Day 167: The Arms of Fear

Washington, USA
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“Man has in inexplicable light and beauty

Do not compare this to the moon

Which shines only from the outside.”

(What I heard as I awoke this morning. A gentle whisper in my ear)

The Arms of Fear

This automatic writing is a direct way I pray and listen. It is in many ways my meditation, the technique I use to find answers to the deepest questions of my soul. This is the original response, heard in words of my own voice and seen in symbols inside my mind. Nothing has been altered or edited. I typed the words as quickly as I “heard” them. I believe the Spirit resides in each and everyone of us. You are precious and dear, and very much loved.

You will never die.

You will never be alone.

Release this fear of dying alone without love, without notice.

You are noticed every breathing moment of your life, inside the seconds, inside the flashes of moments too small to calculate or for one to take note.

You are beauty in all its truth. There is only one truth, and none can erase this truth.

There is a reason all spiritual truths speak of US as a unity and a coming together in love and peace. There is a reason for all that Is and all you see, think and feel.

Too much time is spent in idle fear: reasons and circumstances blown out of proportion, in that the degree in which energy need be spent (if spent at all) on a perceived problem is gigantic in degree to said problem.

Seek not outside yourself for solutions; instead seek within where we stand waiting, arms outstretched in gentle acceptance. So much suffering is over done, and over due to stop. Like the book that is borrowed and late in being returned, thus is your worry and apprehension. You have borrowed this so called “fear” and instead of returning what was once borrowed, you hold onto it as if this fear is of value, and your possession. Go back and return this fear to wince it came. If the fear came from before, go back and revisit, only in returning leave the fear behind.

There is no use of fear after the lesson and growth has occurred. The only use for fear is in what you choose to use fear for.

We see you using fear to control you; you have come to think this fear is the entity that has borrowed you, and has kept you long over the time you were due to return to wholeness. The question to ask yourself, when fear is perceived as “borrowing” you, is from whom did fear take you from. Whom does fear need to return you to? The answer is quite clear. Is it not? Fear took you from us, from the light, from love.

He is a dancer without a partner, who finds what he can to occupy the empty space between his arms. Choose not to climb inside his shaded and disguised embrace. For what fear offers is like the lion who offers the lamb a chase, the bird who offers the worm a tug, the carrion that offers the rotten to life. What good is this gift from fear, this empty space that folds its spiny arms around you and offers nothing but pricks of thorns? Why do you thusly run towards his arms time and time again, as if something will change? As if an alteration will transpire equivalent to a miracle. Why do you seek miracles from the face of fear? While here We stand awake, outside the shadows, clear and untarnished, available and ready to embrace you in Truth, Power, and Kindness beyond limits; so why do you turn your back on this eternal love and instead run to the shadows of an empty promise?

We know the answer, but we ask you still the same, for your own betterment and trusting of self and truth. Trust in the Truth. This is simple enough. When faced with fear or US, choose us. Every time choose us, and watch how we are always here, watch how we treat your wounds as whole and perfect, your journey as necessary and triumphant, your experience through perception as interesting and heroic. We shall not judge, or steer you in the wrong direction.

Yet, this fear, this shadow in need will feed on you, spinning and dipping you too fast and too deep. You shall see no light with fear, only shadows of what could have been had you not slipped into his spindly grip.

Search not this fear. We will be your everlasting partners, never ceasing to support you, never vanishing for one second (or less), and never once questioning your deeds, intention or purpose. For we have seen you before us. We have seen you behind and above. We have seen every side of you like a holographic image, and in so doing we know YOU. We embrace you. We know you even greater than you know yourself.

So when these thoughts of fear start a circular dance within your mind, call on our name, the name that rings true to your soul, and we shall be there, like it is said with bells on our toes and circular, everlasting love in our hearts.

There is no need to fear My Precious Child, for we are with you and have always been. This dance you lead is for your benefit. Lead for US, and release this need  you carry for Fear to lead. He is no greater leader than the ant that has deserted his line and hoarded the bread crumb for himself alone. He is none greater than the chariot without a driver, an ox without a rein, a beaver without teeth. Fear is useless, selfish, and above all goal-less. He has no goal. He has no plan. He only runs wild and feeds without knowing why.

Pay him no attention and watch how the echoes grow louder—the echoes of truth and justice. Release this fear, this bed partner you no longer need to rest beside. Come find true rest with us, and with intention only we shall vanquish this fear and banish not your trust but your distrust. You are so deserving of our love. You need only release.

“Arms of Fear”
Sam Craft 2012

23 thoughts on “Day 167: The Arms of Fear

  1. Hello my lovely friend 🙂
    I haven’t read all of this post yet I got caught in the image your words created in my mind.

    “Man has in inexplicable light and beauty
    Do not compare this to the moon
    Which shines only from the outside.”
    (What I heard as I awoke this morning. A gentle whisper in my ear)

    I love it when I wake up with whispering words and then they create for me. I can so see these words as an abstract or a fractal flame. 🙂
    You already know I TOTALLY love this Carpenters song, it’s my baby boys lullaby.
    And the photo…trees, what more can I say. I love my trees.
    Thank you for sharing beautiful you, Basna woodelf.
    Love you to bits. Me. xxx 🙂 ❤

    1. on vacation….hope to catch up to your blog soon. Thank you for your comment. Me, too….makes me think. Great song, ain’t it? 🙂 Smiles to you, BLS (blogging little sis)

  2. Such a wonderful post once again dear Sam my sea sister!! I need to ponder this later when I can focus quietly, but can see on first read that you have received tremendous insight today from Source 🙂 Fear ~ the emotion of illusion – and the emotion capable of reaping havoc .

    Your insight is wise and a gift… will study and grow by meditating on your words:

    “Why do you seek miracles from the face of fear? While here We stand awake, outside the shadows, clear and untarnished, available and ready to embrace you in Truth, Power, and Kindness beyond limits; so why do you turn your back on this eternal love and instead run to the shadows of an empty promise?”

    Hope you are doing well and enjoying your away time, splashing in the sea and recharging that gorgeous soul of yours ~ Hugs, Robyn

    1. I wrote this about a year ago, but felt drawn to this prose today. Rereading the words a year-plus later is very interesting… see how I have transitioned. Your words are always so uplifting and kind; so glad to have you in my life. Such a sweetie you are. Big hugs, sea sister. 🙂 Sam

  3. Now that is what I call “plugged into source.” You are genuinely plugged in. I sometimes here whispers in the early am that usually lead me to meditation on something that I’ve read or to read something and then meditate. It is after that time I tend to hear even more and revelation comes. I know your source and it speaks the truth. I just don’t know how you are able to type and listen at the same time. I tend to get very caught up in what’s being said and reveling in the revelation. The most I can do is walk in circles while this is happening. Perhaps next time I could try writing after everything subsides.

    What you share of yourself helps me to feel more in touch and less strange. Thank you for inspiration, contemplation, and confirmation.

    1. Awe……..thanks so much. I was plugged in a little over a year ago….I pulled this up from my notes. I am so happy to hear that you hear whispers, too….that made me smile that you walk circles and listen…can see you doing that. You’re too cute!!! You do deliver source through your beautiful drawings. Love you. 🙂 Sam

  4. I feel like this was meant for me to read today!! Definitely time to let go of something that has been holding me down.

    Thanks for this wonderful post 🙂

  5. Fear can overtake us. Recently, visiting the blogs of people who have lived and currently live on the continent of Africa puts a whole new perspective on fear – daily fear to get to the next day. That makes any fears I have pale in comparison and makes me grateful for where I am lucky enough to exist. xoxo

    1. Yes, I understand what you are saying. Fear for life and fear around injustice and wrong doings….sigh…..I feel for all who suffer, especially at the hands of other humans and disaster. Blessings to you. Sam

  6. We’re all part of a greater whole that we can—and should—draw strength from. Stay strong and brave, Sam; the rest of us need you that way!

    1. My cheerleader George!!! Feeling super strong as I just arrived in my hometown/birthtown yesterday and was surrounded in love by aunts and a dear friend. Thanks so much. 🙂

    1. Awe, Sir D…..I sooooooooooo loved, loved, loved that tree photo. It’s so unique and speaks to me. It’s on the trail I walked with Steff about 10 minutes from my house in the fantastic Northwest. You would get lost in love on that trail…So heavenly and magical….really. The tree is very happy, no doubt, that you’d hop on a plane to see him/her….I just can’t use “It” for a tree…just can’t. I’ll mail you a ticket….he he… Take care. Sam 😉

  7. I’ve been reading recent blog posts for probably the past hour. I have “The Celestine Prophesy” DVD playing in the background. I had first reached for “The Mummy” but Celestine actually fell off the shelf, so of course, I played that one. At the exact moment I read your quote “Man has in inexplicable light and beauty, Do not compare this to the moon, Which shines only from the outside,” I looked up at the movie and it was a scene where the main characters stood with light shining from within them. — Your post is beautiful. And the image of the Carpenters and the setting takes me back to the psychedelic 70’s. Still cant get over that we looked and dressed that way LOL! 🙂

    1. I LOVE when things like that happen! love, love, love….. Thank you so much for your visit and kind words. I’ve been on vacation, but hope to visit your blog tomorrow. Joy to see you here. 🙂 Sam

  8. Sam, your words are so melodic, it is if my five senses are bringing up things as i read. You know, i had a friendship with someone who noticed me enough to get me hooked to them, which gave me the cheap thrill of getting small conversations in. I had the urge to say yes a lot to them because i didn’t want them to leave, as i took several of my true friends for granted. I cannot say i was very dysfunctional, but i was sheltered from noticing when people were saying hurtful things. I really truly love that you listen to your heart. I very much admire that. Many times i get tired from trying so hard to prove what i want others to learn, when maybe i need to let them learn on their own. I am also learning about my need to control in fear of change. I am working on this, but i have already come so far through self-awareness and discipline. I think it is truly a gift to have the awareness to want to make a difference in the world. Don’t ever stop shining your light in the universe soul sister.

    1. Hi Sweet Maya ~ You are very self-aware and continue to grow and transition. You are so amazing to have the gift of depth, compassion, and self-awarness that you do. This life is a process, and you will continue to discover and glow brighter and brighter. I understand what you are saying, and you are exactly perfect at this very moment. Your intelligence and soul will guide you on your path. So glad to call you friend soul sister. Keep shining bright. And, as always, I appreciate your kindness and insights. Hugs, Sam

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