6 thoughts on “Day 96: Aspergers Letter: Be the Change

    1. Would you consider hooking up your blog link to your photo? I like to click on the photos and go to people’s blogs. 🙂 If not, no biggie. Might bring more people to your blog, though. 🙂

      1. Embarrassed after all this time in computers, but not sure how to do that.
        I will look, but some heads up would be fine, too. I am one man not afraid to ask for help or directions.

      2. 🙂 I just figured out how to shrink my laptop screen after a month. lol. Try clicking in the upper right corner on your photo. That should take you to the gravitar functions. Let me know, if you need more help. 🙂

      3. No worries. I just figured out how to shrink my screen on my laptop after over a month.
        Click on the photo in top right corner of you.
        See if that works. 🙂

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