Day Twenty-Six: Patch Freak Makes Life Change!


I’m going to attempt to use humor to explain a major life altering decision.

I’m back.

Bet you didn’t know I was gone.

I totally (California born and raised) slipped out of focus and got sidetracked for an hour’s time about the origin of the word humor. Why? Because I used the word humor in a sentence, Silly. And that led Brain away, like a string of yarn does for a kitten. This morning Brain’s string began at etymology: the origin or development of a word, affix, phrase, etc., and the string ended with black bile. Yucko-mania!

If Brain hadn’t allowed for a detour into Reasoning Forest, and instead he/she had left me in the moment, I fear I would be profusely apologizing for the spattering of snot and tears all over the computer screen. Yes, remarkably indeed, Brain returned me to an emotional state of equilibrium, with one quick, and rather boring, sidetrack.

And I have good news. When Brain examined the root origin of humor, which included words like phlegm, LV (little voice in my head) found us a new patch for our sash! Our lovely patch Melancholic is one of the four temperaments, the others being: Sanguine, Choleric, and Phlegmatic.


It is black in color, the Melancholic patch, and now firmly sewn on to LV’s slash, amongst her numerous other merit badges of distinction. She tore off the high-maintenance patch to make room for the new one. The patch of Melancholic represents the following traits: sensitive, intuitive, self-conscious, easily embarrassed, easily hurt, introspective, sentimental, moody, likes to be alone, empathetic, artistic, fussy and perfectionistic, deep, prone to depression, avarice, and gluttony!

Sidetrack: (Brain left again, but only for a brief stretch. He/She had to know the origin of origin. Call him/her crazy. I do. At first I was afraid that there was no origin of origin. Fear gripped, an anguish surfacing from the depths of Grendel’s mire: What if there is no origin of origin? Don’t panic. Luckily there is. The original meaning of origin is to rise, become visible, or from beginning source. I can live with that. I just wish the online etymology dictionary had the real origin of the universe. Which by definition would be the beginning source of the universe. Sadly, the definition only reads:  the cosmos, whole, and turned into one. No real origin there.)

The Melancholic patch is an improvement over some of the qualities listed on the other temperament patches, such as: hedonism (which is an ugly word to begin with), impetuous, prone to hypocrisy, and prone to sloth. Prone to sloth, makes me giggle. To learn more you can click here

I think from now on, when I’m in an Aspie funk, unable to make a decision, on overload, and/or plain overwhelmed with my brain, I will say: “I am prone to sloth, presently exhibiting attributes of the phlegmatic temperament.” Just warning you ahead of time.

Concerning the brief mentioning of my life altering decision, I was a daredevil speed racer in my mind for three hours straight last night, between the convenient hours of 11:00 pm and 2:00 am. Riding a cranked-up dirt bike up and around turn tunnels and across perilous ramps. LV had a lot of processing to do. And when I woke up, I endured two more hours. I did not know it was humanly possible to pour gallons of tears out of my tear ducts; but then again LV is sporting that hip new Melancholic patch.

The good news is the tears have cleared and hope has set in. There’s a seedling sprouting at this very moment at the belly of my spirit and stretching to the open sky.

What happened? You query, so sympathetically, (or not). Well…I took a whirl at taking care of Brain, LV, and Me, and got the Heck Out of Dodge! (Brain notes: Get the hell out of Dodge is in reference to Dodge City, Kansas, a favored location for westerns in the mid 20th century. Most notably, the saying was made infamous by the TV series Gunsmoke). And that’s the only reason my husband tolerates me–because I’m full of…interesting facts!

Sorry, about that. Suspense building. Drum roll. Shying away. Just going to splash it out in one big wave:

I got the Heck out of the University that I was attending for my Masters Degree in Counseling.

Kaput! We Gone!

There are a few distinct patches I’d like to stick on that subject, but I won’t.

For now, I’ll let Brain be, and LV rest, and Me, Little Sweet Me, I think I’ll treat her to an overdue retreat. Pardon me now, as I venture into my Phlegmatic Zone, and contemplate how to proceed through the glory of a new opened door.

Oh, Crap. Brain wants to explore truckers’ lingo! And LV is shouting, “Yes!”   The Gods truly must be crazy. I like the words: Gator Guts, Seat Cover, and Suds and Muds…you know you’re curious. Click  Truckers’ Slang Words or check out the video below:

Below You Can Read: All About the Origin of Humor, By Sir Brain  


Humor is Latin in origin and first meant liquid. The word represented moisture, especially the moisture of fluid of animal bodies, such as lymph.

Around 460 B.C. Hippocrates noticed that blood removed from the body separated into four parts: clear red, yellowish liquid that rises to the surface, dark liquid that settles at the bottom, and a whitish liquid. He and his students developed a theory based on Hipporcrates’ observations. Later the theory was expounded upon. Theorists believed mental health was a matter of a good balance of the four liquids (humors). The word humor eventually became connected with someone’s temporary state of mind. Humor’s meaning of amusement did not occur until the 1600’s.

The theory of bodily humors holds that each person produces four humors but that a preponderance of one relative to the others brings on sickness.  Fluid was thought to be part of the makeup of the body, and temperament, (meaning mixture), was determined by the proportions of four fluids (humors): blood, phlegm, bile, and black bile.

A predominance of blood, associated with the liver, equates to an optimistic and sanguine (confident) temperament. Sanguine is rooted in the original definition of ruddy or blood red face.

A predominance of yellow bile, associated with the spleen, equates to being choleric (short-tempered). Too much yellow bile and one viewed the world through a bilious eye. Choleric is rooted in the Greek khole, meaning bile.

A predominance of black bile, associated with the gall bladder, equate to a melancholic (pensively sad) temperament. From the Greek melas (black) and khole bile. Melancholia means too much black bile.

A predominance of Phlegm, associated with the lungs and brain, equates to being phlegmatic (slow and unexcitable).

Any imbalance of these humors made a person unwell and perhaps eccentric. Through the passing of time humor took on the meaning of oddness.

Fasting is thought to bring humors into balance. Humorism postulates that each person is born with a basic temperament.

You can find more information about the origin of humor here: In MY BRAIN!


14 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Six: Patch Freak Makes Life Change!

  1. Ok Sam…I read about half, then dyslexia jumped in and my brain wanted to write.
    I think I get the gist, my brain is so so SO similar. I once had a fixation on the colour orange. This lasted nearly three hours and in that time brain took me on a journey first through primary, secondary and tertiary basic colour themes and theories. Then from mixes of orange I went into goldfishes and the different varieties of coldwater species collected in the hobby aquarium. Then onto tropical fresh water, later going onto marine. All of course needing to be orange!
    The marine clownfish (movie Finding Nemo) also known as (Amphiprion Ocellaris) took me on another adventure because of it being orange and my love of Disney films and quotes, also my desperate want to go to Australia. I then did a Google walk around of Sydney, checking out the beaches and the Botanical gardens, very nice I must say.
    Then a complete tangent jump onto Toyah Wilcox. How this happened, I haven’t got a clue. Anyways Toyah was an 80’s pop/punk singer from the UK who my Mom didn’t enjoy me looking up to. Her life is very interesting actually, I sense a tad of Aspie in her. She also had VERY ORANGE HAIR!!! She sang a song called I wanna be free, I wanna be me! I LOVED the words as a kid and SO related to them.
    The link I came up with for this WHOLE 3 hours of independent learning was… Wait for it!
    My daughters Goldfish jumped out of his bowl and nearly died on the carpet.
    Roger wanted to be free, his bowl needed to be cleaned.
    Just to babble on a bit more and leave even more of my brain overspill on you lovely blog, here is a bit of Toyah.
    Love and hugs.
    Lisa. xx 🙂
    I just looked at the length of my comment, (SORRY) I might come back and copy it for a post on my collecting blog. You know the one, it’s is for storing my overactive brain… LOL

    1. Now that’s an Aspie comment! LOL The main part of my post at the very bottom, explains how I left the University. By the way, I had to cancel that old facebook community page, as it wasn’t working. I started a new one on Facebook under “Everyday Aspergers.” Look for “group” not “page.” LOL about your post and the jumping Goldfish! Love your babble. Anytime! No need to remove the comment. Hugs to you! ~ SAM

      1. Thank you, I’m just being me. Fb…I will look it up! I will also have to read the rest of your post. OBLIVIOUS MUCH….la la la, living in my own little la la land. I haven’t posted on Alienhippy today, I wrote a poem and put it on my Listening through the Loops blog. It’s been sunny here in the UK so I went for a nice walk and wrote poetry in my head while watching the sailboats in the regatta.
        I best be off, my daughter needs a list of prime numbers. xx 🙂

      2. Ok Sam…I read a bit more, I’m down to the red writing now. We really are very alike in our babbling. My sister says I go from arse hole to breakfast time and eventually say what it is.
        Perhaps I should start at the bottom and read upwards. Only kidding.
        I’m so sorry that uni has not worked out, but I am proud of you for listening to your body, your brain and LV. We have listened the the world, society and people TOO long and ignored our own inner voice.
        Keeping you in prayer my friend.
        Keep being you! ~Lisa. xx 🙂
        Oh yep, is there anything in the very bottom bit I need to read?

      3. Bottom and upwards is right! Although my own work is very easy for me to follow. lol. Yes. You are exactly right—listening to the inner voice! Maybe I’ll explain more about the University problems on the Facebook page. Thanks for your prayers. I am excited about the new journey. Hugs to you! ~ Sam

  2. The more you write, the more I adore you. Signals fire in my brain in sympathy. Reading your prose is like bobbing in an odd, convoluted river. I know where I am going, but the side trips make the journey spectacular!

    I had extreme difficulty at the university myself and dropped out numerous times. I am glad for each and every one of them.

    You brighten me day!

    1. Oh Thank you Sweetie! I didn’t care for this post much. I edited it a lot since this morning. In fact, I just added some more touches to it. New links and a video. LOL I really adore you, too. You have a very loving energy. Thank you for sharing about the University. I think I’ll focus on my blog for some time, and maybe get a Masters in Creative Writing. They have a cool program nearby where I spend a week of the summer at a country retreat, and then the rest is online. Talk to you soon. : )

      1. You are SUCH a creative writer-I applaud that idea whole heartedly. That one professor/head of the Dept. really sounded like he climbed up into his head long ago and forgot the existance of his heart. I am currently swooning over the etymology dictionary. I can’t believe I haven’t known about it! I fear I will blow off finishing my school supply orders from wallowing in it all day. Psych!!

      1. Sorry – I forgot to tick the ‘follow-up comments’ box.

        You said that Humor first meant liquid and you go on to explain how that changed. I’m being lazy by not looking myself, but Humor is the American spelling whereas in the UK we spell it Humour.
        Did Humor and Humour have the same meaning? Or is that something that didn’t show up in your search? 🙂

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