Post 243: I’m Odd

I’m odd

And that’s just fine

I talk too much at times

And other times I close myself off to the world

But that’s okay

It’s who I am, and how I function

I worry a lot, too much, likely

But my heart is super huge, like a mountain upon a mountain on the highest peak, it is

I love my weirdness

It’s like yours

It’s quirky and cute and interesting

Never boring

I love me a lot

I’m sweet

Like chocolate, only better

People don’t crave me and overstuff me

They just enjoy

As long as I enjoy me

And that’s good



If I let myself shine

If I recognize my beauty

Then people with heart

Will see

The real me

See themselves, in me

The inspiration

And acceptance

And love

And then together

We can think

She’s weird

Really odd

But I like her!

23 thoughts on “Post 243: I’m Odd

  1. Awww…I seriously love who you are, exactly as you are.
    You are perfect my lovely Basna, keep being you my friend.
    Who you are and who you share helps me see me.
    I’m so glad you love you too. I love this happy poem.
    Me, BB. xxx ❤ 🙂 HUGSsssss

  2. you are saying YOU ARE ODD, i am a adult with asperger syndrome.all so have M.E. think what this is like a lot health problems like very very snotty hayfever.asthma.I AM THE ODD ONE HERE,would be nice if you replyed i can not work.but i do take part in a lot lot research.i have results.i think MOST PEOPLE ARE VERY VERY SNOTTY NOSED ABOUT AUTISM//ASPERGER SYNDROME… PEOPLE SEE PERSON IN A WHEEL CHAIR// PERSON WITH A WALKING STICK. BUT ..NOT..AUTISM//ASPERGERS…i write letters like..what is it like being a father.2,pages and ooh,what a life.2,pages.i am married 13 years.we have 3 children .2,boys and one girl

    mark kent

  3. I loved this. Accepting ourselves the way we are is the toughest job in this world. And it’s wonderful that you’ve passed on this message so beautifully with your words, Sam. Beautiful and meaningful Poem!

  4. I watched a wonderful talk on TED talks about a girl who has two autistic brothers . She says “the pursuit of normality is the ultimate sacrifice in potential”. Its a very beautiful, heart-warming talk. Look for Faith Jegede on Enjoy and take heart.

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