Break From Blogging

Dear Readers,

Due to an acute health condition and the start of the children’s school year, I will be taking a small break from posting. I will check back in soon. Feel free to look through past posts and contact me through Facebook (link atop blog).

Best Wishes,


36 thoughts on “Break From Blogging

  1. I’ll miss your daily words,my friend Sam. I hope you feel better fast,love and prayers sent your way 🙂

    The DC

  2. Oh dear Sam – I am so much your sea sister — am likely needing to do the same. It’s one thing layered on top of the other here, and world spinning around. Please do keep me posted- and I’ll check in with you to see how you are doing too… You are in my heart – wellness and love to you — xxoo R

  3. Sorry you’re not feeling well. Hope you’re on the mend soon. You’re an awesome Mom! Take care and we’ll keep a Light on for you Sunshine. :)) xx

  4. Ack! Missed this…I get a weekly email summary of your blog posts…only caught yesterdays because I was on a looong drive reading. Hope you’re ok Sam! Take care of your health and look forward to reading more from you soon. xo

    1. I love your use of Ack! I’m still under the weather, but loved your comment. Hope all is well in your world. Hope to have energy to visit soon…I still haven’t answered all readers’ comments, yet. Hugs and take care. 🙂

      1. awe sweetheart, I’m sorry to hear that…well…worry not about visiting me, I’m here…as always…but just get better and return with your usually sparkiness. much love~R

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