Day 107: The Union of Word

I am sensitive to others’ journeys. The word Mother creates different experiences for each individual.  This is for everyone who has a mother. For all of us. As we are each joined through one word.

The Union of Word


The sacred word

The echoed sound

Varied in frequency

Same in source

Vibrates through the universe

Each pronouncement distinct and filled

Each carrying a singular story

Shared by all

The connecting link

The threshold to breath

Travelers though the same land

Of hills and valleys

Of unquenched thirst

Stories wrapped

In colors of blue

Opened in turn

With sound exact

All equal, all one

Seen through eyes of the heart

Shared through lips and tongue

Everything balanced

No key to unlock the reason or why

The hand that was held

Or missing or lost

Engraved you

Etched perfect beauty

Children of song

All gathered

With whispers sweet

Or silent empty

Hand in hand

We are together

The tears

Same as smile

In union loved

In union embraced

In union of the one

Echoed sound



Sam Craft

Mother’s Day 2012


Happy Mother’s Day to my mother who birthed and etched me into the beauty I am today.


18 thoughts on “Day 107: The Union of Word

  1. Beautiful poem my lovely friend.
    Loved these words

    The hand that was held
    Or missing or lost
    Engraved you
    Etched perfect beauty
    Children of song

    We have Mother’s Day in March here, I can never really enjoy it. I think it’s seeing the cards and gifts everywhere n the commercial build up, it always makes me sad. I miss my mom every day. It has been good for me today reading all the mom stuff but not having the sensory build up before hand. It actually been quite special and healing for me.
    Thank you for your poem.
    Love you loads.
    Lees. xxx 🙂 ❤

  2. That was my favorite part, too. 🙂 🙂 🙂 We are so alike! I don’t care for the commercial build up either.
    I’m glad that this has been good for you, minus the sensory build up. Thank you for your words.
    Hugzzzzzzies to a cute Bugzzzzzzie ~ Sam in Maui…….hee hee. xoxoxo

  3. What a lovely tribute….your poetry is always so lovely…Hoping your mother’s day is wonderful as wonderful can be:))

  4. That poetry is Ethereal Sam
    “All equal, all one
    Seen through eyes of the heart
    Shared through lips and tongue”

    Hope you had a lovely day 🙂

    Big Hugs to this wonderful wonderful friend 🙂

  5. oh wow…what a nice way to convey such beautiful thoughts of your mother!!!! i am in awe of how words easily travel from your heart and mind down to your fingers 🙂 🙂 such a lovely poem, Sam 🙂 🙂 i love it!!!! hope you had a nice mother’s day…will have to catch up on my reading when i go back home…{{hugs}}

  6. We can be loved as a child and understand our mothers and love them in spite of and for all they do. I still find it strange to celebrate my own and be one simultaneously. It’s fleeting, this status. Know that with those thoughts, I found this deeply touching. xoxo

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