Day 115: Mermaid Tears

mermaid tears (sea glass)

Mermaid Tears

Shall I sail to distant land upon the lullaby of waters high

To then sleep beneath sand as feet step swiftly by

Shall I shimmer in the dawn’s awakening

A softened star in search of home

Shall I live in cherished bowl

Tiny sparkle of collected memories

Shall I shine forgotten on shadowed nape of master

A jewel stringed in circular captivity

Shall I be placed up high on child’s crown

As piece to satisfy youthful dream

Shall I remain immersed in torrential blue

Churned and churned in salt and sand

Shall I sleep in pockets dark

Discarded with the coming days

Or shall I rest cherished in thine heart

Carried ashore by timeless waves to you

~ Samantha Craft (Maui, May 2012)

17 thoughts on “Day 115: Mermaid Tears

  1. Really loved the poem. Especially, the phrase:
    “Shall I shine forgotten on shadowed nape of master”
    Video choice almost had me in tears – love the song, the scene, and the movie.

    1. Oh, yes….that phrase is an important one to me….. Video had my heart in tears, too. Hope you are having a great day. Sam (I’d been putting my comments in the wrong area….so updating) 🙂

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