…I think I have a quirky eye, at times, with photography…provides a unique view. for some reason many of these are a bit sideways. lol. I love the first building’s colors…that’s why I took the photo…..and yes, the bird is a symbol for sure. Yes, vacation from vacation. Have a fabulous weekend, and let me know how the IEP went. Sam

      🙂 wrote this in wrong area… 🙂

  3. What beautiful photos of your journey Sam. It all looks so peaceful and inviting. You walked around the sea for an hour a day?! How wonderful that sounds. Very thrilled you had such a great time, wish I could visit this magnificent land one day ~ playing ‘Lights Journey’ — love this song xxoo much love~

    1. Thanks Ms. Robyn, Sea Sister of the East. It is very peaceful there. Yes, for three days I was there, I walked. I try to walk 45 minutes to 1.5 hours a day when the weather allows. Helps muscles and mood. If you ever do come to the west, be sure to let me know. Would like to book my flight for the east soon. 🙂 I’ll keep you posted. Love the song, too. Hugs and love and many healing wishes and prayers to you, from sea sister of the west 🙂

  4. I love all your photos, I would so love to visit one day. The ones of the seagulls made me smile and think of all my seagull and bird friend and the posts I have written. 🙂
    Those trees are amazing Basna, full of wonderful stories. So which one has the fairy door and do these trees allow wood elves? 😉 The houses are so very different to those here in England. I love taking photos of random things that I find beautiful and I love that you do too.
    Happy Birthday my lovely friend, thinking of you.
    Love you so very much. Me. xxx 🙂 ❤ HUGS

  5. Very nice, Sam. I keep telling my son, I need to visit him in Oregon (and I will).
    I am getting a bit stronger now as the days pass and I use positive affirmations to help me. I think it is just a matter of time before I can do the hiking thing for more than 10 minutes.

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