Day 178: Sometimes When I Blog…on Caffeine

Sometimes when I blog…

1. I get concerned about what I write, how I come across, and if I am expressing myself accurately. I mean do people really truly understand how quirky I am? Or do I need to prove it more?

I cleaned my study for 3 hours. Frequent readers will notice the neatly organized shelf. You can clap now. I had caffeine. Can you tell? This is not my normal expression.

2. I worry that I am exposing my inner most secrets to an unknown alien race or zombie civilization…or worse…my mother-in-law.

Yes…I call my dog Spastic Colon…but you should hear the name I called her the other night…She smelled really bad….

3. I stress that I will reach day 366 (leap year) two weeks early, on account that I posted a few times too many in one week; and that in actuality I will be ending my year of blogging short, and thusly lying, and making my whole blog, Everyday Aspergers, one giant scam!!!

Totally off subject….but because of a dear, dear friend…they upgraded our first night stay in Maui from standard room to the 2,000 square foot Penthouse with ocean views…..Yes….this was AWESOME


View from the PENTHOUSE. When in line for free veggie burgers, I was giggling and saying loudly in line: “Boys, should we go back to our PENTHOUSE after this.” And “Wow, I can’t wait to gather at the PENTHOUSE later.”

4. I laugh when my sons inquire when I am going to add advertisements to my posts to start rolling in the cash.

My youngest asks everyday when he can get a high paying job and who employs ten year olds. Today he said that he has everything he wants in life and is so happy he can cry. Amazing what an I-Pod Touch and a Slip-N-Slide can do for a kid! Of course I said, “The test is to be this happy when things aren’t going perfectly well.” He said, “I know.” And then I started thinking I still have a lot of practicing to do until I fully understand that concept myself. Like when it’s the tenth day of no fricken sun in Washington come fall.

5. I miss commenters, wonder what they are like in person, and wish I could visit each and every single person who visits my blog. I think about how long this would take, how much money, and which places in the world have the very best chocolate.

Maui has a secret place in the mountains where you can find fresh baked banana bread (from banana trees on property) with bread dipped in chocolate and ice-cream in the middle. If you send me a ticket to Maui, I’ll take you there!!!

6. I make super good friends that I talk to every single day (AlienHippy) and share intimate details of my life with, and get to act like I’m twelve, and giggle, and joke, and talk about my wood elf fantasy life, and count the months (36) until I can fly to England and meet her!!!

A magical elf land photo just for you AlienHippy. I can’t wait for you to take me to the magical forests in England and introduce me to the Elf People!!! Yay!! he he (Photo on yesterday’s walk)

7. I get obsessed about photography. Every moment is an opportunity to share my world with people! A hailstorm. A party. A stream. A tree. Heck, even a sock nailed to a post. Everything is more exciting and worthy of sharing!!!

Hail on my birthday!!! The Gods were celebrating!


Freak storm with lightening and thunder and hail! Happy Birthday to me!


Coming down in buckets. Neighbor said she hadn’t seen the likes of a storm like this in years! July 2012 Yep…..SUMMER

8. I wake up in the middle of the night with the best poem in all the universes, and scribe the words in detail, only to awake in the morning thinking who wrote this poop? Then I spend two hours re-crafting my words, and feel like a genius, when my sea sister , blog brother , Sweet Angel, or long time supporter, George, compliment me. If they only could see the original draft…we’d all get a good laugh then.

I love this photo….maybe a poem….Sail on mice and wheat grass of ebony mountains with Robin Hood.

9. I wait nervously staring at the computer, waiting for that first comment to validate that I actually communicated and sent my thoughts out into cyberspace to be tracked and received by a real person.

Sending out an S.O.S.

10. I want to stop! I want to quit! I want to say enough. Until I get a message from a female with Aspergers saying how much my words mean to her. Then I tear up, and my heart swells big, and I know I am on the right path, or I am the Grinch…or something like the Grinch, with an over-sized heart who wants to join hands and sing around a tree.

Boardwalk Path through state park yesterday. 🙂

11. I get obsessed with stat numbers that catch my attention. Like today 66,600 visits was the total around mid-afternoon, and I just couldn’t settle my mind until the three sixes disappeared all together. Or the 513 subscriber. I love 13, and was so giddy at the 13; that subscriber 514 was a wee bit of a letdown. And at one point today, my post 116 Reasons I Know I Have Aspergers had exactly 116 views! Now that was coolness to the max. Did I mention the quirky aspect?

Lucky me!!! Three deer. Count them. Three, stopped in front of my van in Pacific Grove, California when I was about to make a right turn. 🙂 “Oh, I have to take these photos for my blog!” Boys: Rolling eyes.

12. I meet another blogger in real life!!! Someone I didn’t know at all 4.5 months ago, that now is a part of my waking, walking, breathing, flesh world! We live 11 hours away from each other. And turns out our parents live about one mile from one another, and we both lived in WA and CA at different parts of our lives. And we both have a great “drunk” look, without a drop of alcohol. By the way K, my husband said he thinks you’re hot. (My biggest worry in meeting K was that she would finally discover how my I-Mac computer is god-like in its ability to hide my wrinkles and shrink my nose in up close photo shots.)

Cutie K, laughing!


Our “How sweet our we?” Pose


Our drunken pose….seen late at night in local dive bars….lol My nose is not that big….it’s the angle….my husband reassured me..several times

13. Oh….and I sometimes forget what I was going to do. Here’s the sock photo.

A sock photo taken entirely for your enjoyment.

14. I spend up to three hours looking for the perfect song to match my mood.

15. I say WHAT THE HECK!!! LIVE a LITTLE, GIRLFRIEND! No one, absolutely no one, will care if you publish at 11:53 pm, instead of midnight, and count the post as the next day’s post. It’s okay. Really. It’s all going to be Okay!


I was having a really good hair day in this photo. Don’t you think?

July 2012 With a kind friend in California

49 thoughts on “Day 178: Sometimes When I Blog…on Caffeine

  1. Haha! Yay! I’m the 13th like of this post! So good to know I’m not the only one who has to have the number roll to the next digit on the 6’s! And I count stairs- 21 in my house. Oh Washington- hailing in July -nothing changes! I want to buy that ticket just so I can eat that amazing banana bread! Yum!

    You are more beautiful in person than your photos could ever show. And I felt so at home with you. Could’ve spent days talking and listening. Such a wonderful person you are! How drunk we look-especially me! I didn’t drink I swear! We have witnesses!! Your hubs is too kind. I know there is a meaning to that sock- I wonder what it is… xoxo

    1. Wait was I 14?! Oh dear. And I had to come back as the sock question bothered me. You can’t Wally effectively Google sock nailed to wall for my purposes. And then I wondered if I was just thinking of stockings at Christmas time? Maybe. And yes. That was a very nice hair day!! 🙂

      1. an idiot. British slang. = wally…….LMHO…hehe 🙂 Wait, were you 14? lol!!! That’s too funny. I will solve your puzzle: Sock was likely lost on hiking trail and friendly person nailed to post in hopes parent might return someday to claim sock. 🙂 Thank…it was a nice hair day. hehe 🙂 hugs

    2. I encourage you to buy that ticket for me, if your heart is telling you to do so. Follow your heart! (busting up laughing inside).
      Awe, thanks…You are so lovely!!! Couldn’t believe how cute you are, inside and out. Glad you didn’t private message me on FB saying: “Take that drunker photo off.” I figured I looked worse than you, so we’re cool…and soooo not vain. 😉
      Hugs and smiles,

      1. I like our pictures! Your shots came out much better than mine in which I look like I’m a crazed fan of yours that managed to get a picture! Lol! That’s the only reason I have not already posted our photos together! Hugs back! Now, you must call when you come down again! And if you ever need me to send you something from “home” just text!! xo 🙂

  2. I am so happy when you blog.. it either makes me think or gives me a smile.. you keep them coming I love you blog… just one point… stop wondering who has the best chocolate, as long as they have chocolate… its all good…

    1. Oh, your words made me smile. Thanks so much. It’s nice to know people out there get me…or at least are humored by my weirdness. lol…. Okay…sigh…I’ll stop thinking about the BEST chocolate. It is all good. 🙂 Thanks Bulldog. 🙂

    1. Send me a ticket….and I’ll show you to the land of magical chocolate-dipped banana bread. hehe. Just kidding….I will draw you a map in purple crayon! Thanks so much. Really loved your comment. 🙂 Sam
      Hugs to that cutie of yours.

  3. I absolutely love this, especially the fact that on the days you drink caffeine you have insight into how my brain has been every single day of my life. HEHE . sounds like you have “Caffeine Induced ADHD”.

    1. Oh, yes. I am like Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory when I have too much caffeine. It was only two cups of tea… in morning…one midday…but there was that run in with the expresso-truffle….sigh…..I miss him so.
      Your brain is fun all the time, then? So cool!!!! And how exhausted are you???
      Here’s to quirky-power and big loving hearts.
      High-five girlfriend,
      Sam 🙂

  4. Wow..You are a whirlwind Sam. I have to admit I am jealous about all that Caffeine you are imbibing..I am on the hating side of a love hate relationship with coffee and I am reduced to Jasmine Tea….I can only write 888 words at a stretch and I am sleeping a whole 5 hours a night.

    Maybe when I conk out tonight around 1 a.m. you can yell in my ear and throw chocolate at me to revive me.

    Very cute story!! 😉

    1. Me and coffee don’t do well. This was tea! one cup in the morning and one organic food-coop tea mid-day…and an expresso truffle…I think it was the expresso truffle…and that’s coffee, isn’t it? 😉 lol
      888 words…well that’s a cool number and a lot of words! I have been sleeping about 5 hours on nights I have caffeine. I was up until 1…couldn’t fall asleep until about 2.
      I will throw you some chocolate anytime you wish!!! I promise. I’ve got your back!!!
      Thanks for the cute comment.
      Hugs xoxox 😉

  5. Matters not what your middle of night drafts are about … by the time you are through those poems are pure genius-magic dear Sam. 🙂

    This post was hysterical…. could not guess what was coming next 🙂 Love your pure stream of consciousness expression and all the fun photos.. you say all the things others ‘think’ but never bring to expression. This is a gift and such a wonderful demonstration of open hearted spirit that your are… much love dear sea sister ~ RL

    1. I’m watching this youtube right now. lol. Drafts don’t matter??? Okay…I’ll trust you. Thanks for the kindness.
      Hysterical was what I was aiming for…..or border-line nut house….lmho….keep me away from the caffeine. Thank you for appreciating this aspect of me. You are always so sweet. Lucky me to have a friend in you….Your photo is next!!! Hope to make it to New York in the next year. 😉

      1. Love Olivia and John in that scent 🙂 🙂 Thanks for sharing – needed the lift. Loved your post today– and can’t wait to see you live for our photo shoot:) Hope by then I’m more functional so I can show you around some ~ but just to get to connect in person would be awesome! love & friendship R

      2. 🙂 you wrote “scent” not scene. And I spent a good two seconds wondering how you could smell them. LOL! 😉
        My friend S can show me around town…so you just focus on me bringing chocolate to your door. I just look forward to seeing you 🙂 Talk soon. 🙂

  6. 🙂 i corrected while you were replying — did you really think I could smell them?? Just loved that movie — must have scene it 100 x – owned the video etc. Makes my heart sing …. silly as it it – just reflects on a happy time for me xo thank you sweet Sam…

  7. Cracking up ~ i have to be more careful with this spell corrector thingy, imagine how i mislead people all the time now 🙂 LOL!! you are too cute Sam ~

  8. I loved your blog post, and all your random photos! Your boys sound so funny and remind me of mine at that age. He thought everything I was enthusiastic about (like taking photos) rather embarrassing! The Billie Jean clip is wonderful! Made me laugh out loud. Lots of love from warm and windy Jamaica…

    1. This was lost in my spam. :). Lots of love back to you. Warm….sounds nice….still cloudy here, but warming up. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I embarrass my boys all the time. LOL. Hugs, Sam 🙂

  9. You say what I think in so many interesting ways.. (I’m ensconced in my sacred morning coffee ritual as I type). I know sometimes they’re not supposed to be funny, but hey.. it works for me. My daughter often asks me if I’m on crack. All I can do is shake my head and laugh.. one day I’ll have to tell her, ” You are right, I can’t lie to you another day!” what a kick that would be. But then I’d never be allowed to babysit my new granddaughter anymore. 😦 On the other hand, I think she’d say, “Lie to me Marmie!!” My fantasy is to be a fly on the wall (but always faster than a speeding flyswatter or rolled up kitchen towel. I think that’s one of the reasons I love previewing and selling houses.. You wouldn’t believe all the stories I can imagine whilst wandering from room to room. I have written War and Peace (1440 pages… yes I had to know how many) while waiting for some clients to write their own book in a house. Mine were written much faster and with more focus. lol A fly and a Wood Elf could have so much fun. I often watch the birds in my garden and imagine I am riding on their wings (without my wheelchair or braces) soaring high and looking down at all the madness of our lives. So pointless if I were a bird.. or a fly.. Perhaps I’d rather be a bird, but then the only way they are allowed in houses is by being caged.. or flying through an open window and smacking against every hard surface until they are shooed ot or dead. When I’m a bird I’ll make a point to stay far away from open windows and humans… they’ve got no wings for a reason! 🙂 Bird says to other feathered friend: “Those humans bang their heads against walls without even flying into them.. imagine if they could actually fly!!” LOL I want to be buried in chocolate.. layers and layers of it. Do you think it would be less expensive than embalming fluid? I often imagine that scenario.. covered in chocolate AND losing weight!! Can’t wait for that infomercial in the wee hours of the day!! My coffee is tepid and my brain won’t stop.. but my poor fingers are telling me, “ENOUGH ALREADY! YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO CHECK YOUR FACEBOOK NOTIFICATIONS BECAUSE YOU BLEW YOUR DAILY TYPING QUOTA ON NONSENSE!” By the way, I LOVE your nose!!! xx

    1. lol..I have to reread this all now, because all I can remember is you love my nose! And that’s all that matters to me at this instant, that you “love” my nose! hehehehe I love your comment….wow….so surprised to see my mind and thoughts mirrored in you!!!! Who would have thought that you are a genius aspie, too!!! (giggles). I so get this rambling of yours…all the ideas and images in our brain constantly…..sigh….You should tell her you are on crack and videotape and send to me….hehe. I love empty houses, too, love to imagine the world the people had lived in. Can you be a dragonfly instead of a fly….so much prettier…and visit better places…then I could hang out with you. 🙂 lol about your bird ramblings. Chocolate bath….I’m so there!!! Much love to you beautiful. So glad to know and cherish precious you!!! Hugs. xoxoxo

  10. Oh… I forgot.. The advert in the ‘Take On Me Video’ was for Bing’s ability to to share our internet searches with friends.. I have enough trouble making friends.. I’d never have any if they could read my mind.. Bad Bing!!!!

  11. In number 12 I just had to climb up and give you alot of sniffs just to get the “feel” of you. (You know how dogs are.) As I was really getting into some good sniffing, I inadvertently stepped on the keyboard and you disappeared. This made me jump back with a little yelp, and it made my mom laugh. With her` help, I got you back, though. Wow, moms are great, aren’t they??

    I liked this post alot. Keep posting, Sam. You know that I adore you and so does everyone else.

    Please say “hi” to the boy for me.

    1. Laughing with my husband at this comment. Too clever. lol. lol. lol……so sorry you had a scare little guy. Big pats to the head. and a good back scratch, too. 🙂 Will give the boy a hello. And thank you for your very kind words. 🙂 and for the laugh.

  12. You are right. No one cares about the 11:53PM thing. I, in fact, post my next day post at 10pm. It turns out well because India kinda gets first look this way and I wake up to a few views.

  13. Today, I am your suspected aspie girl who stumbles along your blog. Your sock photo made me laugh, as I have a photo of a teddy bear’s head nailed to a lamp post..just the head though – too, too similar. I’m smiling.. All the best, Kg.

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