431: Confessions of an Aspie Girl

Confessions of an Aspie Girl

1. I hate getting up in the morning. Why? It’s not that I don’t have the ability to like the day. I just don’t want to have to get up and do it all over again. I mean I just did the exact same thing the day before, e.g, shower, brush teeth, choose clothes, discard clothes, choose different clothes, stress about my food intake, wonder if coffee is good for me, stress over my next step—and man was it fricken exhausting! No one, well most people, has the slightest clue how much energy I exert just to be. I mean when I hear the words “be in the moment” and “stay present,” I am already thinking RUN! For me, being is like running up hill sideways with my eyes crisscrossed and my feet bound in piercing Velcro, while my arms are flapping to the beat of someone else’s heartbeat and I’m trying to recite the alphabet backwards. By the first hour of thinking and mundane activity, I am smashed. Surfer-punched smack off her surfboard and pounded into the rocks. Theme music in the background: WIPED OUT. And then, lucky me, if I conquer the day, at least a portion of the day, say 18.984 percent, then I get to retreat to the couch that has a permanent dent from my lounging hours, where I try to rest but end up, for the trillionth time, in some complex dialogue with a part of myself that really never learned to shut her mouth.

2. I like people but they bug me. Actually, I adore lots and lots of people, but I see way too much. I see past the nuances and suggestions and idioms and babble, and I grow so weary. I am thinking and pondering about approximately one hundred things and tangents compared to each singular concept another brings up in conversation. I am distracted by the webbing-style of my brain that largely resembles a graphic organizer big corporations use to plot out their schematics for the next decade. Trying to listen to a conversation in completion is an impossibility, unless I am in my Zen moment and steadily repeating each word said by my acquaintance back to myself and staring off with a peaceful tranquil demeanor. Even then, I am reviewing the rules of active listening and trying to recall at least a page of my Buddhist teachings. In the silence, I am baffled by all that my senses are taking in. I leap and run all over in my head, dissecting the molecular bits of a person. So much to chew off and digest that I am actually considering the act of investing in a pair of dark glasses—so dark I can’t see—so that at least one sense is blocked. Then I only have to deal with the distraction of the bombardment of various noises, odors, textures, and bodily sensations. At least with glasses I won’t be ice-skating about in thought regarding visual vomit, about to fall on my butt and shatter the ice, whilst distracted by the idiotic protruding mole on someone’s face reaching out and wanting to form a conversation with me. “Hi I am mole. I am big. I used to have a hair in me like a witch, but it was plucked out. Do you wonder why hairs grow faster on moles? Maybe you should Google it? What are the signs of irregular moles again? For a mole, I look healthy. Still ugly, though. I would have removed me. How much does it cost? I wonder if I have a soul, and where I would go if you burn me off. Hey, maybe you should listen to what the person who owns my face is saying.”

3. Forming thoughts hurts, but forming sentences is far worse. I connect rules to words. Yes, each word is alive and a willing or non-willing participant. Some words deserve center stage, depending on my mood, and some words…well they deserve the dank of a dark dungeon. I couldn’t say the word ‘vagina,’ until I was in my early-forties—which was another life time ago, because as you know I am effectually 39 forever. And words like fu** and other connotations that suggest what my boys were watching two spiders (likely) do on our window last night (interesting..couldn’t tell if they were eating each other or enjoying themselves) still makes me feel like I am in a library with my hair in a bun wearing a prudish ruffled blouse. Think Mary in the altered life of George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life. If you haven’t seen the movie, that really is the hugest mistake in your life. In constructing thoughts I run into constant roadblocks and detours. Case in point, my steering off the road to discuss a movie you should have watched twenty times by now, if you have an ounce of good taste in your bones. See how I judged you? That’s what I do with words. Is this one too provocative? Is this the best word choice? How does that word feel? He feels too fat, too heavy, too mundane, too cliché-like, too over-used, and so on. It’s not about perfection. The process is more akin to picking out the ground I want to walk on. The soles of my feet know that some foundations feel better than others. I mean I’d take clean laminate flooring over ten-year old carpet any day, and I’d much rather risk the residue on green grass then the debris on concrete, while shoeless. And I’ve gone off on tangent again, visualizing all the ways in which my feet can travel, and all the dangers flesh faces.

4. Life is fricken scary! Life doesn’t come with a guidebook or rulebook or anything, and all these grownups are trying to figure out what direction to go, what to say, how to be, what to do, and are pointing fingers this way and that, and sporadically jumping from one idea to the next, clinging to this hope, and then moments or decades later, another hope. And it confuses the heck out of me. Tears me open like an over-exposed vulnerable fish with her guts hanging out and seagulls hankering about for a ripe piece. I know enough to know I know nothing, and to watch all this chaos wobbling about like those weeble-wobble toys that don’t fall down, but get overwhelming annoying in their inability to go anywhere and do anything but remain stagnant, gets to the very bone of me. I feel nibbled upon and broken. I don’t want to be told what to do or how to be, but at the same time I want some almighty guru, higher-power, or at least Mother Nature’s henchman, to come down and point the real way. I am tired of people reinventing the right way and the wrong way, and proclaiming who is good and who is bad, and telling me what I can and cannot do, down to how I parent, who I spend time with, what I spend time doing, and worse what I spend time ingesting spiritually and mentally and physically. In truth, at times, I think humanity has reached an all-time low! I mean people have left the concrete physical examples of how to act and now are needling past the skin of others and dictating, preaching, and insinuating with sour-coated good intentions how people should form thoughts! I mean talk about instilling further fear. Seems like a diabolical plan to me: I know how to really inject terror. Teach people how their thoughts are bad. I mean, it’s not enough to teach them that they are bad, wrong, flawed, broken and in need of repair. Let’s indoctrinate them with how they are innately wired wrong in that their actual thoughts are imperfect! What a grand plan!”

5. I don’t know what I believe in. I just don’t anymore. I have read and processed way too much. As a child I used to pray every-night in an OCD manner: “Dear God, God bless my mom and dad, my cousins and aunts and uncles, my friends, and my enemies, and everyone I can think of. And please include everyone I can’t think of or am not remembering. I love them too, but I can’t remember them, but they are still important. Please include them. And if I am forgetting anyone else, please watch over them. And bless me too, and my animals and all the people I love and know and who love me and who don’t love me and who don’t know me…..” To cover all my bases, I asked Jesus into my heart when I was a young teenager, primarily because I was sleeping with a rosary around my neck with the lights on every night and warding of demons that were haunting me in my sleep. And primarily because life sucked so much in its confusion, unpredictability, and lack of security that I needed the Big Guy to come in and stand at the door to my heart. At least that way, when the aches of the world pounded on me, I had something/someone, imagined or not, to push back. Now, I have taken in so much clutter from the world that I am left confused and spinning. I have a natural instinctual desire to accept everyone and everything, to be open to forgiveness, to believe in others, and to love. So many religions don’t fit me; that is to say, if the religion was a substance it would feel, if ingested, as shards of glass, and, if worn, like an over-sized sixty-pound cloak of fur of which the shepherd of my flock had forgotten to shave. I just don’t know anymore, and strongly think we need an Aspie prophet to develop a new religion, that’s not called a religion, of course. Because religion is one of those words that munches at my eardrums.

6. Everything is alive. Geeze, I am so tired of caring about things. I mean things, literal things. Like when I go to discard of the peel of the potato. Crap, I am thinking, if I put this in the garbage he will likely end up in the landfill. He would much prefer to be in the compost pile where he is then able to turn into something else and nurture my future garden. I wouldn’t want to be in a landfill. You see, I have this natural tendency to apply my own emotions and experience to inanimate objects. And if you think that is bad, I also do this to most people and animals. I assume, from some part of my being (if I be) that others see and experience the world as me, even though I logically know they don’t. I still get caught up in the thoughts that my pain is another’s pain and that my agony is another’s. This adds some huge chains of ultra-super-charged responsibility onto moi! I mean, I hold the responsibility of the world. I am King Kong demolishing cities of insects, grass blades and potential habitats of living creatures when I partake on a stroll. I am a cruel demi-god slicing and dicing vegetables that I now know might have their own semblance of consciousness in the way they move and retreat from danger. I am this judge and controller of destiny: Off to the landfill for you onion skin! The truth is I know this is all nonsense. Until I read spiritual practices or ‘hippy’ life rules that actually reinforce my way of thinking, albeit at a much less complex and less mortifying degree. I know, I need a pill or a stiff drink, or something stiff, (yes, that’s sexual humor that makes me blush, but nonetheless a truism), to distract me from the cavernous rivers forging through my brain. I can see all the NTs out there (Neuro-typicals) shaking their heads and thinking, “Man, she thinks way too much. Just relax and chill.” If only! Like I choose to be this way. Like with my high intelligence I haven’t researched and entertained a thousand-plus techniques and manners in which to stop myself. I can’t help it. There is this black-and-white movie actor in my mind, with a hunchback and greasy black hair and spikey crooked teeth and pale, unattractive skin, (with a large distracting mole), screeching: It’s Alive!

7. I don’t like me, but I love me. Yes, this is a concept similar to when you have a relative you can’t stand to be around, and would never choose as a friend, and wish wasn’t born into your clan, or at the least you weren’t born into the clan, but you have this unfounded instinctual love that keeps pulling you in because she or he (why don’t we have a non-gender word yet?) is your blood. But it’s different, because I would choose me as a friend, and I do like to be around me, and I kind of think I am super cool at times. So that’s not a super good example. But I like it anyhow. A better example might be when you love your dog, but she does stuff that really messes up your sense of serenity; I don’t know, no names given; but let’s say she piddles when she is anxious, or brings in dead surprises through the doggy door, or digs up to find moles and comes in all muddy and tracks footprints through the house, or smells like last-week’s garbage left out in one-hundred degree weather, and you are way too tired and/or preoccupied to want to, yet, again, deal with the fluffy ball of love’s annoyances. That’s more like it—how it feels to live with me—like I am my own best friend who annoys me too no end at times, but at the end of the day is so warm and cuddly and loyal that I can’t help but overlook all the perceived failings and flaws and pain-in-the-butt doings. So really, let’s erase the first sentence of this paragraph, at least from our memories, kind of like our self-worth has been erased from our memories by big-business, and let’s pretend the first sentence reads: I love myself like I love my dog. I like to pretend.

8. I like my inner world more than my outer world. It’s safe in my head, for the most part. Well, not really, especially when I am looping, spinning, panicking, or feel like this time I am REALLY dying. Feel my heartbeat! But still, with all the slippery slopes, it still feels better than what’s outside of me. I don’t like all the judgment out in the world. I don’t like second-guessing; I don’t like first-guessing; or tenth-guessing. I just wish we all wore our hearts, integrity, and love on our sleeves. I wish that our individual attributes and way of being were accepted and that people were loved just for being. I wish that I lived in a forest with elves (nice ones) and fairies (nice ones) and that the whole world was peaceful. But at the same time, I understand the inner-workings of yin and yang and how opposites serve to accentuate the other, so that pleasure is pleasure, and happiness is happiness. I understand that in order to appreciate more of me and more of another, I am molded and chiseled. I understand to walk in this world in gratitude that I had to experience having less. I know these as truisms, at least truisms of this age. And I too know the concept of balance, acceptance, serenity, surrender, faith and trust. It’s just hard. Because so much of what I see is in contradiction to what is spoken and demonstrated in the world. At least in my mind I know what to expect, even if it’s chaos, even if it’s torture, it is predictable pain: not unexpected hurts inflicted on me by a society I have yet to understand. At least in my mind there are moments of intense fantasy that take me to another place, less filled with misfortune and misgivings. At least, inside of me, I can find the perfection, the love, the guidance, and the hope that the world keeps trying to dismiss and/or take away. I like it inside of me, curled up with the warm puppy, despite the smell, the responsibility, the duty. At least inside, the burden of the world isn’t leaning up against me, and I can hear the tender reassurance of a loving heart.

32 thoughts on “431: Confessions of an Aspie Girl

  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve commented on one of your blogs. I just feel I have nothing intelligent to add. Along those lines, and with that disclaimer …
    I remember complaining from a very young age to a therapist about the banality of life. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Wwwhhhyyy??? I just did that. I hate “getting ready.” They thought I was depressed. I wasn’t. I still feel the same. I even hate-dispise-my body for having to pee. And think that love-enraged astronaut who donned diapers was on to something. Bleh.
    I also love reading your trains of thought. Unfortunately, they send me spiraling into my own trains/webs and it takes several attempts to read your blogs. The mole always gets me! And then I get mad at myself for being so superficial. But I can’t help it.
    I know that was not insightful. I have no illusions of answers. Just had to comment.

    1. Omg I have exactly the same problem with my train of thought running away! I thought it was pretty funny reading point 2, where i was imagining someone was talking to me while i was deep in thought (lost in thought inception). Maybe I’m just in a imaginative mood, or maybe the style of writing is aligned with how i think, to the point it encourages my mind to start taking off, expanding on the point covered at that moment. To be honest it’s a bit annoying (at the rate of about once per point), but its just how i am, (again point 7!)

  2. Thank you thank you thank you. It’s SO affirming to read about what it’s like in your brain. So familiar. Yesterday my husband said “You look like you just started three different thoughts”. Well yeah. I did. I always do.

  3. I thought everyone thinks like this. It has taken me years of overlapping continuous thoughts with other thoughts flying in like spider man over lapping over the original thoughts binding themselves in to realise nt’s don’t. The look of confusion and bewilderment on people’s faces when I verbally make a comment – usually halfway through my mental processing. Their response is usually how did u come up with that statement… Not knowing if they really want me to answer and then thinking it will take me another hour to explain how I arrived at that comment. Exhausting.
    I often miss what the other person is saying but focus on the way they say it which in turn leads me on to where they grew up, their career choice etc
    The first comment coming out of my mouth is then ‘were u in the military’ rather than the more appropriate comment of acknowledging what they have just said.
    Unless I ask, it will nag at me like a puppy chewing on my shoe.
    I can’t move on. I’d like to take a holiday, in someone else’s mind for a day.

    1. I have this problem too, asking random questions half way through their explanation. My boyfriend thinks it’s quite funny how i attempt to explain a book. Takes me about 15 minutes. I do my best to go from beginning to end, not missing out any important details (at first i try not to give away too much incase they want to read it, but then halfway through i always decide against it and have to go back and add anything i missed). I often don’t remember it in the right order so i’m jumping back and forth. And of course i’m adding my comments as i go, comparing it to other books and movies with similar storylines. My boyfriend had a go at explaining his book like i explain mine, and i kept interrupting him with questions and comments.
      I really do try to shorten my explanations, but how?? I am totally aware of what I’m doing, but i keep doing it…

  4. cant imagine how you manage to produce all this and still get through all the stuff you have to get through to live.

  5. Before enlightenment chop wood and carry water, after enlightenment chop wood and carry water. Was it Buddha who said that? Anyway I’m bored chopping wood lol, time to come up with another idea it’s 2013 don’t you know 🙂 xox

  6. Wow, I can relate to so much of what you said! It sounds like you are a very wise and thoughtful person. I agree that it is easier living in my head or my own world and I also have certain words I cannot say. I can’t even write them. I have finally allowed myself to say underwear but I still feel kind of gross about it. As far as everything being alive, I get that too. My family thinks I am going crazy…

  7. I never thought there was someone..importantly you, and more people out there who think, and feel this way…amazing! It’s like your writing down alot of my thoughts…feelings…thank-you…i am not quite so alone with so much going on in the mind. I always have the problem with being in a conversation with someone…and oh dreadful more than one person conversations….i am always exhausted from it…and i suck at small talk…always thinking in my head am i saying it right…did i say too much…am i staring…do i seem interested…what will i say next…etc…i actually get confused, and sort of lost with alot of people…i do like most people….but, alot of the time i would rather talk to animals, or nature…even babies/children seem easier to talk to. I love your blog:)….have a great day!

  8. thank you very much. i am a female aspie married to an NT. he asks me often, “how was your day?”. i usually just give a blank stare and have similar day’s experiences/thoughts run through my head and then not know what to share w him…while he is waiting for a response. I’m sharing the link to this blog w him so that he can read this post and know why it’s so hard for me to answer that question. you are a godsend. thanks again. and, if i may, speak for the NTs, thank you. your writing provides insight into the aspie brain in a very well written, humorous way that gives NTs some clue to our lives and possible understanding. muah.

  9. Hi, great blog. Very interesting and useful. Thanks for sharing. I was just wondering if you accept personal emails as I would like your opinion on a situation and whether you think this person has Asperger traits. I think so but I’d like some thoughts from you. No worries if you don’t have time or take personal emails. Thanks.

    1. I welcome friends on facebook..that’s where I communicate. 🙂 You can find the link under about author listed on the left hand side. Thank you for reading. Wishing you the best. 🙂 Also, check out the left hand side for the list of traits…that might be of use.

  10. Thank you for sharing this. it’s insightful for us neuro typs to know just how busy it can be in our aspie kid’s brain. That was a heartfelt thank-you.

  11. I have spent most of my life embracing this mental chaos, and the last 8 years forming many, many rituals and routines because I found them calming and ultimately centering. These days, I live alone, the big family grown and flown. I live in a very quiet little town where I know the other 1100+ people on sight or by name. They consider me eccentric, but kind and they leave me to myself, which is a good thing. I’m cooped up in the house with my routines and my cluttered mind, and try not to worry about whether the iPod is jealous of the attention I give to the tablet. The routines have extended to ridding my life of anything I hate doing, anything that makes my mind spin and/or gets in my way. On a day off work, like today, I embrace every creative tangent I have and let the chaos reign until I have to make like an NT and go back to work.

    I say the Serenity Prayer A LOT! That, and a deep breath, often cools me off. I don’t want to admit the number of times a day I need it.

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