Day Sixteen: The Bus Stop

 I pulled this out of my journals. We had to say goodbye to our beloved dog, today. And this prose reminded me of another place and time. I imagine our dog with many friends and family now, including dear Catherine.

A week before I met Catherine and was greeted by her four little ones—their faces a blush and small mouths encircled with remnants of the faded pink of popsicles—I’d dreamt of a dark-haired lady guiding me from one room to the next of a colonial-style home.  There we had walked together, with the glee-filled echoes of children’s giggles fluting down the staircase… (This is available in the book Everyday Aspergers)

Rest in everlasting peace, Sweet Scooby. Look for my friend Catherine. She’s waiting for you.

6 thoughts on “Day Sixteen: The Bus Stop

  1. “Like” was difficult to click here. I will not even say I “enjoyed” reading this one. But, it was good; it evoked strong emotion. I think you handled it well; this thing that most of us shy away from. Having died and returned has brought a lot of the mystery out of it for me; however, I can’t say that I want to go; I know I am not ready to go. In some ways, it is worse to have a close friend depart; you can say goodbye to yourself, but saying it to someone else knowing you will still be around to grieve, that is tough.
    Glad you are around, my sister,

    1. You are so blessed to have experienced death. What a rare gift. Yes, saying goodbye to a dear friend is deeply painful. But time does help, and memories, and I feel her spirit around me. Hope you are having a great day. 🙂 Sis Sam

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