Day 132: In Short

Here are my favorite shorts I have written. I invite you to choose. 

Day 12: Short piece about being me.  Behind the Curtain 

Day 16: Short story about a friendship. The Bus Stop

Day 20: Philosophical prose.   The Wounded Healer

Day 34: A bitter-sweet short.  A Lonely, Heart-Broken Pillow

Day 45: A short fictional rhyming story. The Land of Grand: A Story of Hope 

Day 58: Predicting the future. Angel and Mary

In Short

Since I started blogging everyday

I have noticed that what matters in life

View from my balcony a few days ago. Sigh.

Is readily available

Lake where I walk

And this realization


Helps me to forget about

Yes, this is my bed!

What I used to think mattered.


15 thoughts on “Day 132: In Short

  1. Haha! We have the same bed!! Ethan Allen right?! Funny. Thanks for direction back to Behind the Curtain. What a profoundly awakening post! I highly recommend it!!

    1. he, he. Ethan Allen, yep! 🙂 I bet yours is in a little better attire!!! Mines over-dressed. Oh, so glad you found behind the curtain. I will read what you wrote there. Hugs, :))) Sam

  2. You are in Washington? This mountain…when ever we are in Vancouver or Victoria even…on the clear days..reigns high…we have spied it many times, much as it looks from your balcony…:) thanks for sharing again…I’m going to find the time while little kids nap later to click through your posts. Hugs Sam xo

    1. Yes, Washington. 🙂 Mt. Rainer is the mountain….active volcano!!! Ooh, la, la…. I love it. I have another photo I will post soon that shows the water below. So lovely. We are about a 1.5 hour drive from the national park, there. Have a wonderful Monday. 🙂 Sam

      1. It is a personal favourite….aaaa, just the sight of it again, well, just thankyou ever so much. Have a great day too love.

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