Day 108: Swim Deep

I’ve been reflecting a lot as of late. Of my choices and my personhood. I am slowly transforming and transitioning. I long for Crazy Frog to come out and lighten Melancholic Me. But I recognize this as a growth process. A replanting of sorts. And so I turn to words. My forever comfort through the ever-changing life.

Swim Deep

I don’t know how to pretend.

I don’t know how to fake emotions.

I don’t understand shallow.

I don’t understand fickle or lies.

I love with depth.

I live with depth.

But the depths frighten me.

I swim in the deep waters.

While others sit on the edge.

I know not why.

I watch the watchers watch me.

I question my truth.

I doubt.

I ache.

I weep.

I worry.

I turn inward in fear.

I long.

I long again.

But I still swim deep.

I will for always swim deep.

For there are no better waters.




24 thoughts on “Day 108: Swim Deep

  1. I so loved this poetry….and i live in deep waters too..have never been good in pretending and its such a waste of time just live and love with all you have and see what a wonderful life it is…
    And you know what those who live in the shallow waters or keep watching us constantly live a shallow life where emotions do not rise from soul,where emotions never reach one’s eyes
    where the highs are achieved by others failiures and lows are when others do well…..
    we are far far better Sam..
    Hugs and love πŸ™‚
    you are such a beautiful soul πŸ™‚

  2. You always, always have divine timing with your words. Thank you! Thank you for the validation. We are far better off Soma. This is true. You are so lovely. Hugging you my friend. πŸ™‚

  3. Incredible poem…the metaphor here swims deep as well…You can only be where you belong Sam…and if deep is where you should be, then stay there…some deep waters are quite wonderful…

    1. “You can only be where you belong, Sam.” ~~~ I can swim in those words. Thank you. Yes, many, many deep waters are WONDERFUL. Blessings to you David. ~ Sam the Little Sun

  4. Beautiful Poetry, Sam. You can tell this comes from your heart; actually, from your soul where love lives. I have always felt a bit different from others. It’s kinda nice to read that, perhaps, it’s always been a bit better. I have always done things from down deep and been told not to. Here you are saying to do it. It was a struggle to see the depth because of all the old voices in my head trying to steer me away.
    Love the song, too. John has always been one of my very favorites; taken much too soon. I dearly wanted to hear him in person. I have not heard that song and thought I had heard them all.

    1. Yes, you are very spot on. It poured right out of my soul. Oh, yes, the voices that steer.
      Isn’t that song divine? I hadn’t heard it before, either. Hugs my friend, Sam πŸ™‚

  5. Beautiful poetry. This poem shows you are not only a wonderful poet, but also a wonderful human being. Words like these can never come to someone’s mind for the sake of writing. Keep on swimming deep. Lots of good wishes for you.

  6. Beautiful poem!

    Oh, my friend I swim deep too.

    I think we wiggle into deep caverns that have hidden pools and fantastic waterfalls. They can only be found by those willing to dive in because they believe they saw a tiny spark in the depths of the darkness. The stir happens and the passion to find it forces a cannonball – rushing down and down, until it creates a roaring splash. Off goes the spirit in search of the spark that must be found! And when it is, the desire to share casts off all fear – rising to the surface the spark becomes a flame. Those who desire can finally see it and your heart knows that it did the right thing.

    Keep swimming! Swim deep! There are so many treasures hidden below, waiting to be brought to the surface. Woot! I am pretending that I am a mermaid right now. Ha ha ha

    Bubbles of light and splashes of healing waves coming your way~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:-)

    1. Your comment is pure poetry. I lovvvvve it! Glad to be in the waters with such a lovely mermaid, as you! Woot, woot! Lots of love and light to you. ~ Sam πŸ™‚

  7. one of the best poem I have read. touching, provoking emotions. a soul-stirring work of words, weaved by a beautiful soul like you. the questions we all ask, but swim is we do.

  8. soooo profound…such a beautiful poem that resonates with my “aspie-ness” and so honest…you are a prolific writer, Sam πŸ™‚ love the poem…love the music…love the beautiful person in you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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