Day 183: Sunseed

Flower in my yard (July 2012)


I am your vase, your soil, your moisture, your sky, and your sun

Whatever you will, I shall be

Speak and I shall breathe

Call the stars by name and I shall remember

Everything I am, I give

If not for you, than for no other

I  will hold you day upon day, carry you where I go, smile at your beauty

I will watch in adoration as you unfold, as bud becomes bloom

Again and again

I will move where you move, bend where you bend

Your presence my completion

I will reach with careful hand to touch frail softness

And find myself, uncovered and awaken

I will curl into the glen that is you, collapse into your welcoming green

Finally I shall be home, and weep to the angels so

Finally I shall be free, and embrace the echo of my own laughter.

~ Samantha Craft, July 2012


I am gardener, I am maiden

A sunseed in your pocket

A dewdrop on your tongue

A blossom calling to the bees

Come to me, take what is yours

Carry me away, pollen upon knees

And turn me, transform me, into honey gold

Take me, whatever vision of light you be

For I am yours

~ Samantha Craft, July 2012