Day 176: Speak Not of Angels

Washington July 2012

Speak Not of Angels

Speak not of angels
Or saints
Or masters or teachers
Speak not of mind
Or matter
Or virtue, or sin
Speak only of heart
And opening
Of divine power
Gracing your presence
From within
As the world is seeded
By thoughts and perception
Thusly are you rooted
To this world
Take caution in what is drawn up
Into you
From the soils made
Neither of whole, nor truth
Instead choose sky
In its emptiness
And vastness
As the embers of the all-embracing
Transform your vision
Be gone all doubt, destitute, and destruction
In place, welcome warmth
Healing rays of gratitude
Know what is
What was
And what will be are naught
For all is
And nothing more
To look beyond
Is to be the sailor searching
For willows and porcupines
Whilst at open sea
To be searching for no-otters
No creatures of sea
While immersed in water
This is how you seek
For the existence of not
When All is about you


by Samantha Craft

Washington July 2012

My brain is so quirky….This is the song I can’t get out of my head tonight. lol

12 thoughts on “Day 176: Speak Not of Angels

  1. “Gracing your presence from within”…. seems so much at the heart of everything Sam ~ the work is here, and will continue, but this awareness is the most important part of the eternal process.
    What a stunning poem, and such an important message ~ thank you dear Sam – Sister of the Sea ! πŸ™‚ Much Love ~ RL

    1. You usually pick out lines of my poems that I find I need to reflect upon. Yes….within…that’s what it is about. I wrote this one while I was in the depths of my spiritual studies and practice last year. Keeps me focused on how I am a forever student, never a teacher, only a child of life, like everyone else. Been chilling out on some True Blood….my guilty pleasure. Hope you are well. Hugs and love ~ Sam

  2. what a beauty… be part of the world and yet learn to be aloof, to be a shell in the ocean and flow in its own songs waves…and when you learn to listen to the voice within you learn so much more…grow and glow
    stunning poem Sam ..

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