Day 109: Bear and the Green Fruit

Bear and the Green Fruit (A story of friendship)

There once was a big brown bear that lived in a lush green forest. This was a lovely place of songbird, of fresh streams of salmon, and strong trees hosting hives of dripping yummy honey. There was so much beauty about. But the bear spent his days worried.  He worried about the streams, and the trees, and even the yummy honey. He worried about the best passage way in which to enter the stream, the best of the trees to scratch, and the best technique in which to acquire the honey. He worried the stream would run dry, the trees would die, and the honey would disappear. He worried so much that soon he couldn’t even hear the streams, see the trees, or even taste the honey. This made him worry more, until in bear’s eyes everything vanished and in place of beauty only barren land remained.

With everything seemingly gone, the bear grew sadder. His roars shook the foundation. His paws beat at his fury chest. And his big sad eyes, they searched everywhere.

In his sadness, one tree was birthed. It grew tall and strong in the middle of the barren land—a tree with a strange green fruit.

The bear touched the tree in curiosity, patting the bark and peering up at the abundance of fruit. What interesting fruit he thought. He shrugged and moaned, and reached up to pull off a fruit. But his strength was so strong that the fruit instantly burst, sending out green goop in every direction. He watched as the inner seed of the fruit rolled away, and could swear he heard the seed weeping. Again he tried to take the fruit. This time he pulled the fruit with light hand, and the fruit remained whole, but as soon as he sliced the fruit open the seed spilled out, rolled away, and he could swear he heard the seed weeping. Next, he pulled another fruit and stomped on it to release the green inside. The green remained splattered at foot, but bear swore as seed rolled away, he heard seed weeping. At last, with patience, the bear opened fruit gently and lapped up the inside, tasting the sweetness. He was pleased. Except bear was certain that the seed of the fruit rolled away weeping.

Finally the bear took another fruit down, and before doing anything he asked: “Why do you weep so little friend? Were you not made to be eaten and be relished?”

The little green fruit answered: “Yes. It is true. I was made to be eaten and to be relished. But you have forgotten the soul of me. You take what is needed. You fret over how to have your needs met. But you forget that I am more than the sweetness. Inside of me is a seed that much like you is in search of home. Yet, I am continually opened, enjoyed, and then left to roll away unnoticed.”

Bear thought. He thought very hard. He tugged on the fur of his chin and then his deep brown eyes lit up. This time bear opened the fruit slowly, with gentle claw, and before he did anything else he lifted the seed out of the fruit and buried seed in fertile ground. This time the seed giggled and began to grow.

“Oh, thank you, kind Bear,” seed whispered at his side.

With that the bear was at last able to enjoy the fruit. A smile crossed his face. And with smile the sun returned, the forest reappeared, the streams came back, and the honey dripped down. And the one tall fruit tree vanished.

Bear was very thankful. As the bear smiled, he remembered his friend the seed. And with that small thought, a small green fruit sapling appeared at bear’s side.

“Hello, friend,” bear whispered, smiling with honey on his paws.

“Hello, friend,” sapling whispered back.

“You are growing!” Bear sang.

“Oh, yes. I am growing,” sapling said with a smile.

Bear roared in glee admiring all of the beauty around him.

Bear licked his paw and smiled. “Oh, dear friend,” bear said. “Thank you for teaching me happiness is far beyond the solving.”

Sapling whispered in return, “Thank you dear Bear for knowing my longing to be placed in fertile ground. So many have fed upon my sweetness and never had the heart to hear my weeping and know my longing. Because you have known sadness, you saw my truth and I grew. And now because I know happiness, I shall see your truth, and you shall grow.”

With those happy words, the honey dripped from the sky, and bear and sapling sang with the songbirds and danced together in the clear running stream.

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24 thoughts on “Day 109: Bear and the Green Fruit



  1. Awww…what a lovely story. It’s like a parable about friendship.
    I so want to disect it now and pull out lots and lots of inspiring little bits to make me smile.
    What a kind bear and what a funny little talking fruit.
    I love how your brain works.
    Love you my friend.
    Lees. xxx 🙂 ❤

  2. What a wonderful story and such a great metaphor to life. Love it, thanks! Keep dreaming…. x

  3. poor silly bear was so sweet but definitely needed to smeel the roses…must be a middle ground for him:))) The green fruit was the star of this show :)))

  4. what a wonderfuly amazingly inspiring lovely story what a great story teller are you Girl…floored by your talents and to see how incredibly gifted you are
    love ya babe 🙂
    big hugs 🙂

    1. Aweeee….as always, you are too kind, Soma. Always lovely to hear your kind words. I try. I’m glad that my words can bring some joy. Love you bunches ~ Sam the green fruit. 🙂

  5. That was awesome. Almost native. We dont get much of that these days do we? Maybe an illustrator is in order? I would buy that as a book for my son.

    Saw you on Old Jules’ site and had to come see what you had to say, glad I did.

    I am pretty sure I am on the autism spectrum, going in for a talk some time soon. Explains a lot. Maybe go back to school? I would love to have some flexibility in classes. Even just knowing though I think will really help to improve my performance in a formal class.

    Anyways, Hi, nice to read you! My blog is pretty old, some kind of format thing has happened that shrank all the text in the top few stories so its kind of messy. Cant figure out how to fix it lol and I hardly use it anyways. Mostly just a reader and commenter I guess.

    1. Nice to meet you. Thank you for your kind words. Glad you stopped by. Flexibility in classes would be nice. Bummer about the format troubles; hope you can figure that out. 🙂 Sam

  6. awwww…i want more…lol…such a sweeeeeeeet story, Sam!!!! i had read similar stories growing up…a lot!!!! they are forever etched in my memory and reading your story takes me back…back when i read myself to sleep…i have a vivid recollection of those stories and this is like deja vu for me 🙂 🙂 i love it…a little bit of johnny appleseed, the berenstain bears, the three bears…lol..a little bit of everything i loved to read as a child…and still love ’em…this a lovely story…a “feel good” story…thanks for sharing, Sam 🙂 🙂 love and hugs…

    1. Oh, I am honored that this prose took you back to your childhood stories. lol about the combo of appleseed and bears. lol. I’m so happy you enjoyed. Hugs to you, Sam

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