Day Ten: 30 Random Thoughts (The Aspie Brain at its finest!…hey…that’s sarcasm.)

  1. If A=B, and B=C, and A=C; then having Asperger’s feels like D.
  2. Q-tips; every health professional will tell you not to stick a Q-tip in your ear, but let’s be honest, 99.9% of the population buys Q-tips to stick in their ears.
  3. If time is manmade and calendars are manmade, then how old am I, really?
  4. Why aren’t Klu Klux Klan members subjected to psychiatric evaluation and put on medication, while kindergarteners are?
  5.  If Government=Subsidizes Much Corn, and Much Corn=Unhealthy Health Consequences for People, then Government=Unhealthy Health Consequences for People
  6. If scientists know that electrons move differently based on the observer and also know that water crystals respond in form and appearance directly to words and thoughts, then if we as humans are made of electrons and water, then why isn’t more effort being made in the study of thought and how it affects the human condition?
  7. If special interest groups, massive monopolizing meat and pesticide industries, and people with a lot of money influence the political makings of the United States then whom am I voting for? Say again?
  8. Why are certain words/letters that always string together to form a meaning not passable through spell check: like alot, alright and highschool.
  9. Why is front yard two words, but backyard one?
  10. Why do teachers make more tips hourly waitressing during the summer, than they do hourly in the classroom?
  11. Why is it that I have to pay thousands of dollars in order to get a piece of paper that says I have a higher education when I know more about certain subjects than my professors, and can learn the same thing in books?
  12. Why is it that the special interest groups (meat/dairy/corn) get a larger portion of the food pyramid? Where are the lettuce and spinach special interest groups?
  13.  Why is it that the FDA approves toxic drugs that kill people, but warns us not to take supplements?
  14. Why did the doctor tell my mother-in-law to steer away from all fruits and vegetable after chemotherapy because her immune system was weak?
  15.  Who is at the top of the clothes designer regime and gets to decide what is the right thing for everyone else to wear?
  16. Who decided it was a good idea to make televisions, refrigerators, and appliances that only last half as long as they used to?
  17. If people know the electronic industry is ten steps ahead of them and inventing new products to outdate the old products long before the old products are even on the store shelf, then why not wait a decade before purchasing something new?
  18. If teenagers need sleep to be healthier, then why does middle school start earlier than elementary school?

19. The government is in bed with pharmaceutical companies, and the pharmaceutical companies benefit by keeping us unhealthy, and I’m the one that is supposed to have criteria for making friends?

20. If bad and evil exist, then who is the judge of what is bad and what is evil? What are the rules? Is the brain to blame? The environment? The parents? The spirit? Who can tell? Who can decide? Where is the fine line? If someone shot a saint up with heroine and she killed someone while under the influence, is she bad? What do I base the reasoning of good or bad on? Whose belief system? Whose perception? What if everyone is wrong? Then who is right?

21.  How come (in America) it’s not all right to eat dogs, seagulls, and cats, but it’s acceptable to eat cows, pigs, and chickens?

22.  Why is it that if we know we are tiny specks (beyond microscopic) in the universe and that the chances of there being other life forms out there are high, that when someone mentions the word alien people think that someone is weird?

23. Who gets to decide the DSM-IV, and are they under the continual observation and treatment of mental health therapists?

24. If I have dyslexia and I accidentally called LDS members LSD members, what’s the harm?

25. If people are busy stacking up food in their garage for major natural disasters, but statistically most major disasters will cause people to lose or evacuate their homes (i.e., tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, floods, war) then doesn’t it make sense to store all that food far from the house?

26. If there is a huge global disaster and 99% of the population is annihilated, and I per chance live, and still have the strong desire to survive, then I probably only would want to survive because of an animal instinct or a fear of death.

27. Who gets to decide what drugs are legal to pay money for and which ones aren’t?

28. If kids are raiding their parents’ cabinets for prescription drugs and dealing them on the streets, then are pharmaceutical companies to blame?

29. Why aren’t there large hazardous warning signs outside of fast food establishments?

30.  Why do all of these things pop into my mind when I’m trying to sleep at five in the morning?

7 thoughts on “Day Ten: 30 Random Thoughts (The Aspie Brain at its finest!…hey…that’s sarcasm.)

  1. Hi there,

    Saw a comment from you elsewhere and just wanted to say hello. I haven’t been blogging much lately due to a lot of personal stuff going on, but really enjoyed this post!

    1. Thanks. After I wrote it, I started rewording it all in my mind, and coming up with answers, and arguments, and feasible debates. Oh brother! Glad to connect, and thank for stopping by.

  2. LOL…love it!!!! i just do…my brain is just as tangled as yours in a “yarnful” of questions…lol…i do have answers to my own queries but nobody cares to know about them, anyway…:) 🙂 thanks for sharing your ‘aspie’ thoughts, Sam 🙂

  3. THIS is exactly why I have so much trouble falling asleep, and it starts right back up before my eyes even open. I don’t understand the people who DON’T have questions. You know, you ask someone, ” What are you thinking about?” and they reply, “Nothing.” What? How is that even possible? Maybe they just don’t want to tell me, or talk about it, or something, because the idea that one can be conscious without thinking, pondering, examining, studying, learning, questioning, seems impossible. Have you seen the movie “Short Circuit” about the defense robot that comes to life, and ever after is searching for “more input”? That’s me. And speaking of movie characters, I most identify with Mr. Spock from Star Trek – I really wish there was a planet Vulcan, I’d be so at home there.

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