Day 72: Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

1) When a young man says, “I’ll call you,” the statement is often equivalent to “See Ya.” It’s another form of goodbye, where you never see the person again.

2) Just because a man goes to couples counseling with you doesn’t mean he’s not married and also going to couples counseling with his wife.

3) People will most definitely look away and cringe, if you share up close photos of giving birth or breastfeeding. Then they won’t want anything you offer them to eat.

4) When you are a restaurant hostess at a popular night spot, even if your boss says to be honest with the customers about the wait time for a table, do not smile and say: “That will be about 137 minutes.”

5) If one hairdresser tells you that you should always wear bangs, that doesn’t mean you have to wear bangs for the next five years.

6) If a dentist says, “In order to blend in your dead front tooth with your other teeth, the best method would be dyeing all of your other teeth darker,” run and don’t look back.

7) When the orthodontist tells you, as a teenager, to wear the headgear and neckgear for your braces to middle school, don’t!

8) If a boy calls you cow eyes, don’t go home and cry, punch him.

9) When you are little, don’t wear the same hippy dress you love two years in a row for school photos.

10) Don’t play tunnel tag in the short, Italian wool dress your grandma gave you , unless you wear shorts underneath.

11) Tell your mom when you get your period. Don’t wait three months, and don’t use the free, plus-size, super absorbent, expandable tampons that the gym teacher passed out!

12) Don’t buy life insurance and agree to automatic payments from your bank account, and then wait three years to research if the company exists. It doesn’t.

13) If you have just given birth, and you are sharing a hospital room with a new mother who talks nonstop on the phone into the late hours of the night, complain.

14) If you are an elementary school teacher, and spend three hours on a letter of recommendation for one of your fifth grade students, make sure you spell the student’s name correctly, especially if you don’t want to irritate the parents.

15) While a student in middle school, don’t draw pictures of different boys’ body parts, label them with names, descriptions, and insults, and then leave the illustrations behind at your desk on accident.

16) Even if you have dyslexia, don’t put the spelling words for the test inside the pleats of your cheerleading skirt. You will greatly disappoint your teacher.

17) If you have big ears that stick out, and people laugh at them, wear your hair down until you have high self-esteem.

18) If Italian in America, pluck thick Italian eyebrows, and remember Italian only has one letter l.

19) Don’t save a drowning honeybee in a swimming pool; sensing danger, he will buzz super loud warning his friends. His friends will land on your arm and sting you!

20) When a fake blonde, with a fake tan, and fake nails tells you, “You would look pretty with highlights in your hair.” Don’t say, “I prefer the natural look. I don’t like fake things.”

21) If your boyfriend’s mother invites you to a private lunch, with just you and her, and then says in confidence, “Don’t date my son. You are too good for him,” listen.

22) If you have the flu, and are ghastly sick, don’t beg your boyfriend to take you out-of-town to meet his parents for the first time.

23) Don’t date your weight-lifting trainers. Just don’t.

24) If you are getting a haircut as a teenager, and the hairdresser ignores you long enough for your wet hair to dry, before she returns, leave.

25) The movie Fargo is not a good first date movie.

26) Ask Dad before rearranging his entire dining room and living area.

27) Ask Dad before bringing the puppy home.

28) If you are going to miss one day of college for a funeral, you don’t need to write a letter and then cry to the professor in the hallway, in order to be excused.

29) French classes in high school and college are useless as a second language when you live in California.

30) When you have a long-term boyfriend, and you meet someone at the public swimming pool, you don’t give another boy your phone number and say: “I have a boyfriend, but let’s be friends.”

31) When a young teenager says he’s going to travel from his town 100 miles on his bike to come see you, he might just do that. Better to tell him ahead of time, you have a boyfriend and you aren’t interested.

32) If a young teenager says he’s going to drive his car across country to see you as soon as he gets a job, his license, and a car, probably not true, regardless of what he promises.

33) If you write enough letters to a school district office about the hard water from the sprinkler system damaging the paint on your new red Mustang car, when you park in the parking lot at the school where you work, the district will pay for all the employees to have their cars detailed; however, the superintendent of the district will not smile at you ever again.

34) If you consume too much Excedrin, iced tea, and soda at the same time, you will have a caffeine overdose; and to avoid a thousand dollar hospital bill, you will have to convince the health insurance company the trip to the emergency room wasn’t due to a panic attack.

35) If you’re a teacher and the principal says to you, “You should choose between raising a family or being a teacher, you can’t do both well,” sue him.

36) If an acupuncturist tells you about his failed marriages, his mortgage, his childhood, his parenting woes, and then spanks his wife on the butt in front of you, all while you are under treatment atop the table, don’t go back to that acupuncturist. And don’t feel guilty about not going back.

37) Doctors are practicing medicine.

38) You will offend a LDS person by calling them LSD, even if you have dyslexia.

39) Not a good idea to say, “That pisses me off,” in front of an entire fifth grade class, when you are a teacher.

40) No amount of protesting and letter writing or phone calls will keep a principal from assigning you to teach seventh grade, instead of elementary school, if she thinks you are a good teacher, even if you cry and tell her you hated middle school as a child.

41) If you kiss a mean ugly man enough times, he remains a mean ugly man.

42) When you ask a boyfriend, “Should I get a shorter haircut,” and he says, “That depends.” And you answer, “That depends on what,” and he responds, “That depends on if you are planning to lose weight, or not,” run away from the relationship.

43) The joke: When you’re dancing with your honey and your feeling kind of funny, and your nose is kind of runny, but it’s not, isn’t funny after the age of ten.

44) Don’t read your personal diary to fickle teenage girls.

45) When you are a kid, don’t announce to your seventh grade class you are wearing your first training bra.

32 thoughts on “Day 72: Lessons Learned

  1. #25 may be true but it also definitely is not a light comedy. If your date tries to convince you that is, it might be time clarify what comedy means and discover if you are speaking the same language.

  2. Oh, my! Oh, my! Some of these I could have written word for word.

    I will add: In eighth grade when the two girls and the boy sitting next to you dare you to take your shorts off in class tell them no way FREAKS! They are not trying to be your friends, and they are not laughing “with” you. Don’t do it! Even if the shirt you are wearing is your grandfather’s white button down that comes to your knees and no one can see anything. It doesn’t matter you still should never take your pants off. :-/

    Yikes! Whoosh, I always wanted to confess that I am glad I could here. I felt so foolish for falling for that. 🙂

    1. lol 🙂 Poor Angel! That reminds me of the time the kids told me it was okay to leave the school yard to run into the street and get their ball! Of course my pants were still on! lol Poor us! We need to have a laughing convention, where we can all tell our stories. I’m sure more will pop into my head. Share more of yours, please. hee hee light & love ~ Sam

  3. Ok – now that I’ve stopped laughing and wondering…
    #8 and #35 – YES to both making you strong!
    #14, 20, 29, 38 and 39 – ROFL!!
    #23 – oops – did that one!
    For #15 – passed those notes in 9th grade between 3 of us girls – two boys got hold of them and tried blackmailing us for the drawings we did of our algebra teacher (they were not nice – poor Mr. Farley!) We had to stealthily retrieve those notes! Good times… 😉

    1. Glad to provide a laugh at my expense. lol 😉
      #23 oops. hee hee, that made me smile
      Good thing you retrieved those notes. Thanks for stopping by. Chat soon. Sam 🙂

  4. As usual, a great Post. Now, let’s see:

    No. 1 – Not really done that…have said, “Sure let’s stay friends, when I didn’t plan on carrying it further, but I did stay friends as long as she wanted to.”

    No. 8 – “Cow eyes” does not have to be an insult. I knew a young woman who had “cow eyes” and they were large and brown and beautiful. Just sayin…

    No. 12 – Not insurance, but have had companies turn out to be bad right after I agreed to send them money. Lots of messes and troubles to clear it up.

    No. 14 – Always spell and say a student’s name correctly. And, don’t always say it loudly!

    No. 19 – Don’t put a bumble bee into a glass peanut butter jar with rocks and roll it down the pavement…unless it absolutely won’t break!

    No. 20 – Don’t say that to the woman even if she doesn’t mention highlights!

    No. 25 – I agree whole-heartedly! (Though, it is a good movie!) “Alien” is not such a good choice, either!

    No. 26 – Had a mother-in-law do it without telling her daughter….yeah, I agree!

    No. 30 – Same for girls – no matter where you are.

    No. 34 – and if you take a double dose of medicine, when the ambulance or fire department arrives, expect to be accused of trying to get attention by committing suicide!

    No. 37 – Yes!

    No. 39 – Doesn’t bode well even for 6,7,8th graders.

    Wonderful time reading and thinking: “Wow! I am not the only one!”

    1. Trust me, this seventh grader wasn’t being nice with “cow eyes.” I think I was wearing my headgear and neckgear at the time, too! But thanks, anyhow. 🙂
      I think it’s great how you went through and listed the numbers for you. Too funny. Loved your #19 and #20. thanks for the comments and the laugh. 🙂 Sam

  5. I loved #30. I was clueless about boy friends and the whole male-female friendship thing for years! 🙂

    I enjoyed you post, so many things sounded familiar! 🙂

  6. I’m SO glad I have found your blog! 🙂

    Regarding number 8) – but cows have BEAUTIFUL eyes! 🙂

    I love your list. Very funny.

  7. OMG Sam i had such a good laugh going over all have such an amazing sense of humour..well on a serious note i swear i will never any of the above although too late for most….
    Too funny 😆
    Hugs 🙂

  8. LOL…i think this is cute…very bright idea, Sam (for a literary work) 🙂 i’m guessing these are true to life “lessons you’ve learned the hard way”…am i right? or am i wrong…lol…:) 🙂 witty and funny…great job, as always, Sam 🙂 🙂

  9. It is amazing how much we all have in common and go through at similar levels. Thanks for the comment. lol about never dating your weight trainer. Maybe your next time around. hee hee 😉

  10. I didn’t get that joke at first… My husband had to explain it (once he stopped laughing), and now I don’t know why it isn’t still funny lol

    Knock knock
    Who’s There?
    Snot who?
    Snot polite to say snot.

    LOL my daughter taught me that one. I guess I should tell you she just turned six.

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