Day 112: Collapsed Star

Collapsed Star

It was an ordinary night for a child who had grown accustomed to the unordinary.  My dog Justice trembled under the bed, while Led Zeppelin vibrated through the wall.  Inside the sheets, all wrapped up in Mother’s essence of bath oil and sandalwood, I tossed and turned.  Then I laid listless and awake—a lump of boredom. I could smell the funny smoke again and hear bottles clinking.

I pleaded with God, “Please make the people go away.”

All at once, a melodic voice called out, “Hello, Little Girl.”

But I knew the voice wasn’t God.

I was certain my God didn’t have a Jamaican accent and dreadlocks.  “We didn’t know you were in here, Pretty Lady.  I’m sorry if we woke you,” the stranger apologized, as he approached Mother’s bed.

I leaned over casually on my arm, wanting to seem mature and interesting enough to earn his attention. “You didn’t wake me,” I responded, with a fake yawn, tapping my little chin with my tiny fingers a few times.  I was accustomed to seeing strangers in the house, but not at my bedside.  Still, I wasn’t nervous in the slightest degree. I’d liked meeting Mother’s friends. They were all interesting in that odd way…


The rest of this story can be found in the book Everyday Aspergers


Based on true events © Everyday Aspergers, 2012. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

30 thoughts on “Day 112: Collapsed Star

  1. Breaks my heart to see the foolishness of “mother” and the breach of pure innocence of the girl who loved magenta. I’m sure that girl knows now that she did everything right and, in fact, she is now a star. Hugs to the little girl and the grown up woman she became, because her purity and light are as strong now as they should have remained then – from where I sit in the gallery. 🙂

    1. I love how you see things: “The girl who loved magenta”….that’s a great statement. Your words soooo kind. I like your view from the gallery. Hugzzz ~ Sam

  2. As I started reading I almost thought this was fiction. I wasn’t sure where you were headed and was in awe of the beautiful little girl and the way she took so much in. And then, the heartbreak. I’m sorry to hear this story turned out this way. My heart lept a bit in that I started to fear that they would hurt you – but I am thankful that in the way I anticipated they did not. I’m sorry that overall, you did feel hurt. (hugs) and thanks for sharing.

    1. I love the little girl in this story. I’m so happy you could see how much she took in. Yes, I knew the story might have sounded like something horrific was going to happen…..interesting twist, I suppose. Relief with sadness. Thank you for reading. Means a lot. 🙂 Sam

  3. Oh I had hundred things going in my head as i was reading the story…thank God that lil girl was not hurt…..atleast not the way i feared…
    but then the emotional scars that the incident left…are too deep i know
    HUgs to that lil girl 🙂

    1. I didn’t know how to write the story without others thinking the “worst” was going to happen. I guess it shows what could have been. Thank you for those hugs. Thank you for commenting and reading, too. Hugzzzzzzzzz to you, Soma. 🙂 Sam

  4. Wonderfully told….so thankful that we have the ability to rise above those moments and regain our confidence. Because you are an extraordinary star!

    1. Thank you for the “wonderfully.” That’s what I was aiming for. Feels more like a story of art now, than the pain involved. Oh, yes, I have risen! Thank you for your very kind words. Sam 🙂 hugs

    1. I know, right? I have some other stories that won’t be going on this blog….. 😦 But here, the little girl is still physically safe. Thank goodness. It was hard to think of how to write this without having that sense of underlying fear. Seems anti-climatic. But with reflection, the scars can run just as deep for a little lonely girl. Thanks for reading, David. And always visiting. Though you visit everyone’s blog….so I’m kind of like a kitten in a cluster of meows. lol. Meow. Hugs to you great poet that you are. ~ Sam 🙂

  5. Oh sweetie, they manipulated you and said nice things that made you feel special. I know that pain especially at such an age of vulnerability. We are still gullible because of how we are wired. I still fall for these things occasionally. I like to always think the best of people so I don’t get bitter. I can’t read the signs though, the body language the facial expressions. People are nice to my face and I think they like me. It shows who they are though, it’s not a reflection of who we are.
    Hey… We are NA’s, we fit in our own way but not very well here. We are learning though. 🙂
    You are very special ~Sam, you are a star!
    You shine very brightly in my life and in so many other lives too. We have so many stories to tell my lovely friend and our past pains give us the emotion understanding and empathy that we are always being told we do not posses.
    Keep being you my lovely friend.
    Love you loads. Lees. xxx 🙂 ❤

  6. love, love, love short stories!!!! i was enchanted at first…then mystified…and then, suddenly…mortified!!!! those bastards took advantage of the innocence in a little girl’s dreamy eyes and adorable young mind…sorry about the incident that took place and the not-so-happy ending…but i love how you wrote your story, Sam…you can compile all your short stories and publish your own book…very clever writing…i’m in awe!!!! you are a STAR now!!!! really, really awesome!!!! 🙂 🙂 love and hugs to that sweet dreamy-eyed “magenta girl” 🙂 🙂
    i can actually see the whole picture in my mind while reading your story, Sam…kept me at the edge of my seat the whole time…very interesting!!!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Your words always, without fail, bring a smile to my face. Thank you, Sweetie. My intention was for the reader to experience exactly what you did. Thanks for the validation and confirmation. You are a Star, my friend. You shine so brightly. Love “Magenta Girl”……really do. Big Hugs, Sam

  7. Awesome!!!

    Sometimes you freak me out with the details that are so close to similar things in my life. Funny, my mom has auburn hair and she had a meltdown one day about the the accuracy of the color of magenta with a woman who asked her to paint something. I had that flash through my head when reading.

    I had this uneasy feeling the whole time keeping me on my toes, much like the feeling when I read “A Perfect Day for Bananafish” I can’t pin point the feeling, but whatever it is, it’s that. I love Salinger so I am giving you a compliment. 🙂

    Amazing details, intriguing, and entertaining all at once. I get sucked into your stories and feel like I am there every time I read them.

    When pondering the little girl, I thought awww, yes the days of manipulating compliments stealing away innocence without even realizing it. Left standing staring at the reality of different kinds of manipulation trying to steal the child-likeness until it is forced to grow into a bitter adult who gives up on life. BUT the little girl has too much beauty, and innocence to ever be stolen. Her brilliant mind ends up protecting her in the end because it doesn’t know how to allow the evils of the world corrupt her. She is free and dancing to the tune of Love Boat, and dreaming about her day on Fantasy Island. Hee hee

    1. Freak out. giggles. Now, I’ve got that song in my head. lol. Magenta…..interesting. Thanks for the compliment. You wrote such kind words; thank you. I really appreciate the feedback. 🙂 Oh, your last paragraph brought tears to my eyes. Your heart is so beautiful, Angel. Thank you. You are such a poet at heart and such an angel in soul. Love to you, Lovely. ~ Sam 🙂

  8. Sam: This is novel-quality material! Wow! It was dark and foreboding, but with innocence present at the same time. Riveting! Again, wow!!!

    1. Now that’s a great compliment. Thanks so much. I worked hard on this piece. I wrote this years ago, and have reedited it almost yearly. My last reedit was for a good hour before I posted. I like it now. I love the little girl in this story. So glad you appreciated it. Sam (I noticed some of my comments ended up in the wrong spot. So resending.) 🙂

  9. What a memory for a child to have to endure…for life.
    You do know that you are special and that you are a star! Right?
    They were just stupid, silly people and could not think past their own needs.
    We all have to live through our baggage. I am glad you can talk about yours as you do. Does me good to read it.

    1. 🙂 Thank you for your kind words. Many of my comments, when I was in Maui on laptop, ended up in the wrong spot. So I am commenting now, and updating. Silly people, indeed. Actually quite keen though in their plan! I’m glad my words can help you in some way. HUGS,

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