Day 194: Treasured Images













I took the images at the 625-acre Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve in Washington, USA. Soils formed as glaciers melted about 11,000 years ago. This site protects native ecosystems and rare plants and animals. There are many theories about how the mounds of earth formed. My favorite is the giant gopher theory!

This is an interesting video about the mounds:

and laughing…here’s what it looks like MOST of the year:


I imagine your voice as the sea alive in the deep night
A rhythmic strength, a moonlight lullaby
I imagine your presence the solid branch set across clear stream
A place to cross over, a passageway to the other side
I imagine your taste the ripe fruit cleansed and divided whole
A sugar to tongue, a craving reborn
I imagine your chest the mossy grass of midsummer
A softness to palm, a tingle to my skin
I imagine your hands the breeze through the evergreen of cedar
A visiting ebb, a caress between limbs
I imagine your lips the cotton candy of youth
A melting satisfaction, a spiral of sweetness
I imagine your soul the wings of the monarch
A flawless design, a freedom to flight
I imagine your movement the rapids over boulder
A cleansing crush, a cool rush of nature
I imagine your image the reflection in still pond
A mirror to myself, a partner to my imagining


Samantha Craft, August 2012

15 thoughts on “Day 194: Treasured Images

  1. Those were amazing photos Sam! Kinda like Mounds vs Almond Joy, depending on personal preferences. I had no idea they existed. Quite stirring to the imagination.

    Your poem … takes me to other mounds altogether.. πŸ˜‰ You’re a sweet one with such wonderful recipes for bringing the senses to a tantalizing crescendo. Ever thought of narrating your poems.. Personally, I’d love to have them read to me so that I could close my eyes and envision your words as they unfold into a magic carpet that takes me away into the clouds. xxx

    1. I always liked the Almond better! This is a very peaceful place to visit.
      “tantalizing crescendo” oooh, la, la…..that captures how I was feeling when I felt the poem spring inside of my groins. lol
      Yes, I have thought of narrating my poems. I just need to figure out how. When I narrated one of my stories I had a blank youtube screen with my voice. lol
      Love your comments and magic weaving of words, as always.
      Me xoxo

  2. Now lostbythesea has it right… why don’t you narrate your poems… then we can sit back and listen rather than read… My but that does sound lazy… Your words are so precious that read, would make them delectable..
    Love the mounds I go with you on that one … don’t want to meet that gopher face to face though…
    Lovely blog as usual..

    1. I would like to narrate, as the tone, inflection, and voice does indeed affect the meaning. I know, can you imagine the giant gopher. lol. Funny to picture. Is a lovely and sacred place to me.
      Thanks a bunch,
      Sam πŸ™‚

  3. Ok – the images – treasured for good reason- the the Mima Mounds look to be like a paradise of sorts ~ beautiful and otherworldly. Enjoyed your shared video on them as well …. BUT — YOUR POEM is truly breathtaking. So very passionate and could feel every word. You are exquisitely sensitive and have insights unique and special as can be.

    I agree — must admit I am an ‘auditory processor’ — I love to read but have issues since my muscle/skeletal woes with even maintaining proper tone in my neck without spams — so now have taken o audio books etc. When I do read your work — I read it ALOUD ~ so I am already doing ‘readings’ of Sam’s poetry πŸ™‚ But if you read them to me – would be all the more wonderful. Think about it. I know Lady Day purchased an ‘add-on’ for her blog to be able to record… or if you used the youtube concept – you could focus the camera on something like an image that pairs well with the piece you are presenting perhaps?

    Very hard to select favorite lines here — but I must say your ending:

    “I imagine your image the reflection in still pond
    A mirror to myself, a partner to my imagining”

    blew me away ~

    Sending Love and hugs ~ this was fantastic sea sister xo

    1. I love the phrase: “exquisitely sensitive”…I would like my muse to whisper that in my ear with his coconut and whip creamed breath….hehehe
      I like Sociaodialogue’s idea of taking my photos and putting them on youtube and then reading my poems. That would be so fun!!! But I have to figure out how to do it! I am soooo hands on, and terrible at video instructions.
      I like the lines you chose. My favorite was the melting satisfaction of the cotton candy….I can just feel that kiss…giggles.
      Thanks for your comment. Get so excited when I see your pretty face pop up.
      Hugs Sea Sister,

      1. πŸ™‚ ooo cotton candy was my 2nd choice — the kiss…what is better than that?! But I loved the ending as it was so intensely meaningful and one of those aha ha moments πŸ™‚ Ok – here is an idea… if your blog format is like mine, you can create a slide show. You can make the slide show and then prop your camera up to take a video of the slide show…while you read…. and when you are done, your youtube will have your piece being read to the images flashing one by one!! Might be really really cool…
        So nice you are happy to see my gravitar greet you… I feel the same when I see your beautiful face pop up too πŸ™‚ ~ may take a break from posting for a few~ Pain just been a total bear here 😦 I do have a very “hot” post ready – maybe Friday. Make sure your muse is around~ xo

  4. Why just your voice on a blank screen? We could watch you on a “video poetry slam” of sorts – no competition of prose but just a video of you reciting the poem or you could video some of your photos to go with? That would be pretty amazing to listen to and watch.

    These photos remind me of my youth. Put that together with your poem and it takes me back to the very cherished parts of my memory. And I send you much love for that, because it is a place that I like to go. xoxo

    1. I LOVE your idea, but need a tutor to sit with me and show me how. I am so hands on and tutorials are very difficult for me. Lovely idea, though. The photos on a youtube with poem…that would be fun. πŸ™‚ Do you know how….not my FACE though. lol
      Hugs and love,

  5. What beautiful pictures and words Sam! But for your words are more beautiful than these pictures. “I imagine your soul the wings of the monarch
    A flawless design, a freedom to flight”- Few words and you defined the soul. I also loved the end of this poem. Awesome work.

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