350: Crap! I have this. That’s all she wrote.

Crap! I have this (too). That’s all she wrote.




Here is a fellow blogger with Aspergers who writes about PMDD. http://worldwecreate.blogspot.ca/2013/03/how-to-deal-with-pmdd-part-2.html

And after lots of processing…she wrote a bit more!
Okay…. are studies being done about this COMT enzyme??? It affects emotions and executive functioning?? AND is thought to be possible cause of PMDD!!!


Could not feasibly the symptoms of PMDD be used as an additional indicator of Aspergers in Women, since there is the strong connection with the variant enzyme of COMT in people with autism? Yes, indeed, I believe so. I love my brain.

24 thoughts on “350: Crap! I have this. That’s all she wrote.

  1. I was diagnosed with that years ago…I wonder if it goes more with aspies. It is aweful. I wrote a post called smashing glass about it on my private blog. I can send you a copy?

  2. Here I opened up an extra blog I have kicking around for such occasions and posted it there ( and made it public) It’s one I am not sure if I will start using or scrap..I made it last week when bored…anyway I go by my other blog name there- Kmarie:

    1. Excellent. THANK YOU for making me feel normal. sigh. We are very much alike. I just downed two chocolate gourmet gluten-free desserts. I had to because of the emotions. My cycle follows the moon. Lately the first day is on the full moon. I am struggling now, as I stopped my thyroid pill because it affected me terribly, and this has led to the worst pain during PMDD (PMS) in months. You really have helped me. Can I include the link above in the actual post. I wish you were on facebook, too. Would love to chat their in private. Hugs to you. We are brave and strong :)))

      1. I would LOVE for you to include the link;) thanks to you I am going to keep that blog and make it my new one gradually:) I am so glad I helped you!;)
        My email addy I will post in a separate comment that you can delete after you receive it and we can chat sometime;)!

    1. I think if you have the symptoms, especially the fatigue, pain, facial swelling, and unusual perception of body— and the 10 days of anxiety, most doctors would agree; it’s based on history and what happens to you. πŸ™‚ Sorry you suffer, too. hugs

      1. Me too. Part of it is sensory issues. I can smell things that most people can’t and the changes that come throughout the month… smell different… It’s really gross. I also have endometriosis, so I’m on borrowed time as it is. By my age, my mom had already been fighting cervical cancer for 4 years and was starting her first round of surgery ultimately leading to a hysterectomy at the age of 30.

  3. I have ‘smashed glass’, I have broken many pairs of glasses, smashed beautiful tiny sculptures I was making, thrown all the pots and pans into the hallway,just to hear the release..so much broken glass. And I know it was all hormones. Menopause has saved my life, I finally truly don’t care about weight gain anymore, and my urge to break things is gone. Two years and counting..of peace.

    1. I don’t get the anger aspect…. it becomes self-loathing, self-doubt, self-icky-stuff. I can’t see or feel happy and I worry a lot. I am so praying for menopause to visit me early, like my mom and aunt. I cannot wait!!!!! Thanks for sharing lovely Alyce.

  4. This too is me! I have had about 1 decent week a month since I was about 14. It is either the week coming on and I am afraid, the week I have it or the week recovering from the horrible thoughts and feelings I have had. I also have been unable to give birth naturally. My body just wouldn’t cooperate and dilate. 3 c-sections. I am now in menopause and have had some very low times…

  5. Do you know if there is a blood test for this enzyme? Very interesting that there are blockers available for this enzyme that are used for Parkinson’s patients, and also that this enzyme blocks absorption of Dopamine, serotonin and other “feel good” hormones. I’m wondering if there is a relationship between Parkinson’s disease and Aspergers. Or if there are any studies that show a correlation between depression, anxiety, Aspergers and Parkinson’s disease.

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