Day 183: Sunseed

Flower in my yard (July 2012)


I am your vase, your soil, your moisture, your sky, and your sun

Whatever you will, I shall be

Speak and I shall breathe

Call the stars by name and I shall remember

Everything I am, I give

If not for you, than for no other

I  will hold you day upon day, carry you where I go, smile at your beauty

I will watch in adoration as you unfold, as bud becomes bloom

Again and again

I will move where you move, bend where you bend

Your presence my completion

I will reach with careful hand to touch frail softness

And find myself, uncovered and awaken

I will curl into the glen that is you, collapse into your welcoming green

Finally I shall be home, and weep to the angels so

Finally I shall be free, and embrace the echo of my own laughter.

~ Samantha Craft, July 2012


I am gardener, I am maiden

A sunseed in your pocket

A dewdrop on your tongue

A blossom calling to the bees

Come to me, take what is yours

Carry me away, pollen upon knees

And turn me, transform me, into honey gold

Take me, whatever vision of light you be

For I am yours

~ Samantha Craft, July 2012

23 thoughts on “Day 183: Sunseed

  1. Oh that beautiful smile of yours once again graces my screen, a smile in return from one that is joyed by your joy… your poems are magnificent, have you ever thought of having them published? I would buy them… keep on smiling… it brings smiles to others…

    1. Okay….now I’m afraid to stop smiling….lol…but that’s probably a good thing. 🙂
      Thank you again. These ones were okay….I couldn’t quite get out all I wanted to get out; they struggled to get out of my head. But I am glad yo enjoyed.
      I have given all my writings (poetry, prose, short stories, etc.) to my higher power…and let go of any plan for publishing. I would like to publish self/or traditional someday, but am letting my higher power take the wheel on that. As I tend to turn into Type A, freak-a-zoid when I run with a plan/goal….so my baby goal is to write on this blog until 2012 and see what happens….trying to live my life more like that….just letting go and enjoying the ride without thoughts of destination.
      I do appreciate yours and Robyn’s support on the publishing aspect, much. Makes my heart smile. And I know that my words will reach who they are meant to reach at the “right” time.
      And she rambles….hehehe
      Have a glorious Sunday.
      Sam 🙂

  2. Ok, I am not alone. Bulldog agrees… SAM NEEDS PUBLISHER!! This way I won’t have to make Sam Scrapbook – and can just buy her collection for my bookshelf to be treasured forever more 🙂 Really Really Really – -don’t know how to guide you but you must start planting the seeds so your incredible writings can be discovered by all.

    I loved these 2 works… some subtle contrast to the lessons of yesterday’s post… but captured my heart nevertheless. I am so much like you and relate to both today and yesterday’s posts so much in my feelings about romantic love, self-love, submission, devotion etc. etc.

    “Come to me, take what is yours
    Carry me away, pollen upon knees
    And turn me, transform me, into honey gold
    Take me, whatever vision of light you be
    For I am yours.”

    Now don’t tell me puppy is your muse young lady!! hee hee! He is quite the lover I can see…and you radiant today ~ must have gotten better sleep than I 🙂 Much Love Sea Sister who needs publisher !!xo

    1. heheheeh…you guessed it Spastic Colon (aka Violet my dog) is my muse……sigh….if only
      You are so fantastic….I was thinking the same exact thing…the contrast between these and the day before. Actually I started to write these before yesterday’s post, and then struggled to finish them last night. The energy on them is incomplete, scattered, and all over the place….as is my heart/mind.
      Yep…..both sides….submission, release let go and the other: hold on tight, angst, and overwhelming passion.

      You can see my note to Bulldog above about publishing. 🙂 So sweet to say, you are.
      You are my amazing sea sister….let’s go swim in Maui…I’ll find you a time travel machine…so no airplane.
      Huge hugs and love to you.
      Have a wonderful day filled with joy and contentment.
      Shine on, sweety.
      Me 🙂

  3. Excellent writing Sam. So touching and beautiful. There are many favorite lines of mine in these poems; so with out taking much space in comment section, I am just going to say I loved this post. Great post.

  4. Sam beautiful write up…Oh you write the the songs of soul so beautifuly
    but today’s show stopper was that beautiful smiling lovely girl with her woof..hugs to both 🙂

  5. awwww…beautiful poems …love, love ’em both…lovely background music…you and violet are both adorable!!!! plus that beautiful flower pic…oh my…i’m in love…lol…excellent job as usual, Sam 🙂

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