Day 57: Losing Your Mind? Here’s What You Don’t Want to Do!

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Losing Your Mind? Here is What You Don’t Want to Do! 

1. Don’t rely on phobias for diagnosis. At one time or another, you probably had: 1) Nomophobia: fear of being without your cellphone; 2) Soteriophobia: the fear of having a dependence on others; 3) Syngenesophobia: the fear of relatives; 4) Ecclesiophobia: the fear of churches.

2. Do not rely on the projective personality test where you are asked to draw a house-tree-person picture, unless you are prepared to know your overall brain damage, your possible rejection of home life, your need for satisfaction, and how you present yourself in society; and, if indeed, you are feasibly psychotic.

3. Don’t read A Course in Miracles quite yet; you might think you are a present-day prophet.

4. Don’t list all of your psychological symptoms on your blog; only the ones that make you seem interesting, quirky, and fun. In other words, avoid discussing the paranoia you sometimes feel when you believe your computer camera has been hacked, and others are watching you pick your nose.

5. Don’t check yourself into a psych-ward, unless you have a high tolerance level for patients who go by the first name of Jack-Off, nurses with bushy eyebrows who scowl and shush you for laughing, and cheesy television shows from the late 70’s like The Chipmunks of North America.

6. Don’t peruse the DSM-IV (diagnosis code book); you’ll likely determine you are narcissistic with rapid-cycling bouts of depression and mania or have the earmarks of oppositional defiant disorder.

7. Don’t see a therapist in training (intern); she’s more confused than you, and still trying to shake off her last frightful bout of DSM-IV, mental-health self-analysis.

8. Don’t trust a psychiatrist, if after fifteen minutes and a short multiple-choice test, he casually says, “Hmmmm. It doesn’t seem like you qualify for this condition. But here’s a prescription I want you to take, just incase.” He’s likely closing in on earning those pharmaceutical credits needed for that trip to the Bahamas.

9. Don’t rely on a fetish search. Depending on your state-of-mind, (and your alcohol intake), you might believe you have: 1) Dacryphilia: an attraction to tears and sobbing; 2) Flatulophilia: an attraction to farts; 3) Liquidophilia: an intense need to submerge your private parts in water; 4) Scatologia: a desire to make obscene prank calls to strangers.

10. Don’t look for signs from beyond. Two hundred blog hits, a sunny day, and a good bowel movement are not signs of sanity.

11. Don’t pull a Tarot Card. You will likely misinterpret the tower of inferno, the fool, and the card with all the daggers.

12. Don’t rely on numerology. It’s the only numerical field where the meaning of the numbers change, depending on context, culture, and interpretation.

13. Don’t think about thinking about thinking, or write about writing about writing, or talk about talking about talking. Just don’t.

14. Don’t Google: I’m nuts. For some reason Justin Bieber shows up.

15. Don’t over analyze that dream about the flying banana slugs attacking the golden-winged big toes.

16. Don’t rely on your mother, your mate, or you mutt. Your mother is your maker, your mate your mirror, and your mutt a mini-you.

17. And lastly, if you had a particular type of brownie, don’t call the emergency room. Wait ten hours, the room WILL stop spinning, your heart will not explode, and you are not crazy.

Disclaimer: If you took this seriously, seek professional help immediately.

Seeking a way out of insanity: Get a good night’s sleep, study the great minds of our time, and read a few pages of someone else’s blog. You’ll soon discover your less insane than you imagined.

© Everyday Aspergers, 2012. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

My mom sent me this today. Couldn’t resist. Thinking of you Scooby Angel.

Online Draw a House Test

Words to Read After You Draw Your House

Weird Disorders to Obsess About

15 thoughts on “Day 57: Losing Your Mind? Here’s What You Don’t Want to Do!

  1. Such a cute video 🙂 Generally, it’s best to avoid those webmd sites…I always come away from them thinking that I have dozens of diseases, mental disorders, etc., when all I have is the sniffles lol. I had a good laugh at #14 🙂

    1. Yes. Best to avoid those sites…I need a big sign that says to keep away from those on my computer. I’m a worry-head, and tend to research what I am worried about. Glad you got a laugh. 🙂 Sam

  2. 😆 wonderful list ,damn i already googled am i nuts and you are so right there were 200,000,000 pages about justin beiber..
    wait..what you were not serious….oh man!!
    you have a wonderful sense of humour
    hugs n love 🙂

    1. 🙂 lol. It made me crack up when I found his name on Google. That’s funny you looked it up. Glad you get my quirky brain. Yes, I was serious. Actually, the whole thing had some underlying truth. lol. Always look forward to your comments. Big hugs

  3. Again…witty and humorous 🙂 omg…this reminds me of that day I thought I was really losing my mind…I voluntarily checked myself in at a Psychiatric Facility…I didn’t know what was wrong with me then…but I know now and thank God for giving me the wisdom to find out on my own…through my indepth readings and research about Autism and Asperger’s…thanks for your blog, Sam, about Asperger’s in women…I learned a lot about myself after reading it…:)

  4. I have to read this one later, but I’ll be back (in my Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) Quite possible I have lost my head today. That picture freaked me out! Aaaahhhh! 🙂

  5. That was … odd.

    I was reading your posts on diagnosis in sequence so I was operating under the assumption that all that was written was factual or at least anecdotal. So imagine my confusion when I reached the bottom of this post and read your disclaimer. I am also a bit worried because I am not sure if it is a joke or written in a serious vein.

    Care to help out? Thank you 🙂

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