Day 175: Squirrel on a Wall

Lover’s Point Pacific Grove
Squirrel on a Wall

“Do you think the title ‘shag-o-rama’ would pull in a lot of blog readers?” I asked my husband

I know just the thing to say in the morning to make him laugh. I’m gifted that way, in my off-the-wall-goofiness. And I’m starting to really like that about myself. I see the world through the eyes of a child: somewhat innocent, a bit naïve, and at times downright clueless. Before, when I was younger, people sometimes perceived me as the ‘dumb blonde’ or as fake–assuming it was impossible for someone to be that goofy and hope-filled, naturally.

I don’t buy into people’s judgment of me anymore. I understand now, that like everyone, I have an amazing spirit. I know I am a spirit who never gives up and often tries to see the best in people and situations. And that my spirit just happens to be giddy, joy-filled, surprisingly forthright, and sometimes bold. I embrace my worthiness and I am pleased to do so. And the more I do, the more beauty I recognize in other people.

However, in embracing me, I cannot help but notice that many people are not embracing their own worthiness.

Instead of embracing self, there exists this talking down of self and others. There remains this inability to take in a compliment or kind word, this constant criticism of self or others, an all-encompassing blame, and a narrow scope of focusing on the “negative” aspect of someone else’s life. There often exists a lack of effort and follow through to forgive others. There is often a lack of responsibility for personal choice and action, and an overwhelming sense of ease and comfort to focus on materialism, collection, and possession. To move ahead, to succeed, to surpass and win. Life appears to be a race filled with fear and blame.

sign downtown where I live

For many, day-to-day life has become a routine. The creative spirit has been sucked out of the masses through consumerism, fear-based messages, and dogma that indoctrinates lack of hope and an infections drive for success and materialism. There is an ongoing separation from neighbors, friends, and family. As a collective, some people have forgotten how to appreciate nature and people, and instead are consumed by avoiding failure or disapproval.

This lack of self-worth is evident in the way people focus life around food. How as a society many have chosen food as a way to stuff the empty holes inside. Inner holes and empty space, this sense of lacking and emptiness, is best filled through creativity, self-expression, and an unyielding urge to share and connect, and of course through love. Instead we are stuffing ourselves with food, to the point of fatigue, disease, and depression.

Food has become our center light. More thought is spent on food than anything else. And in second place is death, dying and disease. Everywhere in word and picture and form, we are reminded of pending cancer. We are bombarded from a fear-based society by the ever pending potential threat of illness, danger and doom. And then we are offered the remedy of poisonous foods as appeasement.

Someone has it all backwards. The collective buys into this fear and food stuffing, and more and more fear is spun.

window in Pacific Grove

Recently, I was saddened and stirred by the site of a squirrel. Just one squirrel. He was so very fat and sickly, swollen in spirit, sitting there at Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove California on a stone wall. So engorged that he could not budge. I literally stuck my camera right into his face, and he didn’t flinch. I sighed and whispered to him: “You really need to stop eating so much, Mr. Squirrel.”

Problem is the tourists feed him the leftovers from the beachside hamburger joint: french-fries, hamburger bun, ice-cream cones. Poor little critter doesn’t have a chance—constantly bombarded, he is.

And here we are, feeding our people the same. Junk and poison. Fear-based propaganda and polluted thoughts, as well as food lacking nutrients and value.

And so many are sitting on the wall now, unable to move, to walk toward their soul’s purpose, to give and inspire, to create and connect, to live and love, because they are so overstuffed with poison and misery.

I feel for the overfed and tired squirrel. I was once one myself. Watching from the sidelines and wondering how to move. But I found my legs, and now I wonder over and over, how to pull all the squirrels of the wall. One by one, to free people from society’s bondage.

Pacific Grove Squirrel
ever before

43 thoughts on “Day 175: Squirrel on a Wall

  1. Yes – all true and when I get on my soapbox here at home it’s a scary place to be (around me) as I feel exactly as you….. there is way too much in the way of societal brainwashing (programming) and way too much junk being consumed in every sense. My kids grew up reading labels and understanding that whatever they put in their bodies should have nutritional value — and if they can’t pronounce an ingredient on the package – think twice. Also stay as close to God’s food as God offers it naturally as you can. I really think the whole family was healthier for my obsessions with these issues of health 🙂 Also think our food is sooo much more delicious because of it.

    Also agree on the judgement and creativity issues — we think very much in harmony Sam…
    I was also (and still am) considered naive or too trusting or – faking my natural disposition. Even my kids to this day tell me to stop talking to strangers like they are family. Have been this way since babyhood according to my mom who says I chatted it up at age 2 with the little old women on the park benches!

    Can go on and on… but love your Birthday necklace – stunning color on you ~ and so happy you had a special day yesterday. I am not going to enjoy the musical treat you’ve shared above…

    Thank you dear SS .. much love always … Robyn

    1. I love that we are sooo alike. I look at you and see such a bright light, and am honored that we share similar viewpoints and beliefs. 🙂 Thank you for all of your kind words. Your children are very lucky to have you. I try to teach my boys…but they get a lot of junk outside the home. Try to keep the household food healthy, and let them “cheat” when we go out. Though lately when fatigue comes, they “cheat” a lot. Hugs and much love to you, Sweet Sea Sister. 🙂 Sam

      1. me too — & I can see that same glowing light when I in you 🙂 Very special to know you this way Sam.

        As for the children… i was careful not to enforce strong boundaries when they were out (friends parties even school) because the forbidden fruit is so much more appealing 🙂 So eventually, they realized the healthy fresh food she had at home was so much better than the junky stuff that came from machines, boxes and fast food restaurants. They are both avid ‘foodies’ to this day — amazing cooks and just appreciate fresh wholesome stuff (with occasional high quality chocolate and ice-cream – and the little one is a wicked baker) …

        My oldest daughter is in flight right now… coming home from her Teach For America Training and getting ready to move to Miami after a 4 day stay home visit… 2 year commitment teaching middle school English there… Amazing how these babies grow up… I’m rambling … been very rough days w pain — trying to keep afloat here and wondering what my next move will be … Hugs to you my Dear Sea Sister… xo Robyn

      2. Oh, I am so happy for you. I taught English. You must be so please and proud of your children. Please facebook me anytime, especially on your rough days. I’m always here. Would love to support in any way I can. Hugs and love. Sam 🙂

  2. Hi Sam, You are so right about lack of self-worth and how critical some people are of others, especially those close to them, it is incredibly sad to see. I have a lovely squirrel who visits in my garden, thankfully he is sweet and not overweight. Lovely to see you over on my blog – thanks so much for visiting! All my best, Ruth

  3. “I’m gifted that way, in my off-the-wall-goofiness. And I’m starting to really like that about myself. I see the world through the eyes of a child: somewhat innocent, a bit naïve, and at times downright clueless.”

    Are you talking about me again Basna? giggle, stop writing from inside my head it is kind of odd in a lovely Aspie way.
    I love your childlike spirit and that you see the good in all people. So very special you are.

    One more thing…
    “You really need to stop eating so much, Mr. Squirrel.”
    What was Cyril’s response?
    Does he really enjoy burgers, that’s kind of weird like Pudge the fish eating tuna sandwiches.
    He has definitely had too many nuts, poor Cyril how can he climb trees now?
    Love you loads. Me the banana bread. xxx 🙂 ❤

  4. lol with that video. lol….Yep…I was talking about you!!!! Thanks sweetie for all your kindness and loving light. The world is much easier with you about. Love when I see you and can cherish my own uniqueness because you shine so brilliant. Hugs You! Sam 🙂

  5. I agree on the part where you have mentioned that some people have forgotten how to appreciate nature and people, coz I’ve seen how people pass through beautiful gardens and never bother to smell the flagrance of roses or of any other flowers, but they just move on as if they have no aesthetic sense at all.

    I’ve seen how people avoid one another as they walk together but are busy on gadgets that they buy every other month… how sad it is that human beings have become slaves to this electronic pieces of shit. In the real world we’re separate from one another, but we stay absolutely well connected to the virtual world. Oh shame!

    1. Yes, we are moving away from living in the present and into focusing on electronics. This is both beneficial and non-beneficial. Our worlds are becoming closer and we are connecting to people we would likely have never known, but at the same time we are losing touch with what is around us. I think this is a shift, and we will regain balance, where we can appreciate both. 🙂 Thank you for your comment. I enjoyed reading about your perspective. I am appreciating nature more and more, partially because of my digital camera and blogging…so sometimes the electronics can inspire. Much joy and love to you ~ Sam

      1. Hi, Sam! Yes, I like my digital camera as much as you like yours. I like my photos taken, I like clicking others’ photos as well. Blogging? well yes, I love blogging(though a new thing for me), it fills my empty time with something valuable and makes me feel less forlorn, afterall, I get to know some amazging people like you, your posts and others’ post which I read with a lot of interest is definetly helping me in my learning process, I get to know so many new things which I could have never known hadn’t I known that there is this wonderful site called wordpress and in it are the wonderful people(you included 🙂 ).Your post and that of others whom I read is really inspiring in everyway possible. 🙂

        Having said/written that, I would also like to state that these electroninc gadgets are invented to make our life simple and easy, but most often we end up becoming slaves to it(may not be you, but there are some I’ve known over the years). I mean, you know, there are some people who don’t care to lend their ears to a person( a living being) but don’t have problem putting thier headsets/earphones on. That’s hurts the other person.

        Wishing you luck 🙂

      2. I hear what you are saying loud and clear, and reread your words again. I do not have headphones I put on….but I do get lost in the electronic world at times for escape. It helps me to process and retreat. With Aspergers I need to have something to do and keep my mind occupied with to avoid the ongoing thougths, visions, worries, etc. Right now my camera is helping me…but I see the camera as art and not electronic. And I use the camera on walks when I am alone, usually. The laptop and I-Mac…those are what pull me in…..and I am working to find balance, but also forgiving myself for my tendency to escape….I am not like most….and to function need an outlet….but your words are a nice reminder to seek out that balance! Luckily I haven’t gotten addicted to my phone! I only have two apps! And I barely use my phone. I really admire how deep your thoughts are and your passion for life. We are all on a journey…times are shifting, and with proper love and eyes wide open, we will connect as humans….but things will be different now….there is no doubt…there is a sadness and a releasing with all the gadgets about. Much joy to you, friend. Sam 🙂

  6. I want your necklace. It is so cute, so amazing and looks so good on you. You are somewhat like me. People always tell me that I am acting goofy andI should grow up but that is the way I was born and I can not change myself. I get goofier every year.

    1. I saw it in a store, and told my husband: “That’s what I want.” lol. One of my favorites. I love goofy people. 🙂 Glad to here you get goofier each year….at least I’m not alone. Hugs, Sam 🙂

  7. Lovely post you have here, Sam. I loved it and the quote from Albert Einstein above is undeniably striking. Great stuff! And lovely necklace, by the way. You look even lovelier! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you liked the post. It was a bit of a stretch for me. I didn’t want to sound like I was on a soapbox….just expressing my feelings. I love the quote by Einstein, and my new necklace 🙂 Have a wonderful week. Sam 🙂

  8. Wow! You had a lot to say here! First, why shagorama? Shag like Austin Powers? Or shag like shag carpet? Or shag as in getting our nuts to store them?

    I wish I could say I am not interested or affected by the judgments of others but my profession alone involves an ability to persuade that subjects me to judgment daily and that is sometimes a very bitter pill to swallow. It follows me and I am often self deprecating as you know. I don’t know – is that any better or worse than coming off as too self involved? I don’t know how to do it as you do with just the right mix of confidence that does not go down the path of self absorbed –

    I love the Einstein quote but often I try to blend just to be left alone. I like being alone in my own world quite a bit though – is that going to places no one has been- I think so- lol!

    As for the squirrel, you do have to say that perhaps he is just happy and without fear- if he was a highly anxious squirrel wouldn’t he have just run away from people? Instead, he bravely stayed put amongst giants to get all the food that made him the size he is. I have to think there was some free will even in his choices – or hers as the case may be…

    Love the necklace!

    1. Your mind is so good at picking up details and looking in new ways. I don’t think the squirrel was in a zen state…though I wish he was. He seemed very frail and sad, listless and sick. But I like that your mind went that direction. There is always hope he was content or a she and pregnant…though it was an old squirrel.
      Shag as in Austin….lol 🙂
      I pray a lot to be humble and not sound like a know-it-all. I am very aware, hyper-aware, that I do not carry the answers, and that my truth shifts. I do not count on my opinion alone, and hope to not ever be that way. I pray for open-mind, understanding, forgiveness, etc. all day. So, I try very hard to come across as open to truth, and as a student of life, not a teacher of life. Perhaps that is what you pick up on. I understand about your profession…yes….very unique job you have that requires a specific mindset that is neither good or bad, but necessity.
      Isn’t the necklace grand!!!
      Hugs to you friend,
      Sam 🙂

  9. This is a great post and sometimes the comments can make it a great post… I love this one as one learns a bit more about the postee and then about the commentees… don’t know if either of those ees are words but I think you’ll know what I mean.. I just love this post…

    1. You are sooo right. The comments add a definite flair. Yes, we do learn more about the postees and commentees….and your words seem like perfectly good words to me (lol). Giggles….I was searching for your blog link yesterday; I know you posted it on one of my posts…just haven’t found it yet….goof I am. Will visit, when I do. Glad you enjoyed the post. And thanks for the visit. 🙂 Sam

  10. Again you nailed it Sam! We were at the State Fair yesterday and I was blown away by what I witnessed. Food has become a god that has become more important than life itself. It’s long been one of my vices, but hopefully posts like yours will help drive the demon it really is from my path and help me to seek the true Spirit of this amazing life. Lovely image of you sporting that fresh look and birthday necklace!! Love you!! xx

    1. Like minds!!! hehe. First step is awareness…it is hard. Sugar and wheat are so addictive. I had a little on the 12th….and now have had extreme cravings…had ice cream yesterday….so it is easy to slip back into the food cycle. I will hold you in thought. I imagine the state fair would be the place to see food everywhere….and the unhealthy type…to the max. I always appreciate your comments. Hugs and much love to you. Miss you. xoxo Sam 🙂

      1. Thanks Sam! Seeing it all en mass was pretty astounding. I wish I had taken a video so I could replay it on my phone every time I want to eat those unhealthy temptations.. it’s a sad testament to what we have shifted our focus to and are selling to the rest of the world. Miss you too! Hugs and love back to sweet Sam!! xx

  11. Ok! Whitesnake! HA!!

    I’ve been unable to comment a lot or read very much other than poetry lately. My processing mind has been doing double time. How ironic that we seem to be on the same path here. I managed to get a lot of my stuff out the last few posts. The common thread? Other people not seeing their worth and comparing themselves to others. (I have been dissecting the people in my life comparing themselves to me in real life situations.)

    In the last few posts, on my regular blog, I have several videos that are dealing with loving yourself, achieving what you want to in life, and dealing with some of the very issues you are talking about here. I love it when this happens! I had no idea you had written this and it is so confirming for my thoughts.

    Mr. Squirrel needs a treadmill and a dose of learning moderation. Hee hee

    Food is a huge priority in this land, either as a means of control or a means of indulgence. Where is our balance? Me, understanding the god that food can become as a self-starver – it can control your thoughts of portion control, sneaking food, not letting people see you eat, along with hating the very presence of it, but knowing you have to have it to survive. It can take the forefront of your mind in both ways. Many people do not seem to think that it is an issue if you are thin. It is just as much of a painful, and detrimental issue.

    We have to be careful not to fall into the trap of trading position of the “god.” It is easy to transpose one way of thinking for the other. The gods of self-indulgence and self-restraint can take over our minds and make us fall into some self-destructive behaviors. Sorry I am thinking out loud. I drifted off forgive me!

    Awesome post! It has some great insights and got me thinking even more!

    1. Wow…thanks so much for sharing your viewpoint….yes….food can be a “god” in many ways….and the behavior and thoughts around food as well….the resisting and worrying about not eating food can warp and hurt the mind as much as eating the food. I am so glad you mentioned this. It is about balance and loving self, isn’t it??? You are so introspective, keen, and bright. I love reading your comments. Transpose thinking…that happens a lot with me with Aspergers…going from one extreme to the other. The middle ground is harder to grasp and understand for me, though I realize the middle ground in the healthy place to be.
      hehe…treadmill for squirrel for sure…or better yet, relocate him and move him to WA forest….although he might have forgotten how to eat nuts and berries.
      I’ve been unable to read much lately too on blogs…same issue with processing. I saw the video TED clip that AlienHippy shared that you shared….LOVED IT! I am certain I would probably love 99.9% of what you find on video clips. You are so cool and clever.
      You are confirming for my thoughts, as well.
      So glad to know you, lovely angel. 🙂
      Bubbles of light to you.
      Sam 🙂

  12. I am definitely passionate about this topic! It’s sad when uninformed people choose to feed themselves this junk, but it’s their choice. It’s a tragedy that they can be so ignorant to think that it’s okay to “poison” a squirrel. It has always bothered me when people feed wild animals. They only think about the pleasure it gives them and not the harm it does to the animal. Sigh.

    1. Thanks for the visit. I know you are passionate. All those yummy and healthy recipes you post. I do need to add that some lower-economic cities in USA now have no grocery stores (not profitable) and only fast food to choose from, and citizens can’t afford organic, fruits, veggies, or transportation to get to store, and/or haven’t been educated about their health and how food effects….so this saddens me 😦

  13. Oh man i loved the squirrel..its so cute..
    I dont know why or who were those people who took you as a dumb anything cos i saw a pic of absolutely one the most beautiful bright eyed lovely girl in my FB home page the other day….her name is Sam too..whoa 🙂

    and now Man are you hot or what….
    stunning poems of self realisation of empowerment, of soul singing out ….sexy hot cute diva with a strong brave spirit..beautiful combo..i hope my daughter grows up beautiful soul spirit like you..

    1. I loved the squirrel, too. 🙂 Thank you. Luckily for me You are not a man or I’d be all wooed and charmed by now. LOL….you are always too sweet to me.
      My favorite and what makes me swell with joy is you’d want your daughter to be like me….that is the highest compliment and makes me teary eyed.
      Love you sweet soul. And missed seeing you very much.
      Hugs and love,
      Sam 🙂

  14. Sam, i definitely feel like we are on the same page in terms of intuitive knowing. The things things we put in our body can really affect how we feel energy wise. It’s so clear, but as you said, i think people are so convinced that we need to fill the emptiness with food and possessions. I always love reading your post, as i feel like we are on the same wavelength, and that you truly understand what is going on.
    Love you soul sister.

    1. I do love how much you get me, cutie! Thanks for visiting and commenting. Emptiness…..if we could only find the answer…life would no longer be a mystery. Hugs and love to you! Sam 🙂

      1. Your welcome. It’s always wonderful to get those soul connections that are so fluid. 🙂

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