331: Just Art (An art idea)

I took my original charcoal piece and painted over it; then I washed it clean with water and paper towel; then I outlined all the shapes I could still see with marker; then I rubbed on different watercolor paints.

The original was all abstract except for the face in the center. And likely I drew the hearts consciously. When I look at the charcoal photo, I see Jesus above me and his hands (left of me) wrapping around. I see a Holy Spirit above, hovering to the right.

I’m a bit sad I painted over the charcoal, but the experience was interesting.

Apparently I love turtles and fish and crosses.

This might be a worthwhile project for someone who wants to take a peek at their subconscious. If you do this, I’d love to see your final image. I thought of this idea on my own, through trial and error.

1) Purchase Canvas, watercolor (tubes), permanent marker, brush, and charcoal
2) Draw random lines and doodles with charcoal (one hour)
3) Paint over with multiple watercolors (one hour)
4) Rub off most with wet paper towel (five minutes)
5) Outline all in permanent marker(one hour)
6) Paint sections and smear with paper towel (half hour)


^original charcoal piece





8 thoughts on “331: Just Art (An art idea)

  1. I see little people at the bottom!!! I like your tecnique, very loose and natural! I think I would like to do a small one of this style. Thank you for explaining your tecniques! 🙂

  2. beautiful 🙂 i have something ive been working on for a while. last session, i cut on it again and added white and red….bothers me….:)

  3. I think that you should next experiment with batik.
    You’re a natural and I KNOW will love the WHOLE process.
    Love you my lovely Basna. xoxoxo HUGSssss. ❤ 🙂

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