Day 181: True Vision

True Vision

Look into your eyes and count the specks. What sparkles in you, sparkles in all, endlessly.

How true this vision depends on the bandage.

How long you lay rest these eyes in darkness.

To let them see, what they do not see.

What sees is not these two balls made as one—some scope of evaluation and knowledge.

What sees in truth cannot have appendages, attachment, blood, fibrous tangles.

Instead, what truly sees is much beyond, as much as forward, in balance and in truth.

For once the bandages are removed from eyes, and eyes made restful, then all is made light.

All shines, not through eyes, yet through vision.

The truth in symbols, sound.

Embrace the gratitude of silence. The ears thus see—the heart, the mind.

This soul you lock away with bolt and key.

Lay rest the eyes, least the soul seeks to escape a prison self-created, intensely real and manufactured in painful callings of long forgotten desires.

Seek not this empty space buried deep beneath the earth any  longer.

Come out, come forward.

A true vision of living light.

A walking truth for all to breathe from.

To recognize, to reaffirm, and at last remember as you are, so are they.

At last, as always, true and effervescent beauty.

Photos taken by Sam Craft at Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California. July 2012. Words by Sam Craft.

20 thoughts on “Day 181: True Vision

  1. How it makes my day when your photo on the blog shows a smile of contentment.. as usual your words and photos are absolutely brilliant… so glad I found your blog and am able to follow… Love this Blog…

    1. Yes….those are eyes of contentment…much of my day I walk in peace and contentment. Then those waves come, and I ride them as best as I can. Readers like you make this feel a safer and more caring place….so thank you for that gift and for your continued kind words. Sam 🙂

    1. Thank you dear Soma. Your words are loving and sweet. I take photos of me often, lately. I have a hard time figuring out what I look like. I see people in parts…nose, eyes, hair….and often cannot recognize myself in photos. I get torn up sometimes, and cry for hours, as I cannot see me. So taking photos has been healing for me. I am studying what I look like and learning I am more than a nose, a large wrinkle, a sun spot….all the flaws I see. I worry some would think I am vain…but I have to let that go, as it is quite the opposite. I am trying to love what I see in reflection and in photo. To realize I am beauty. I am getting closer…but it is hard. I would not leave the house for days sometimes because I feared what I looked like to others. So this is huge for me. I say all this so you know I take your words to heart….they are much more than words to me…..I feel as a child hearing she is lovely from her mother….(although I know we are close in age). You know what I mean. I embrace your words, you and your spirit. Thank you. Sam 🙂

  2. Love your photo, I REALLY like the little bird he’s very pretty.

    “Come out, come forward.
    A true vision of living light.
    A walking truth for all to breathe from.”

    Nice….very passionate, like it very much.
    Love you my lovely friend. xxx 🙂 ❤

    1. Glad you liked the photo…think it shows my spirit some. The bird is sweet, isn’t he? It’s pouring rain here…..sigh….sigh…..not welcomed. Thank you for your ongoing support…..this is one of the few I’ve written that has a different type of passion…hey? Love you too, cutie. The SAM 🙂

  3. Such beautiful words to accompany your peaceful photos.. almost like being there. Who says you can never go home again?? Thank you for taking me there with you. xx

    1. You are very welcome. Sending you lovely thoughts and sunshine….we had thunder and lightening all night….total clouds. The two sunny weeks I was out of state were the two sunny weeks since last summer!!! LMHO….love you bunches. 🙂 Sam

  4. I love the way you let the words blend with the pictures. They relate to everyone here, and such vision of love always reflects in other’s life. Pretty Sam. 🙂

  5. So beautiful Sam. I love how both the introduction and the conclusion emphasize that ‘we are one’ (as you are, so are they) . Really struck me. Also so appreciate your message in that we sometimes have to close our eyes (or bandage them) in order to truly see. I also attempted to send this message in my poem’ Her Ascent ‘ …and do believe this with every fiber of my being. So much out there in the way of ‘static’ that blurs our vision if we permit. So need to rest those eyes… Wonderful poetry again you have created. Your photography is spectacular (partial to your beach shot)… and your self-portrait peaceful today, lovely calming smile…. Much Love SS with the big ‘rested brown eyes that soothe me 🙂 R

    1. Thank you. Yes, that is correct, the “allness” is emphasized in the start and end. 🙂 Yes, much static that blurs our vision. I agree. I am partial to the beach shots, too. You would love the Monterey area….sea girls heaven. 🙂 Much love to you. Glad to be able to connect, and always love your visits. Harder day for me emotionally, but getting better already. Hugs to you, sweet and pretty sea sister, Robyn. ~ “Sam”

      1. xo Sending Hugs back — gloomy rainy high pain day here too ~ so doing my best. It’s got to be enough ~~ can fantasize about the Monterey area too 😉

  6. awesome blog…and those scenic pics…oh my, what an excellent piece…your writing always fascinates me…love the music also and most of all that beautiful woman in the pic with a beautiful heart and mind 🙂 {{hugs}}

    1. You are so sweet. So lovely to wake up to all of your kind comments. I am glad that you like my words and even more glad to call you friend. Thank you for your rays of sunshine. 🙂

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