Day 114: New View

A song I recently fell in love with………….

New View

Concentrate your eyes upon the heaven’s stars

The towering boughs of the cedar tall

The cascading blue of yesterday’s sky

See equally bright tomorrow

Spend less on what ifs and more on what is

Pretend you are a child

Until you see you are a child

Caravan with strangers

Smile at yourself

The similarities of all

Risk like you never dreamed possible

Dive in before you remember you know how to swim

Believe like there is no other truth than that in front of you

And then release as easily as you grasped

Forget the wrong doings of others

Better yet, forget the essence of wrong

In equal measure remember that right varies in reflection

Be at peace with your heart and intention

Whenever you are out of sorts seek justice and truth

Make yourself the other

View through the eyes of an innocent

Untouched by the ways of the world

Still breathing in the womb of discovery

Incapable of forming thought beyond love

Take time to prepare your fields

Whatever the crop you grow

Fertilize with tenderness

Honor with waters of forgiveness

Circumvent oppression with awareness

Untether thy soul to resentment

Instead set free to the open

Where the wind can carry

Beyond words

And beyond experience

Release forever

Unless attached to eternal hope and renewal

For everything changes

Then comes again


In new view

~ Sam Craft