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I have a place on Facebook where I share thoughts, parts of this blog, jokes, and questions. Please feel free to join us, if you have not already. I explain a bit about my page below, which I believe gives some insight into my psyche. Much love. ~ Sam

On my Everyday Asperger’s Facebook “Like” Page:

1) I post a lot of photos and images I find on google search and pinterest because this is how I stim and release anxiety.

2) I write my truest deepest emotions because I know of no other way to exist.

3) I post a lot all at once because that is how my brain works: I explode with joy, ideas, motivation, and the strong impulse to connect.

4) I share my poetry and deep philosophical prose because my mind is deep and complex and interwoven with extreme empathy and keen insight.

5) I offer help and ask for help because I believe the greatest attribute in life is kindness.

6) I accept everyone unconditionally, avoid judgment, advice-giving, and maintain a longing for humility and justice, because I treat others as I wish to be treated.

7) I give to give, without want of attention, validation, profit, popularity, or high-numbers, because the world needs more people who give from the heart.

8) I become excited and child-like because I never lost my youthful heart and creative drive.

9) I meet beautiful souls who understand me because they too have known rejection, challenges, and deep loss.

10) I grow in strength each day because I am no longer alone.

Here is the link:

4 thoughts on “The Community Page

  1. I’m uncomfortable joining Facebook but I would like to meet an Asperger friend (I am one). Wrong Planet is not very good for this. Do I have to belong the Facebook to join you?

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