Day 82: Blister Sister (Part One)

Blister Sister: Part One

On a Monday just past four in the afternoon, Mother, dressed in her secondhand dress and faux-leather heels, drove a little faster than normal—which was still relatively slow.  I was seated in the front seat of Ben’s battered sedan.  Every few minutes a piercing pain drove up my left side causing me to let out a muffled moan, which gave Mother a reason to pat her hand on my shoulder and offer out a sympathetic smile.

This was an unusual ride, given the fact I was headed for the hospital, and Mother’s live in lover, Ben, who was habitually attached to the front seat, was dutifully sulking in the back.  I was so accustomed to seeing Ben’s broad back hunched over in the front that upon spotting him there, behind me, sprawled out in excess of half the seat with his socked feet propped up on Mother’s weather-beaten briefcase, I swore to myself I was dreaming.  But if I was dreaming I thought, then surely when I had shut my eyes and then peered out again, Ben would have vanished…

This story can be found in the book Everyday Aspergers


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22 thoughts on “Day 82: Blister Sister (Part One)

  1. Wow! Another gasp-a-licious short! I can’t wait to read more!

    I think I can breathe now. Very well, written, Sam! Your characters are vivid and wince inducing. You are so honest! Raw! Oh, hooray for you!

    1. You are my first comment. Thank you. Now I can breathe. Silly, I think, but I need to know someone has read it to feel centered. You are the perfect person. Sending you love ~ Sam xoxox

  2. Yes…very well written because it draws the reader in subtly…before they become addicted to …”what’s happening , and then what….”can’t wait for another installment…there will be one, correct?

  3. Oh…is this a true story ~Sam? It totally gripped me but now I need the rest.
    I have the whole film playing in my head, right down to the half-stretch flashing sweat rings, and the raunchy smell resembling earwax and bacon grease. Also the skinny friend with oversized nostrils. You are such a big Aspie, such fascinating details.
    Love you loads.
    Lees. xxx 🙂

  4. Yep. Most of the details are true. It’s based on a true story. But years have past, so I embellished a bit, probably, but not that much. Glad you were fascinated by the details…I’ll have to warn you in the future…this one is actually “light” comparatively to other stories. Oh my!
    Love you loads…loads of what? Buckets of fresh cherries. 🙂 Sam

  5. Not to sound completely crazy, but when I saw part one I go a bit excited….andddddd, i was right…can’t wait to see what happens….Such a pleasure reading you:))

  6. I am taking Lori’s word because it is so cool that story was “gasp-a-licious!” Can’t wait for the second half. Oh, boy oh, boy! Could I relate to so many of these details. I had monkey bar blisters all the time, but no blister sister. I was too focused on the monkey bars, and doing all of my flips! Hee hee

    Don’t get me started on my mom’s boyfriends and their carpet covered chests! No offense to anyone, it’s more the type of guys that my mom was with not their hairy chests. 🙂

    1. monkey bar blisters! I was obsessed; I went through a period where that was all I did, usually alone in a church school yard. Even the priests used to ask me if I was okay. 🙂
      Boyfriends! Oh, you got to see the carpet, too. Yep, the type. Hugs. Sam

  7. Wow! I want to read more. Ben seems so real to me. Not that I like him much, but you describe him so vividly. Is it okay to admit that I don’t know what ear wax smells like?

    1. Oh, he was very real! I feel like I should list a few of his positive traits…
      I could advice you on how to figure out the smell of earwax. lol
      Thanks for coming by and for the read. 🙂 Sam

  8. awwww…you left me hanging, Sam…lol…can’t wait to read part 2 of your story…i don’t like suspense! 🙂 lol…never did…always had to finish reading a book…especially interesting ones that needed to end well (in my opinion)…i’ll be here waiting for part 2…:) 🙂 btw, that’s funny how you described your mom’s boyfriend…i have this true to life picture of him infront of me as i was reading your story (that’s how “active” my mind is — unbelievable! lol) {{{{hugs}}}} to you, Sam…:)

  9. Looking much forward to the rest. Why is it that Doctors must so often tell what they are worried most about? Just a simple, “I believe we should run this test to rule out the worst at the beginning.” If we want to know what the worst is, then we ask. Pretty simple. It’s after the test, if it’s positive that they can “tell us.” Just an opinion…

    1. I think I ran into some bad luck in the area of doctors in my younger years. Seriously, no wonder I have an illness phobia. 😉 Thanks for the read and comment. I was bragging about your spirit to my friend last night, asking her if she knows any single gals in their 50’s. I’ve got your back! 🙂 Sam

  10. Your descriptions are vivid and superb. This should be “chapter _” of the novel you write, because all good authors are a novel in progress. You know, it’s not so much what will happen, (since it’s based on true events and you are still here…)but in how it unfolds that fascinates me. You create an entire world in our minds and that, my dear, is talent, pure and simple. xo

    1. “and that, my dear, is talent, pure and simple”—-thank you! What a super sweet comment. I try…I try super hard to paint the world I see in my mind, so your comment means I am succeeding at some level. Thank you for noticing and making my day! Smiling at the lawyer in you: “since it’s based…and you are still here.” Logic! hee hee. 🙂 Sam

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