Day 106: Daylight’s Door

Daylight’s Door

Love her for the sheets layered beneath bedding

The cool soft embrace of enveloping grace beyond the tired hours

Love her for ship’s anchor placed deeply into ocean floor

The cause to stop and rest upon the open sea of daybreak

Love her for the tether ball wrapped round glistening pole

The rapture of glee clinging to foundation

Love her for the willow leaves kissing summer’s sweet grass

The place where two meet in shades of green

Love her for the marionette’s favorite dance

The delicate movement of imagination into life

Love her for the energy of a star burning last light

The hopeful eyes unyielding, shining through darkness

Love her for the bear-scratched trees of evergreen

The stronghold for sharpening needs and aches

Love her for the grape pressed and harvested for taste

The flavor of passion savored and swallowed

Love her for the fresh river waters rounding bend

The parched lips and weary soles baptized in purity

Love her for the garment held close to one’s side

The warmth ever waiting to cover the flesh

Love her for the flower opening at dawn

The beauty unfolding within beckoning light

Love her for the stairway that spirals and leads

The steps climbing upward in vantage point and view

Love her for the mirror kept broken on wall

The fragments of reflection leading to pause

Love her for breadcrumbs sprinkled upon forested path

The songbirds’ feast and the lost man’s rescue

Love her for rain showers cleansing the earth

The dancers reprieve from longings’ drought

Love her for the words she scribes upon heart

The awakened answers to long beating desire

Love her for the knocking upon daylight’s door

The threshold through wonder and love evermore

Samantha Craft May 11, 2012