Day 221: Smile


Smile for as long as you can.

Smile like you have a little secret.

Smile with your eyes.

Smile with your lips.

Let your whole body smile an I-just-baked-you-a-cake smile.

Puff up your cheeks and curl your nose.

Add some sparkle and sunshine.

Smile through the weather and circumstance.

When another approaches, think: You are beautiful.

And hear: You are love. You are love. You are love.

Let the outside fade away.

See only light.

See a light that lives the best way light can live.


Smile because inside you are peace and knowing.

Smile because you have released.

Smile because you are truth.

Smile at the miracles.

Smile for opportunity.

Smile and smile again.

Imagine the smile the lungs of the collective souls.

Smile so we can breathe.

~ Sam Craft, August 2012

I can now smile a full hour straight while walking in public! Can you?

34 thoughts on “Day 221: Smile

  1. Like a song it flows, my dear. I have to smile now before another moment strikes up. haha. Inspiring and motivating Sam, helping self and even touching others life. 🙂

    1. Said by a person who is very experienced at writing words that flow like song. Thank you, kindly. I will be visiting your blog soon; once the start of the school year slows down some. 🙂

  2. This poem reminded me of my most favorite quote, which says “Keep smiling no matter how hard life seems.” Very thoughtful words sam. 🙂
    Unlike you, I can’t smile for an hour that to be walking in public. I have to work on both of them; walking and smiling. 🙂

    1. I’m not surprised to hear that you smile all the time, at all. Lucky grandchildren to have a happy PaPa. 🙂 Glad I can be the source of belly-laughter for you…..that is my intention in life…to appear the grandest of silly fools but to secretly deeply touch and inspire…hehehehe…..goofhead I am. Hope your weekend is grand. 🙂

  3. Once when I was in despair I went for a walk and an old wizened woman smiled at me and I was healed, lifted and cried God-tears of joy. Smiles are free and I try to give as many away as possible!

    1. I thought about what you wrote in your comment much yesterday as I was walking. There are some people I lock eyes with and just know they have changed me someway 🙂 So glad to hear this happened to you. 🙂

  4. What a gorgeous poem. And I can usually muster up a rather believable smile (it feels natural at this point), but this is a good way of thinking about it, really. c: A very good way.

  5. This was one of those pieces of yours I tell you needs be published somewhere big!! I know, I know – you write for the joy of it – but it’s so poignant and wise and beautiful. I am a huge believer in this healing modality we call “smiling” — I’ve always been a smiler for some reason -and even now thought the ick of it — I continue to be a believer — your words are so perfect and of course – induced a smile. Now I will stick this on my husband’s Facebook Wall hoping it will cheer his day too — He just shaved his 35 year old mustache and looks so much better when he smiles these days!! xo

    1. One of your friends commented below. That was so very sweet of you to share. This poem was an interesting process. I had to work hard not to make it come across as blaming or negative. It was a harder one to write. But it also felt very good, too. You are so blessed to be a natural smiler. I can tell that by your photos! You are such a beauty inside and out….I like to think you are a reflection of me….hehehehehe 🙂 love you sea sis.

  6. Ok – even put it on my 19 year old daughter’s wall – and she loved it (surprised as I usually get scolded for putting stuff on my kids’ walls!) ~ Thank you Sam!

  7. Wonderful post!!! I was smiling and laughing at myself too. Was puffing my cheeks and curling my nose in many different positions in the mirror just to see how I looked LOL! Reminder though to remember what’s important!! 🙂

  8. Love this. I am going to carry this one in my wallet where I’ll “trip” over it often. Thank you Robyn Lee for bringing it to my attention.

  9. Love it, love it, love it! Okay, say how I really feel, right? Well, I just love this poem, Sam! Thanks for the smiles, for the spirit lifting, for the inspiration and for your lovely soul! 🙂

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