Post 245: As One


I lived outside of my body

It was easier that way: not to feel

But all along I was feeling

Truly feeling

Only unable to know

To understand

To experience

I was numb

Or I was dumb

Dumbed-down to the sensation

Everything mixed together

Mingled into a dance

Where toes stepped on toes

And fingers were warped

I couldn’t reach the itch

I knew not what or where to scratch

All of me ached

Until I centered myself

And focused

And woke up

Arose and stopped the slumber

No longer closing my eyes to the nightmares

Submerged in truth

And happenings

In reality of present

And slowly

The parts of me

With whispered memory

Began to remember

Where I stood

My feet grounded to the earth

The heaviness pulling down

The weight of me acknowledged

My being represented

The light abiding

One by one my body spoke

I am here

I am present

I am sensation and form

I am awareness and openness

Day by day I whispered

The parts of me to self

Unclench me

Unnerve me

Unfasten me


Let go


Let the pleasure unfold

The awakening begin

Of harboring pain

And fear

And trust’s foe

You are

You are

You are

And in everything

We move as one