Day 97: Fact or Fiction Double Challenge: Guess and Press

Fact or Fiction Double Challenge: Guess and Press

Fellow Bloggers: Your mission, if you so choose, is to (1) Read this list; (2) Figure out what number below is fiction; (3) Write in the comment area the number you think is fiction;  (4) Copy and paste this introduction onto your blog; (5) Compose your own Fact of Fiction list on your blog; (6) Return here and in the comment section put a link to your list.

Fellow Non-Bloggers: Your mission, if you so choose, is to (1) Read this list; (2) Figure out what number below is fiction; (3) Write in the comment area the number you think is fiction;  (4) Compose your own Fact of Fiction list of three or more things in the comment section below.

My answer will be in tomorrow’s post. If you don’t partake the aliens will get you!

 1.  I had three sets of braces. Three! I had to have them all yanked off when we moved to the east coast; only to have those new braces yanked off and replaced when we moved back west, eight months later. As if that wasn’t enough, I also had this torture device called a Frankle—a double retainer gadget that made it impossible to eat or talk.

2. Stardom: I once went to a movie theater in Carmel, California and John Travolta and his wife were in the far back row. He is as sexy in person. I once was in a bar with Clint Eastwood. My uncle dated Patty Hearst. I lived around the block from Shirley Temple Black.

3. My husband and I won the newlywed game on the cruise ship. My husband’s was the winning answer because he guessed his annoying habit that I had spilled to the entire audience. I was disappointed because our prize was a couple of wine glasses. Show me the money!

4. I was a swimsuit model for a travel catalog for a Malta hotel. The photographer complained about my double-jointed arms and how they looked awkward during the photo shoot. “What’s wrong with your arms?” he groaned.

5. I was a perfume model for Macy’s. One of those dressed up gals that annoys people by spraying them with chemicals and asking how they like it. I made big bucks but only could handle one day of spraying strangers. Much like a male cat, I felt.

6. One of my front teeth is mostly gone and has a fake tooth over it. Underneath the fake tooth is a little toothpick shaped stub. Originally, before the expensive repair, I had a root canal without any pain-killer. During the procedure the dentist asked if I wanted to see the root, and I said, “Are you crazy?”

7. I met my husband by writing a personal ad in the newspaper. Interesting men listened to a recorded message in which I outlined FIFTY specific traits I was looking for in a mate. I rated each man on a scale of one to ten, based on his response. This was before internet and speed dating. I screened about 100 guys over the phone, met fifteen, and chose my husband. It was between him and a lawyer with a limp. I rated my husband an Eight.     (No offense to people with a limp; I limp often.)

8. Throughout my childhood I had detailed dreams about how my pets would die. I would wake up in the night and go running to my mom’s bedroom. About seven days later following my dream, the pets would die exactly as I had described. I had a pet cemetery in my backyard.

9. One of my most embarrassing moments in high school happened when I reached into my purse to grab some change and accidentally flung out a sanitary napkin across the crowded school cafeteria. Three of the most popular boys were standing nearby, and one bent down to retrieve the pad for me.

10. The one time we went to Maui, we experienced the worst storm they’d had in years. The sewers overflowed and the beaches were all closed. We spent the first few days inside the condo watching television. At night I worried about the water rising and taking my life. Later in the week, I threw up on the whale watching boat. The instructions were to throw up over the side of the deck. No one told me this didn’t mean from the top deck. My son screamed, so the whole boatload could here: “Stop Mom, you’re killing the fish!” But he didn’t have to worry, as I threw up all over the bottom level of the boat.

To Ponder 

My son with Aspergers, as I tucked him into bed last night, completely serious tone, said:

“I can’t wait to live in a retirement home. So everyone will take care of me.” ~ Joe, age 13



To Motivate

Kindred Spirit Posted a Great Series of YouTubes Wayne Dyer on appreciation.

Kindred Spirit this reminds me of you: “No Limit People are human beings that take what they are and accept it. And don’t tell themselves that somehow they are deficient because of anything about themselves.” ~ Wayne Dyer



To Remember

I love you just the way you are.

This is dedicated to my new friend Alien Hippy.

Strum for Me 

Strum for me

Sweet gentle man

As guitar as to harp

Muses fuse

And harp beats still

by Samantha Craft, May 2012



You are so Beautiful to Me. This means you.

62 thoughts on “Day 97: Fact or Fiction Double Challenge: Guess and Press

  1. I think it is no. 2 I don’t doubt most of it, but I really don’t think your uncle dated Patty Hearst. The rest of them…I could see you doing! 🙂

  2. 7…I think it could be fact up to the 100 men part. I have not met 10 men with the patience to do that!Not saying they don’t exist, I just haven’t met them! Either that or I agree with Bob.

    1 . You may not know who Jonathon Ross is, think a cheap version of Jay Leno, anyway he very famous here and is kinda famous elsewhere. In Forbidden Planet comic store in London, this guy stood on my foot and didn’t say sorry so I had a rant at him, a real moan. My husband was waiting outside for me. I said, this guy just stood on my foot and he looks like Jonathon Ross, who does he think he is? . Husband says..that IS Jonathon Ross!

    2. I was once sawn in half in a magic show. I was mostly rubbish at it, I moved my feet too much, and the assistant had to ask me to keep them still, but I was good at the screaming bit.

    3. There was a poster of a famous British politician up in the school hall. I doodled moustache and beard on her and blamed my arch enemy. She got a 2 day suspension, even though I had black marker all over my hand.

    4. I was a ferret in the school play, Toad of Toad Hall. I had repeatedly told my parents I was a ferret and told them my line. They spent the whole play watching the vole, not me. Even after I spoke….they were impressed with ‘my’ stunt of being thrown across the stage. I, however, was not impressed..

    1. Kelly,
      Computer won’t let me answer you below your list.
      Here is my answer.
      Hmmmm. Still don’t know. Love #1. lol.
      I’m thinking #2…..
      #3 seems real
      #4 just cracks me up to no end.

      1. Well guys, the answer is actually……..3! Total and utter fiction, nothing even close to that ever happened in my life, except I did have an arch enemy. I was way too boring to draw on posters! And black markers were like the currency of cool. So of course, I never had one!

        I was sawn in half as a ‘volunteer from the audience’ at a comedy/magic show on vacation. Even though they showed me the ….secret…I still was genuinely terrified, especially as I didn’t really understand how it kept me safe! ( Believe me, its nothing clever or fancy. I’ll tell if you want and you will understand why I was so scared!)…., hence the wiggly feet and the good screaming! I forgot to mention it was a chain saw. But they didn’t do part where they separate the boxes, just the sawing. The assistant kept saying keep your feet still, act dead when its done, but I was so relieved I was still whole, I kept giggling! So yeah, I was rubbish. On the same vacation, I also got to play inflatable guitars with the band. Mine had a hole in it and was floppy, so lots of material inappropriate for the young audience followed.

        Jonathon Ross for those of you who don’t know is about 6’4″ and at the time he was very overweight, so a painful afternoon ensued. Years later, I called his chat show and asked for an apology, the operator cut me off so that was the end of that, but I never liked him since. It was only later that day, it dawned on me that the even bigger guy with sunglasses was his bodyguard and that might be why he got between Mr Ross and me (5′ 4″, skinny thread of a young lady). Yes, I was such a threat!
        And yes, no 4….ahhh sad memories….my premier as a ferret, a speaking one at that, ( ‘But Mr Toad, where are you going to stand?’ That was my line!) was lost in the spotlight of a girl whose build was a bit like mine. Although, to be fair, I was in a furry suit. At the end, when we were backstage donning our normal clothes, turns out my mum and dad were saying to anyone who’s listen, yes, our daughter was the one who did the stunt, wow, didn’t know she had it in her.Isn’t she clever and all that parental pride stuff. They looked very disappointed when I put them straight and when I told them they missed me being smacked on the head with a papier mache club, it didn’t have the same cachet.

        this was enormous fun! Thanks for the giggles!

    2. Kelly, how did the trick work? Like did they lock you down and such? I wonder why wiggling your feet would be dangerous.

  3. Awww…thank you, you made me a happy way though.
    YES….”I love you just the way you are!”
    Perfect choice of videos actually as “You are so beautiful” is my *CAL’s lullaby. 🙂
    God does make me giggle, He just keeps dropping them in there doesn’t He?!
    You are such a blessing in my life, I’m so grateful to for who you are.
    Oh…hehe, what a cute alien.
    Where did you find him? Was he one of the men you screened? Did he make it to the 15?
    What is he doing with his note pad? I know, he is your secretary isn’t he? Or your PA?
    NO, I know…he’s your counsellor?….giggle.
    He could probably understand this Alienhippy better than most, better than I do actually. LMHO…yep, he probably would.
    Ok my lovely friend, I am currently cooking bulk loads of chicken for my freaky eater, body building, Aspie teenage son. BUT, “I’LL BE BACK!” I’m going to write my own list and post you my link and also my answer after I have pondered while doing kitchen chores.
    Love you LOADS.
    Lees. xxx 🙂

    1. Alien Hippy ~ Samtastico! Thank you for participating. I adored your list. Your life is as complex as mine! Amazing the stuff we encounter on our journey. Your post was pure awesomeness. Loved it.
      He is a cute alien, isn’t he? I think he is our counselor.
      Love you Loads back,

      1. Yep…I think he is, or actually he could be that bloke I dumped…LOL
        I am so dying to tell you which one of mine is fictional. But I won’t…yet.
        You will have to wait for me to answer my comments. hehehe…aren’t I naughty. 😛
        With yours I was going to say #5 because of the chemical smells but it says you only did one day. Maybe #4 because most aspies hate cameras, but then it makes it sound so real with the double jointed elbows. The rest of them seem to much like my life to be fictional.
        This is really hard, but very fun. You make me giggle. xxx 🙂

  4. I hope it’s #8… Please explain to the 13 year old why he does NOT want to live in the retirement home!! 😉 And I like the Wayne Dyer quote. What a fun post. I may have to do this…

  5. I’m going with number 9…it sounds a little Carrie esque to me lol…But, honestly i don’t doubt anything you say…(David is gullible…lol) I thing the aliens may get me Sam the glam but that’s ok i guess:)))

    1. To keep aliens away, you can list 3 facts on my blog in the comment box. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee protection from little green men! 🙂 Oooze a little….
      Sam the Glam

      1. It’s a deal. I’m on a diet/cleanse. Only veggies and protein and a little cheese. Pizza sounds so good! Have fun. Look forward to the read.

      2. ok!!! here’s my three things with one falsehood….I am part Seminole indian…I never wanted to be a kindergarten teacher….The mountains are my favorite vacation spot…My uncle is Slim Whitman….Ok!!! there they are:)))

      3. I think you wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. I don’t know who Slim Whitman is, but I’ll say it’s true. Indian part, I believe, you have the bone structure. I think your favorite place is not in the mountains, but by a body of water with trees. LOL if I am way off! See, that wasn’t so bad! Thanks David, much appreciated.

  6. I don’t have energy to actually figure out which one it is or play – but I might later. 🙂 I just wanted to weigh in that I had a double-retainer-type device (connected at the sides, no less) that made it impossible to eat or talk too – my dentist called it a “bianator”

  7. Heading over there now. I don’t think you guessed which one is fake on mine. Unless you think it was the alien men I interviewed for potential mates! You crack me up. 🙂

  8. I’d entertain number 7 as being only partly true. Things may be different there, but I don’t know even 50 guys that would want to talk for long on the phone, let alone be interviewed . . . If that were the case, I’d have remained a bachelor as I don’t pick up phones lol.

    1. I served as a sergeant in the armed forces, a combat engineer unit. One of my duties was demolition specialist. I was the best at ‘knowing’ where and what kind of explosives were placed and how to disarm them. I was replaced into boat squad after my leaders saw me conduct a class with the new recruits; makes people nervous, I guess, when your hands and arms stim when handling blasting caps while conducting a lecture.

    2. While visiting my sister in her summer/winter home in Teluride, Colorado, I was brushed up against by Daryl Hannah. It happened in a small grocery store right before the Fourth of July. Since then, my wife insists I have been trying to “bump her off” so I could be with the “leggy blonde”. This sequence of events followed: my wife succumbed to heat exhaustion while hiking in the National Arches; she was thrown from the raft while rafting the Colorado River and was stuck under the raft for a period of time; then she was almost thrown from the jeep while travelling the rocky dirt roads up some mountain pass. I am still reminded of the times I’ve “tried to kill” her for Daryl.

    3. I ran into Charlie Daniels at a County Fair in Wausau, Wisconsin. I was one of the security guards for the event. My friend, Tony Underwood, and myself stood at the chain-link fence that guarded the stage. When Charlie arrived (friends can call him Charlie or Charles), I noticed that Mr. Daniel’s zipper was undone. And I made the statements with his song titles: “You’re ‘Feeling Free’ with ‘Dixie On Your Mind”. And pointed at his crotch. He promptly zipped up and thanked me and said, “yes, there was a ‘Devil Down in Georgia'”. He then went on stage and played without a breeze.

    1. Wow. Fantastic and interesting facts. I’m guessing they are all true, except one of the facts has been changed. Perhaps it is #2 but another leggy blonde? But my husband says it’s #3 for sure. These were very well written. I had to read them three times each. Your poor wife! Glad she’s okay. And if #3 is true, that is a great story. Thanks for playing along. 🙂

  9. my 3 guesses would be #’s 1,6, & 7 🙂 🙂 very interesting read, Sam…it’s a fun read…don’t want those aliens on my case so i have to join in the guessing game…lol…very tricky — had to go over the list 2 times 🙂 🙂

    okay then…my turn…here you go…:)

    1). I’m the 2nd child and the only girl in my family of 3 siblings
    2). I write with my left hand
    3). I’m 51 y/o, have 2 grown sons who are both married, and i have 2 grandkiddos
    4). My supposed “ASPIE-ness” is not true at all…it’s not by any means supported by any of the signs and symptoms of Asperger’s/Mild Autism
    5). My voice sounds very much like that of a very young girl’s

      1. yup…you’re right, Sam…and #2…i actually started writing with my left hand when i was a kid but my Mom made me write with my right hand…back then, where i come from, kids were supposed to use their right hand to write (just because that’s how their parents taught them)…funny though, because my Dad was ambidextrous…i now believe he was also an “Aspie” because he can play any musical instrument (by ear) without reading notes…he was an intelligent man, too…he had a nice tenor voice…anyway…since i’ve read a lot about the genetics of autism/asperger’s…i can now conclude that my Dad was indeed an “Aspie” 🙂 🙂 sorry…i’m getting away from the subject…lol…just blubbering on and on…
        love and hugs, fantastic Sam:)

  10. Ok, I apologize for not participating, I’m already WAAAAAAYYY behind on my reading. But, loved the post anyway, and I just think Billy Joel is heaven–more so the older he’s gotten. Still can’t figure out why he can’t keep a wife though…LOL

    1. Billy Joel is wonderful. I always wondered that, too. Well at least about Kristy Brinkley (or however her name is spelled).
      I imagine it would be hard to be married to a major music star. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  11. I am totally guessing. I want to say that it’s number 9. I will have to write my blog tomorrow. It is after 10pm here and I need to go to sleep. Be back tomorrow:-)

      1. Samantha, I forgot to do my list. I woke up this morning after a wonderful nights sleep (first good night sleep this week) and starting working on a few blogs. I’m just happy that I guessed right. That was alot of fun. I hope you do something like that again and I will be sure to check in earlier in the day so I can participate. Thanks again 🙂

  12. Sam, that was pure fun! I’m thinking #2. That one is just a tad too much to be real. (Who’s that green guy that just walked up behind me!)

    1. And the prize goes to You! Yes #9. I think only two of you were right. Here is a song for you!

      And just like David, you get unlimited access to my blog and the freedom to use the word Samtastic as much as you want! Congratulations, Champ. Good guessing, too!
      Sam 🙂

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