Day 177: A Stream of Echo

Washington State Park


A Stream of Echo

Thine every word awakens me, a scented melody sweet parading down tickled spine

Transparent rum drops trickling through bittersweet fantasy

A sunlit swan, I expand wings and bask midst the ripe ringing joy that is thou

Intemperance cometh, unbridled trembling thoughts from fledgling child

A wanting mistress bows emancipated to mountain erupting

Cometh twin volcano with esoteric eyes of yearning, enter painted dream’s rippled lake


A stream of echo, and I am made ruby lipstick to thine mouth

Touched and lined thin along treasured opening

Nomad mighty, suitcase imprinted, whither thou travels, I follow

A friendship bracelet wrapped round cherished throat, grasping the vibration of soul


Feed me with sound, one upon the other, carry me to the bones that move

The jaws that clutch, the tongue emerged, dripping moisture, a taste of substance formed

Whisper one syllable, enough to turn woman into starving ghost

Speak uninhibited to the open air that stirs, to the course of calling

Speak now as timber of folly cascades through tumbled heart

And find this sinking sun harbored softly beneath thine wanting woes


by Samantha Craft

July 2012

My front yard

12 thoughts on “Day 177: A Stream of Echo

  1. I really love your poem, and the song 🙂 and the photos, OMG they are just lovely. What a beautiful front yard! Sam you pick out songs I always just love and haven’t heard for awhile! TY and this is my fave version, too 🙂 You cheered up my Monday!!! I hope your day is going good 🙂

  2. Had to read your poem multiple times dear Sam… so lovely, passionate, filled with soul hunger ~
    love this, ‘Whisper one syllable, enough to turn woman into starving ghost…’ Forced me to exhale deeply (which I need to do right now) …. Ok – and the best part — “you are so beautiful’ by Joe Cocker ~ very special to me – was “our song” (high school 1st boyfriend w/chemistry ever)… Such great memories — makes me wonder what ever happened to John Pannozzo ?!! 🙂 Love to you Sea Sisterxo

    1. Yep…..soul hunger. You got it!!! Hehe about John Pannozzo…one of my highschool sweethearts in 9th grade was a John P., too. I’m still in touch with another sweetheart’s family, so I get updates. Your comments are always so fun to read—insightful and kind. I look forward to them…but I am not ATTACHED to them….lol…..
      Sunshine here today, and productive cleaning day. Thankful for a burst of energy.
      Thank you for being you.
      Sea Sissy Sam. 🙂

      1. 😉 John P too.. hee hee… Glad to make you smile … rough days here, though not really announcing… praying for the wave to pass ~ I’m so glad you feel at ease with me… true friend you are Sam — but never ‘attached’ i do know what you mean ~ lots of love R

      2. 🙂 he,he…Yes got attached to few people who no longer comment…lessons learned in that. Enjoy the now, and appreciate the experience….but I know you’ll NEVER leave. lol. Healing hugs coming your way. 🙂 Sam

  3. Sam, your poetry is amazing. I can definitely feel myself sinking in it. Very fluid. Love you soul sister.

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