Day 181: True Vision

True Vision

Look into your eyes and count the specks. What sparkles in you, sparkles in all, endlessly.

How true this vision depends on the bandage.

How long you lay rest these eyes in darkness.

To let them see, what they do not see.

What sees is not these two balls made as one—some scope of evaluation and knowledge.

What sees in truth cannot have appendages, attachment, blood, fibrous tangles.

Instead, what truly sees is much beyond, as much as forward, in balance and in truth.

For once the bandages are removed from eyes, and eyes made restful, then all is made light.

All shines, not through eyes, yet through vision.

The truth in symbols, sound.

Embrace the gratitude of silence. The ears thus see—the heart, the mind.

This soul you lock away with bolt and key.

Lay rest the eyes, least the soul seeks to escape a prison self-created, intensely real and manufactured in painful callings of long forgotten desires.

Seek not this empty space buried deep beneath the earth any  longer.

Come out, come forward.

A true vision of living light.

A walking truth for all to breathe from.

To recognize, to reaffirm, and at last remember as you are, so are they.

At last, as always, true and effervescent beauty.

Photos taken by Sam Craft at Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California. July 2012. Words by Sam Craft.