Day 125: I Am…

Portland, Oregon —- Reflection of Tree in Window with Words I AM
May 2012


Hidden in window

Waves of reflection

I am



As he slips through parched fingers

Cool water


Into sky

I am

Longing for his sky

Same world

To  break free

If only momentarily

From this prison of glass

by Sam Craft

Maui 2012


Erotic Dancer

Moves like dripping sunlight between sheets

Swaying sensually

In the coming of last summer’s day

Amid the amber warmth of season gone

And fall’s approach


In oneness

Scattered crimson crows through open door

A trail of breathing soul



Winged-wind doth carry thee home

To me

by Sam Craft

Sam Craft

Today I weep to the music of the Carpenters, with a depth I’ve never felt before. And I dance, to ABBA, with a glee only known to the Dancing Queen. This is me, today. All over the fricken place!


Weeping Again.

14 thoughts on “Day 125: I Am…

  1. I just love ABBA I have loved them since being a small child.
    The film Mamma Mia made me cool again… hehe
    You know my Dad loved the film too, he actually saw it 22 times at the cinema.
    His two Autistic twin friends love Meryl streep so all three of them went 22 times…giggle.
    I’ll add a link to one of my favourite ABBA tracks for you, the words to it bring me hope.

    I have always lived with my head in the clouds looking for the silver lining.
    ABBA have helped with that, times spent alone daydreaming.
    Oh….Dancing Queen is my kitchen music, it keeps me happy while TAZZING my chores.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE The Carpenters too…here is a hopeless romantic for you.
    When I first started dating Mr Locoman I wrote out the words to “I won’t last a day without you!” in a handmade scroll that I gave it to him on a date. We where at the canals and he got me to sing it to him. I loved the words, and they so suit our relationship.

    The thing with having a huge heart and so much love to give is we feel deep longing too.
    Many people fear this kind of depth and never allow themselves to connect. I have never undertood why but can see it is why I have been rejected by so many people I have loved. Also why I have felt so alone. I sense this and recognise it in you too, so glad God found a way for us to meet. Aspies…on/off with no volume control.
    We feel it in all our being, every part of us. The only way to not hurt is to not care.
    It’s not the way we are created to be though, holding you in prayer always.
    Love you loads my lovely friend. Lees. xxx 🙂 ❤

    1. Oh, Yay. Will listen to songs now. :))) So much in common, we have! You are such a force of light and love, my soul sister. HUGzzzzz and YOU know how I love when people dedicate songs to me. You rock. love, love, love, you. ~ Sam

    2. Have always loved Karen Carpenter. She was taken long before I was ready for that. When I was growing up and had a bad cold, my voice would sound remarkably like hers if I used falsetto.

      “I have a Dream” is my favorite song of Abba and one of my very favorites of all.

  2. welllllllllllllll…..Just so you know…I listened and watched dancing queen all the way through:))) and yes…i got goosebumps and felt very happy:) (ohhhh loved your poems..especially the first:)

    1. No, way!!!! That makes me so happy! Goosebumps! Yippie! Thanks so much for sharing in the experience. And thanks for saying you loved the poems. Hugs, Green Fruit Sam 😉

    1. Thanks Roxie. Yesterday’s post explains where I’m at. In deep love with love songs right now, and super passionate about life. Yes, you are right, music brings up emotions. Hugs, Sam

  3. brilliant as always…love, love both poems…soooo full of lust — ummmm…lust for life, love and being loved…i’m feeling the vibes…love the images and songs 🙂 🙂 songs (or music) to me are like melodious poetry and yessss…i love dancing, too…lol…that’s also poetry in motion…love the connection…love and hugs to you, Sam 🙂 🙂

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