432: The Unwanted

sam in sun

Hairline tainted with curly white-grey wires
Seagull poop unleashed

This isn’t anything beautiful or fantastic
Or so it’s told
A babe to some
An old hen to the lot
Substantiated indoctrination

Shifting form
Impossible to sort
Sagginess found amongst the previous un-saggable 
Swallowed in marshmallow
Zig-zagging sinkholes

Face etched
As dune-buggy trails
Stamped in mosaic sponge-prints
Tinged in weathered-tan
Eyes, expressive sorrow
Subdued and wiped out

Strung up in unfamiliarity
An accordion without the potentiality for tune
Ears of gorging fleshiness 
Uninvited mole sprouts
Mouth, pursed in cavernous echoes
Semi-circles of broken radio waves

Ancient stained gloves
Bulging rivers
Rough, un-smoothable, un-delightful
The body twisted in remarkable: Ouch!
The legs—something in between marked and disrupted
Unloved art
Blue prints dipped in unadorned mayhem

The toes, a sideways march
Trapped in gravity’s game
Crooked plump hooks of uncertainty
The sum of parts
Equally fallen

Expiration date pounding
The youth in denial, gained
Burdened by way of birth
Preached the inevitable
In deterioration

In awe
Touched by the ways of preachers
Blinded to thy own spectacular glow
Inched away from the truth
Set beyond
The endless beauty

Alive, proclaim
Vanquished from the entrapment of reward
Based love

Away with worldly ways
The wish
Blowing as the dandelion seed
Pierced into the unfounded ground
Of the unwanted

4 thoughts on “432: The Unwanted

  1. Mostly it’s painful, getting old…I myself have never noticed a human being for whom time in and of it’s self, had been the eraser of beauty, but illness and disease are the thieves of health and vigor. Unfortunately where my own looks are concerned I have to carefully and with purpose avoid that road. I find it addictive, the quest.

    1. yes….addictive quest. I feel the same…I see people on the inside. Me…I don’t know what I see. It’s all a mirage, really. You have a great way with words. thanks for the comment

  2. Thanks for post! I am just not dealing with the mirror since turning forty. I seem to not recognise myself even more so…..its so so sad really.
    But what an amazing way you describe it all…..love it xxx

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