Day 214: Because I Am

I know who I am.

I have self-awareness. I see myself clearly. I accept myself.

I understand myself, as wild as I might be.

I know I am “good.”

I know I am light.

I know I have a purpose and a drive. I have a calling. I know my calling. And I follow my calling.

I know the difference between authenticity and pretending.

I know genuineness and pureness of heart.

I know suffering, deep suffering; and because I know deep suffering, I know your deep suffering.

I understand your pain because I have been in pain. I understand your joy, because I have known grand joy.

I do not feel separate from you or different; I feel as you; both of us souls on a journey of discovery.

I am light and can only love what is inherent beauty.

I see the light in everyone. I see it everywhere. And this adds to my sadness as it adds to my joy.

I see people walking in spirit. I see past the flesh and past the games that are invented by the lonely, lost man. I see past the visions that others paint in front of them in an attempt to hide. I see beyond their fears and happenstance, their intentions, motivations, and at times intended and unintended manipulation.

I see into the heart of man; and if I have to suffer to see so, then I suffer.

My mind is a miracle, a glorious miracle, and my heart even grander.

I love who I am in every aspect.

I have faced my shadows. I have faced the demons, the voices, the hauntings of mind and ghosts.

I have dreamed of the future and watched it unfold, and in so doing, stood in awe of the universe.

I have experienced life in the deepest capacity, at the deepest levels. I have lived.

I have watched my wishes come true. I have treaded through the darkest of days and come out stronger and self-sufficient. I am supported by myself. I have a companion in my own being. And I am supported by the angels, or spirits, or whatever is beyond our capacity to sense.

I feel energy around me from everything and everyone. I understand others in a way many do not yet understand.

I am humble. I recognize the pride in me and face this pride and gently release. I am insecure and recognize this too, embracing my beauty further, so insecurity may have a place to rest.

I am not ashamed of any part of me. I can speak my mind fully, my thoughts fully, and not wonder if I am being true to me. I am always true to me.

I can openly say when I am scared or frightened.

I am in totality. I am me.

I will be the first to say sorry and have no regret in doing so. I will be the first to say I love you with no intention but to say the words.

I don’t follow a guidebook to feel real. I follow my own book. And I get to write the present each moment.

I am genuine in my intentions. I constantly seek to be truth, to speak truth, to resonate truth.

I do not hunger for fame or attention. I do not hunger for success or material gain. I only hunger for peace and serenity.

I am truly gifted. I am gifted in my ability to live each moment as if it were my very testimony of being. I am gifted in my continual thoughts to be the most beneficial being on this plane of existence that I can be. I am gifted because I have no curtain. There is nothing to pull back and see. Nothing I hide. Nothing to take, expose, or corrupt.

I am hiding no secrets. And without secrets, there is no weapon anyone can use against me.

I embrace love, peace and serenity, and nearby is the continual quest for growth. I am growing.

I am worthy simply because I am.

14 thoughts on “Day 214: Because I Am

  1. Reading this made me think of a favorite quote I read in an article in Atlantic several years ago. It was about a Harvard study on happiness and the quote I loved is by one of the study’s participant.

    “I mean, I can imagine some poor bastard who’s fulfilled all your criteria for successful adaptation to life,… Upon retirement to some aged enclave near Tampa just staring out over the ocean waiting for the next attack of chest pain, and wondering what he’s missed all his life… What’s the difference between a guy who at his final conscious moments before death has a nostalgic grin on his face as if to say, ‘Boy, I sure squeezed that lemon’ and the other man who fights for every last breath in an effort to turn back time to some nagging unfinished business?”

    You Sam, “squeeze the lemon!”

    1. Oh, I just love that: “squeeze the lemon!” What an awesome statement. Thank you very much.
      That is a fabulous quote…sad, too. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes and love to you. ~ Sam

  2. I could hear your voice reading this, nodoubt because I’ve heard your voice on here…this would be so amazing recorded. It is a profound and moving revelation of who you are. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  3. This is a wonderfully rich list of awarenesses Sam. It’s one of those things that if I wrote (and I guess I should) would be great to look at every single day in the morning and at night — almost like a prayer of sorts. It’s like a declaration of who you are – and if the external forces ever try to drag you out of alignment – you just need return to this and breathe deep and you will feel the comfort and peace return in that moment. As for the individual aspects of who you are — well, it goes without saying that this is near an ideal as far as the type of person I would aspire to be, or want my children to be, or expect of my sea sister! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your deepest self and your inner-work…very valuable in more ways than one. Much Love to you ~xo R

    1. Thanks Sea Sis. I ended up having a terrible high-pain, fatigue day. Growl….. I think I should not have any grains, especially corn or gluten. I had corn chips at lunch, and that was it…down for the whole day. Sigh… I did see this as a declaration. It was the strong part of me making her presence known. I will try to come back and review it….especially on my harder days.
      Thank you for your words. They are always kind and mean much to me.
      You are a gem.

    1. Thank you Scott. Very kind. I haven’t been reading blogs this week with sports and school events starting, but yours in on the top of my list, along with Soma’s. Take care. 🙂

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