Day Thirty-Nine: Squirrel, Calvin and Bob

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Is there something wrong with me, if I get excited about looking up images of flattened squirrels?

I almost ran over a squirrel this morning. Upon seeing the little sport dash out in front of my van, I slammed on my brakes to save the critter’s life. Afterwards, I looked in my rearview mirror to make sure there was no one behind me. Nervous and preoccupied, from a near miss, I failed to make a complete stop at the stop sign, which caused a not-so-happy neighbor to honk at me.

After the honking incident, I was a bit perturbed, all the way to my sons’ school. I had wanted to stick my head out the window and shout: “I always make complete stops. But I was saving a squirrel and got nervous!”

Give me a break.

I was upset for a full five minutes about the stranger misjudging me. Upset that is, until, on the return trip home, my youngest, the only passenger still in the van, declared from the backseat, in that casual, got your number style: “Mom. You didn’t make a complete stop, again.”

Guess I’m still guilty of those California stops. Can I just blame the error on cultural upbringing?

Saving Squirrel from the grips of death is the highlight of my day thus far. That, and finally deciding to wipe the glob of toothpaste off the bathroom wall; the same minty-green glob I’d been staring down for a good two weeks. I guess I’m the only one in the family endowed with cleaning toothpaste super powers.

I did have an eventful morning. For that I give thanks. Before I was fully awake, I was serenaded by my youngest, when he screamed at the top of his little lungs: “My eye therapy treatments are a waste of your **** money!” He wrapped up his point with a grand slamming of the door.

Have I told you how I obsessively read every Calvin and Hobbs comic book that existed, when I was a young adult, and wished desperately for a brainy, precocious, and adventurous child like Calvin? Don’t’ tell me that wishes don’t come true!

I am chuckling through life, while assuming I missed some news breaking story, because four people accidentally ended up on my blog by using the search term: cheerleader sticks leg down garbage disposal. I stopped myself from Googling for details. Yet, now wondering, if you might.

I could use a good laugh. The Dean of the Education Department has yet to call back about my tuition reimbursement. It will be two weeks tomorrow. I am doing better with the whole not showing up to class thingamajig while still on the university roster. Although, last night, while in the videogame store, I did ask my husband to check my pulse (twice), as I was having heart palpitations.

I adore my husband. He is always looking after me. However, I must share that he is concerned about this Everyday Asperger’s blog. What’s he concerned about? Well, supposedly, I’ve shared way too much about him. (Pausing a moment here, because I still find this so very funny. I’m not thinking, I need to explain why.)

In fact, in scanning through the some 60 pages I’ve scribed, one could infer that my husband Bob was a science major, is a father, was born sometime in February, is turning 50, snores, can count (pulse taking), and acts like Spock. Tons of information, right?

Of course, in knowing he is married to me, you can definitely infer Bob (if that is in truth his real name) has a very high tolerance level! That or he’s on some heavy medication. Happy Birthday sometime this month, Bob!

If I’m not posting anything tomorrow, you can assume I’m on restriction.


14 thoughts on “Day Thirty-Nine: Squirrel, Calvin and Bob

  1. Hi Sam, I was able to read your post from my mobile. Is this one shorter because I managed to read it. It might be something to do with how my mobile makes the page narrower, or because I’ve just come out of a shutdown and my brain is reasonably empty at the moment. Who knows? Who cares? I haven’t got a clue!
    Anyway…Bob made me giggle.
    Can’t play the video my mobile won’t let me.
    I’m surprised it let me read your post, I can’t always comment on posts from my phone.
    Love and hugs. Lisa. Xx 🙂

    1. You are too cute. Yes, it’s a much shorter post. But I like how your Aspie brain went into analysis over the length.
      The video is off squirrels dancing. I’m glad the Bob part made you giggle. I love your sweet personality. Hugs Sam 😉

      1. Yay! Jackson squirrels…they are so funny…giggle.
        *CAL…giggled all through that and *AJ joined in with the Jackson squirrel dance.
        I love my kids make me laugh, they are so original, unique and Wonderfully Wired.
        I can see it’s shorter now I am on the computer. 633 words, interesting.
        I will keep a check on this, I think I can read more words when I have less loops.
        Time to make a graph me thinks…hehe

  2. IN sync. Yesterday I was around at my aunt’s house, there was a squirrel feeding in her garden. After she had finished she did exactly that lay flat on the grass, and I thought to myself how cool that looked! V. funny~!

  3. Oh my God you are the funniest friend i have Sam…..that google search for “cheerleader sticks leg down garbage disposal” had me in splits..oh man
    you know what my blog comes up every time someone searches for ” paitents escaped from mental assylum” and ” people psychiatrists couldnt cure”..what can i say..i am popular
    Hey I have read every book on and about His higness Garfield and Lord Cavin and hobbes”
    what kind of people do’t read them i wonder
    Hey i know Your Bob is on high medication, My hubby is..I mean how else will he cope..
    Its always such a pleasure reading your posts
    hugs and love 🙂

    1. I love reading your comments. Your words always make me so happy. I’m so glad to give you a good laugh. Laughing is so important. I’m glad,too, that you get my sense of humor. It’s a sign of your high-intelligence. LOL. I laughed at the search terms from your blog. Those are fantastic. What are you blogging about???

      Seriously, what kind of people wouldn’t love Calvin? My husband said today, “You did see the look of terror on Calvin’s mother’s face in the books, right? She always had a horrifying facial expression. What were you thinking?” I said, “What do you not get about Aspergers?” hee, hee

      Hugs and love back ~ Sam 😉

  4. Aaaaaand I’m am still smiling! Another fun read. Thank you Sam!

    I love Calvin! I don’t think I ever wished for him as a son, but I certainly wound up with a version of him. Whew. I am out of words, but not appreciation. 🙂


  5. You had me at squirrel. 🙂

    Calvin and Hobbs are awesome!! I thought I was Calvin for a while then I thought I was Hobbs.

    It is so funny the search terms you discover.

    On restriction! Ha ha ha

    I needed some laughs too thank you!

    1. Love: “You had me at squirrel.” That’s funny. I had me at squirrel, too. Kept rereading that line and looking at the photo of the flat animal. hee, hee. You are welcome. I had three goofy posts in a row, now melancholic me is feeling misplaced and uncertain about where to go for comfort. Must integrate her into me more—I can write that to you, because you are one for the few people who gets that. Hugs ~ Sam

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