Day 133: Whispered Lullaby
Created by my friend

Whispered Lullaby

I whisper thee a lullaby

To sing thy soul to sleep

A gentle breeze of humming wings

To soothe and offer peace

A place of solitude within

Where angels touch the truth

And carry forth to eyes of babe

The whereabouts of youth

I whisper thee a lullaby

To sing thy hope to sleep

With empty voice and quiet ears

To chance love never meets

A place of gated reckonings

Where nothing happens real

And carry forth to mouth of one

The morning bells to heal

I whisper thee a lullaby

To sing thy gape to sleep

A blindfold made of atmosphere

To chase away thy sheep

A place of dreams dried rapidly

Where desire’s last doth bleed

And carry forth to heart of mine

The love that grows through seed

I whisper thee a lullaby

To sing thy grace to sleep

With pampered pains of yesteryears

To tender flames of weeps

A place of casualty of want

Where emptied withered cries

And carry forth to joy of light

The rocking chair that glides

I whisper thee a lullaby

To sing thy depths to sleep

A phantom dance upon a land

To steer away the deep

A place of missing merriment

Where answered call was naught

And carry forth to falling tears

The cloth that soothes the daunts

I whisper thee a lullaby

To sing thy rain to sleep

With hurricane of floodgates leaked

To erase what spirit keeps

A place of choking roots of need

Where thirst is met with blood

And carry forth to angel’s wings

A case to trap the mud

I whisper thee a lullaby

To sing thy ache to sleep

A hope that withered in the field

To scathe abandoned heaps

A place of dreams collapsed in sun

Where looker blindly turned

And carry forth this crystal-clasp

A salve to ease the burn

I whisper thee a lullaby

To sing thy pangs to sleep

With path of frosted glass opaque

To find what’s not to keep

A place of past and future joined

Where other spun and left

And carry forth a winged dove

A chance for inner rest

I whisper thee a lullaby

To sing thy angst to sleep

A passion so engorged within

To move is giant leap

A place of casualty of war

Where battles never cease

And carry forth the purest sheet

A bedding for thy grief

I whisper thee a lullaby

To sing thy dreams to sleep

With hope unraveled in the wind

To watch as chance does seep

A place of deaf awakening

Where prayers are left for naught

And carry forth a candle white

A surrendering of thought

I whisper thee a lullaby

To sing thy night to sleep

A day extinguished by the dark

To fetch a ride and meet

A place of lonely passenger

Where single rides along

And carry forth this arms embrace

A haven for thy song

By Me 🙂
 © Everyday Aspergers, 2012. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

33 thoughts on “Day 133: Whispered Lullaby

    1. Thank you. I found a few words just now that I “needed” to change. But am happy I got to pour out the angst within. Appreciate your comment. Much love, Sam 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! 🙂 A wow is good. I like Wow! You are kind. Poured out of a deep pain I am carrying. It is me hearing the angels whisper to me to calm my soul, and also me whispering in turn to help others.
      Love, Sam

  1. Pain from the past can wash over fresh and hurt new, reopening what we believed was closed. I hope this was not it. A very soothing, lyrical post for sadness. Be well. Find the contentment and the joy that can come from it. xoxo

    1. Now who is the keen one, seeing through walls? Alas, is not of the past, but of the present. Wounds of the past are very much healed, but the present is reawakening something inside of me that is searching and wondering. Intensity I have never felt before, rather beyond words. Dynamic shifts and purging of emotions. Not depression or even dismay, mostly a deep, deep longing for a piece I have been searching a life time for. Sigh…..hopeless romantic with a heart that never ceases to enlarge. I have much inner contentment, love of life, security in self, confidence in my spirit…..this is something entirely different I have yet to understand. Awakening of sorts, clearing out the cobwebs to make room for rebirth….Thanks for listening, friend. Hugs, Sam 🙂

  2. This is one of the best poems i have read in a long long time…ethereal and soothing
    what a marvelous gem you have woven Sam
    hugs Girl what a beautiful soul you are 🙂

  3. These words would be incomplete without a voice of anguish, still it was spiritually conjuring, and that I loved. Peaceful ride with your words.

  4. Just Breathtaking~ Well deserving of all of the wonderful comments~! Will re~read now… and Again~ Your craft is inspiring Sam~ Blessed to know you~ 🙂 Satprem~

  5. A beautiful poem my friend, I can feel your depth in this.
    I also sense the awakening of the new you in it.
    Especially the first verse, it is so healing.

    “I whisper thee a lullaby

    To sing thy soul to sleep

    A gentle breeze of humming wings

    To soothe and offer peace

    A place of solitude within

    Where angels touch the truth

    And carry forth to eyes of babe

    The whereabouts of youth”

    Something about this verse is so familar, I don’t know why? I’ll ponder on that. 🙂

    “The whereabouts of youth”

    I think that is it with us Aspie’s, we remain childlike in many ways and will always long for the dreams we held on to. They were our escape from the aloneness.
    God’s got it my lovely friend, healing you and growing you from the inside.
    Love you so very much. Lees. xxx 🙂 ❤

  6. Sam, my friend and fellow empath. It is no wonder that we have such a connection. Your beautifully written poem has described the crippling emotional upheaval that I’ve recently encountered. It has been going on for a few weeks now and is particularly present today. This is all apart of growth. It is no surprise that you are feeling these emotions so strongly. What a beautiful way to express your feelings. Deeply moving. I am also working on a series of pictures that depict growth, solidarity, beauty and freedom. All of which are longed for. I am so very glad you shared this poem with all of us. Thank you for your love of words. 🙂

    1. Oh, thank you dear friend. Something is happening in the universe. I feel it intensely. I find comfort in knowing I am not alone. Your picture is so lovely. You are truly gifted. I look forward with delight in seeing your series of art. Love to you, sweetheart. Sam 🙂

    1. Oh, thank you Pixy….Never Pat or Patty…he he…Happy we crossed paths, too. This is one of my favorites. About an angel comforting me when I was sad. 🙂 thank you very much Hugs, Sam

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