Day 79: Behold, I Am

Image by artist Vian Sora
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This poem, I scribed this morning, is for all of you who resonate with my journey. Thank you for your hearts. ~ Sam

Behold, I Am

You are my whisper

A gentle hello

I know

I am you

You are my wind

A glorious push

Behind or ahead

I Follow

You are the sunrays

A bold truth


I live

You are the breaking waves

A gift bearer



You are the song in the trees

A minstrel’s longing

Come hither

Come dance

You are the moonlight

A luminous glow


Through darkness

You are the raindrops

A tumbling thirst


Echoed breaths

You are reason

An answered wish



You are beauty

A wavering reflection


I am


By Samantha Craft Β April 16, 2012

This is piano music. The Youtube is labeled wrong. The music is soothing and lovely.

25 thoughts on “Day 79: Behold, I Am

  1. Beautiful, once again, Sam.
    You encompass a lot of what I truly believe down deep.
    There is a center to us that resonates with everyone; God is in everyone and everyone possesses that small part of God.
    He created us to be beautiful and to be loved…to be what “I am”.

  2. love itttt very muchhhh!!!! very lovely poem just like the lady who “crafted” itttt’sss sooo you!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ seriously though…it soooo you, Sam…beautifullll!!!! {{{{hugssss}}}}

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